Learn Everything About Your DSLR Camera in 7 Hours


I have owned a Canon DSLR for the last 7 years. There was the original Canon Rebel, Canon Rebel XT, Canon 40D, Canon 60D and now the Canon 70D. (Yes, I like Canon… a lot.) Despite owning so many, it wasn’t until this last Spring that I really felt like I actually LEARNED how to use a DSLR. I was finally fully comfortable taking my settings from auto to manual and WOAH, can I tell a difference.  I’ve always loved photography and felt like I could shoot a decent photo, by no means professional but not bad. After learning I can finally say – yes, I can shoot!

baby photo

Right after I bought my first DSLR camera, I thought I should get to know this thing. I went to a local photography class and did a photo walk. I quickly was overwhelmed and immediately jumped to the conclusion that I should just stick with auto and use Photoshop. Sure Photoshop (I now primarily use Adobe Lightroom, btw) can do things to your photos – but blah – it’s just not the same and creating an artificial look for your photos is SO 2004 people.

Let’s talk about how I learned my DSLR in 7 hours. Meet Jill Ann. I met Jill Ann by happenstance at a mom’s group I am apart of. She wasn’t at my table, but thru the grapevine – our paths cross and before I knew it I was sitting in her photography workshop thinking to myself, am I REALLY understanding this? Like woah.

baby photo 2

Jill Ann hosts a photography workshop a few times a year in the North Dallas area and now will be hosting in Wisconsin as well. She’s a professional family photographer, a mom and an amazing teacher. In just 7 hours she will guide you thru the in’s and out’s of your DSLR camera, explain all the specifics in taking you from auto to manual and using natural light. Everything is explained step by step until it clicks with you. Then once you get it comes the best part…  Hands on experience. Jill Ann has models (BABIES!) come in during the last part of the day, and has you do a photo shoot. Jill Ann is there to work with you answering any questions and providing guidance.

In the photography workshop I participated in, we had access to 2 darling babies. Here are a few of the images I was able to capture.

I took the class back in May and ever since that day, I haven’t moved my camera dial from manual. No more auto for me and wow I can tell a difference in my photos!

Learn more about Jill Ann’s photography workshops and her photography – (Make sure to attend one of her classes!)

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