A Beautiful Mess Photo App Review


A Beautiful Mess photo app for iOS has launched this week and this if you are a iPhone photo lover like myself, this is a must download app!

The creatives over at ABM, Elsie and Emma are all about taking fun photos (if you aren’t, make sure to follow them on Instagram).  They’ve taken that love and made an app that is perfectly branded to their fun-ness. And yes, I don’t care if funness isn’t a real word, it is to me.

A Beautiful Mess Photo App Review

Review of A Beautiful Mess Photo App for iPhone

The photo app from A Beautiful Mess is the easiest way to make pretty photos and to share them with friends.

A Beautiful Mess photo app review… what we love and what we loathe… 

Add new life to your favorite photos with custom filters, fun fonts, and hand-drawn doodles by Elsie and Emma, creators of the award-winning lifestyle blog, “A Beautiful Mess”. Then share your creations with friends through email, or by publishing them directly to popular social networks Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Screen Shot of Beautiful Mess App

App Price

99 cents – do note there are several in-app purchases if you want to buy more backgrounds, fonts or borders.

What Does It Do?

It cutifies your photos, oh another word I created. It makes your photos fun with all kinds of fun widgets, fonts and words.

You can choose a photo from your library or you can start with a fun background. Then just choose the add-on items you would like to add and BAM, hello cute photo.

Is A Beautiful Mess Available on Android?

Not at this time!

What We Love…

Great fonts! Finding a photo app that can put words on photos with great fonts is hard to come by!

What We Loathe…

While overall the app is super fun and hey an app that puts fun fonts of photos is always good – but the editing kind of sucks. I am sure that this will be fixed in future updates and it’s not necessarily with every features, I can’t pinpoint which functions you can edit and which ones you can’t so it’s not a total issue.

The other thing is on the in-app purchases, it isn’t clear how much the add-ons actually are. Other than that – I am loving this app.

Download a Beautiful Mess Photo App

Make sure to check out the girls at A Beautiful Mess, they do some AMAZING stuff!

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