Fitness Trackers for Kids – Yay or Nay?

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Continuing our series on Technology for Kids, today we are talking fitness trackers for kids.

We all hear about it in the news, CHILDHOOD OBESITY. Yes, kids are stuck behind screens and would rather play inside than out (at least most kids I know.) So, where there is a need – there is a product… right? Fitness trackers for adults are such a success, why not create fitness trackers for kids!

Fitness Trackers for Kids

I had the opportunity to review the iBitz for kids earlier this year.  It was a basic fitness tracker than worked with an app. It incentivized kids with different things to get them moving. Do I think it works? Yes – BUT only if the parents encourage their kids with it.  Also, the iBitz requires frequent charging – I’m comparing it to the VivoFit that I have (I am going on 7 months and haven’t had to charge it yet!)

Several companies have jumped on board with various fitness tracker options for kids, here are a few on the market:

Gamification of exercise, will it work for kids? I know a few friends use the FitBit with their kids and their kids love it. It’s not geared towards kids, but is easy enough for a kid to grasp the concept. For younger kids, I can definitely see where the kid fitness trackers would work better.

Do your kids use fitness trackers? Do you think an activity tracker would help your kids move more?