Best Charging Stations for Home Technology Organization

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Looking for the Best Charging Stations to help keep your family’s devices charged but organized? We’ve got you!

Let’s get your cables and cords organized while you charge your devices. Here’s what we learned and found when trying to find the best device organization solution for our family. 

Charging Stations for Multiple Devices

I don’t know what your technology situation looks like, but our 4 kids are growing. Our 2 teenagers have phones and our younger 2 boys have iPads. In addition to that we have a plethora of “other things” that need charging.

We have multiple external batteries (phone bricks – as my husband likes to call them,) a Nintendo Switch, an older iPad, a Kindle – the list goes on and on. 

best charging station phone charger organizer
best charging station and phone charger organizer

Thank you Marie Kondo, we threw out a bunch of charging cords that didn’t work, recycled devices we no longer used and tidied up. (If you KonMari – make sure you get a LOL with our Marie Kondo memes!) That said, now we have a bunch of devices that we need to find a charging station for multiple devices.

So off I set off to find the best cell phone charging stations to organize devices, cords and create some zen to our newly purged home. 

Best Cell Phone Charging Stations 

Well – come to find out, on my search the the best cell phone charging stations, I realized that what I actually needed was to find charging stations for multiple devices. It’s not all phones that need to be charged, so – multiple devices charging stations became my new target. 

Charging Stations for Multiple Devices

So off to find charging stations for multiple devices. Here is what I found. Hoping that these can help with a technology and device organization issue that you may have. If you have multiple devices and are needing a charging station for multiple devices – these are perfect. 

Valet Phone Charging Station

Next, let’s look at a valet phone charging station. I really liked the looks of this valet phone charging station, it looks very Pottery Barn! While this may not be optimal for charging iPads or other tablets and devices (see below for more!)- this is a great practical approach if you have a few phones to charge and want them kept neat.

charging station for multiple devices - white valet phone charging station keys phones ipads tablet charger
charging station for multiple devices

Desktop Charging Station Organizer

This would make a great desktop charging station organizer.

Something to note is that this phone charging station is a valet – phone organizer. While it’s great if you don’t have bigger devices, you will need to purchase a power strip with USB ports, in addition to the organizer. Here is a good option for a multi-port USB power strip.

Valet phone charging station - desktop charging station organizer
desktop charging station organizer

This shows you how nice it looks, and would make a great place to keep your keys! 

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Bamboo Charging Station with 5-Port USB Charger with Quick Start Charging

This bamboo multiple device charging station offers a pretty look with exceptional organization for charging devices! While we originally were looking at charging stations for phones, that evolved and if whether you have iPads or are just looking for a phone charging station – this will meet your needs. 

multiple device charging station - valet charging station organizer for cell phones and devices
valet charging station organizer for cell phones and devices

Charging Station Organizer

One thing that I really like about these charging station organizers, is the the organization aspect. This bamboo charging station dock for multiple devices is made of 100% natural bamboo material. It’s perfect for organizing your devices to be charged. 

Quick Smart Charging

The built-in chip offers quick smart charging that will help charge your devices 50% faster and steadier than a normal charging station. 

Here’s a few things to know about this multiple device charging dock: 

  • Input: 100-240V
  • Output: USB*5–5V
  • Rate: Max. 30W
  • Output Current: 6.0A Total
  • Size: 5.98(L)×5.51(W)×3.38(H) inch

This charging dock is universally compatible with iOS & Android cell phones and tablets. It includes 5 charging cables!  The bamboo charging station comes with 3 – 8″ lightning cables for iPhones and iPads. You will also get 1 – 8″ micro USB cable and 1 – 8″ type C cable.


  • 30-Day money back guarantee
  • 12-Month worry-free warranty

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Desktop Organizer for Devices

Do you have a cluttered desk? No judgement, most of the time I have a completely unorganized desk. Let’s look at a charging station solution for the office – desk in particular. This black leather desk organizer for devices and desk accessories is the perfect solution!

leather desktop charging station multiple devices ipad phone charger

Leather Desk Device Organizer

This leather desk device organizer will charge up to 6 of your devices. (Note, this is made with synthetic leather.)

Tidy Your Desk

Marie Kondo your desk! This organizer allows you to put all your daily necessities in one stand, making your desk clutter-free. It also provides an easy access to all your items, without rummaging.

before and after desk photo with and without desk multiple device charging station made for the office

Premium synthetic leather with neat stitches perfectly fits the surroundings and endures scratches and wear. Composing of 3 pieces, the organizer can be attached or detached by magnetic connection. There is also a handy drawer for all of those miscellaneous desk accessories. 

You will need to purchase a multi-port USB charger to fit inside this desk charging organizer. Here is a great option that offers quick charge capabilities.

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Our Charging Station Solution

Let’s face it. A pile of electronics, just ain’t pretty. (See, a small pile of my kids’ devices – who knows where the other things were!) 

unorganized charging cords
organizing charging devices

Here is the charging station solution that we’ve adapted. The designated charging station place in our home is on a wall build-in. I wanted somewhere that I could find all of the iPads and phones quickly, but it needed to hide the devices since this could be the first eye sore you see when you look into our living room!

Family Phone Charging Station

I found this basket at an estate sale. It was tall and wide enough to store the devices. I am contemplating cutting a hole out for cable management. That sounds super organized and not me, but who knows – may surprise you and myself in 2019! hahaha

Best Multiple Device Charging Station Phone Charging in Basket - family charging station
how to charge multiple devices for family charging station

To charge the device, I am using a multi USB power strip. It is kept behind the basket. Looking at the build-in, the basket disguises the devices well and tastefully works with the room decor.

This is a major mom win for me! I know where the devices are, since there is now a designated charging station spot. AND it’s not ugly.

SO many things I have had to compromise and deal with for sanity but having the devices look neat is NOT one of those things I have to compromise on anymore! 

basket for multiple device charging stations


(Now if you want to talk about the list of things, like the numerous TOTES of cords that my husband is keeping, just in case we need – we can totally dish on that but not now. Just kidding, husband – I love you, and your 3 totes of misc cords.) 

If you need to charge multiple devices, this solution from HiTrend would work well. 

multiple usb ports surge protector power strip for charging stations
USB charging strip for multiple devices

Phone Charge Organizer

Last, I thought about the nightstand. While it can be easily piled with books and medicine bottles (again, no judgement!) – let’s see what we can do about our devices with this phone charge organizer made for the nightstand.

Nightstand Charging Station

This nightstand charging station is the perfect bedroom organization solution for charging multiple devices. I have an iPhone, Amazon Kindle and an Apple watch that need to be charged regularly. And Airpods, let’s not forget the Air Pod Pros!

nightstand charging station - phone charge organizer
phone charge organizer

This little stand has really upped my nightstand organization, allowing me to have all of my devices charging in an organized manner. This requires the purchase of a multiple USB power strip. Here is an option that should work well. 

Organizing Your Devices

In closing, I hope you enjoy our best charging station finds! Also hope that this gives you some direction in your management of charging cords and charging cables and multiple devices. I know with kids, any organization can be a win. You can do this, mama!

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