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Cellular Outage Memes Connect Customers After AT&T Network Failure

While customers debate about the widespread cell service situation, we’re sharing the best memes about the AT&T cellular outage and SOS mode situation showing on many phones.

There is nothing we can do to fix the problem, but we can share the most funny memes and tweets about the US cellular network situation.

Here are the funny memes about the AT&T cellphone outage situation.

att cellular outage meme: we will never know why

With no access to the phone, in case of an emergency a landline can come in clutch. Who has a landline phone? Boomers, of course!

Boomers with landlines right now  old lady smiling

T-Mobile, Sprint and other cell phone customers not on the AT&T network be like.

Marked safe from not having cell service today meme

AT&T Down

At this time, it appears that it is only AT&T’s network that is down.

att down meme i pay my bills

at&t down cellular outage meme source: @boxerdogjosh

With no one knowing the exact why, this meme nails it. If you are not using AT&T and your service is down, it could be because your cell phone company is utilizing AT&T’s cellular network.

att outage meme man looking at network cables

ATT cellular outage meme source: @LowKeyBrilliant

No Service

The hashtag #noservice is trending. While AT&T has recovered service to a large number of accounts, there are thousands still dealing with no service on their phones.

no service meme  try unplugging it

No service meme source: @o_line

SOS Mode

While the AT&T outage situation is frustrating, even more so is that many phones are stuck in SOS mode. If you Apple iPhone is showing SOS mode, this is what it means.

funny att cell outage meme

According to the Apple support, “your device isn’t connected to your cellular network,” but it also means you can make emergency calls through other carrier networks. The feature is only available in the U.S., Australia and Canada. You should be able to use wi-fi calling to make a phone call.

People Have Theories

Of course people have wild theories on why AT&T’s cellular network went down.

government coverup meme: my first thoughts to any weird situation  what is the government hiding? aliens, cyber attack, solar flare

AT&T has not released a statement on why their network is down, which leaves people and their minds creating all kinds of ideas. A lot of these ideas are based on Netflix shows.

conspiracy theory att outage meme

ATT Outage theory meme source: @variantpolarize

While we won’t contribute to the wild conspiracies – we will happily share the funniest theory memes about the cell phone situation!

 aliens taking cell phone service meme

Don’t miss our alien memes.

We are with Stephepime. Whoever is hacking the US cell service, can you just delete student loans (and maybe credit card debt) while you are at it.

delete my student loans hack meme

Service Restored

AT&T has reported that service has been restored to 75% of the customers who were experiencing a service interruption.

when your service is back meme

As the dust settles on the recent AT&T outage, the internet’s response with cellar outage memes has served as a light-hearted coping mechanism for many. These funny memes have not only provided comic relief during a time of frustration but have also highlighted the collective resilience and creativity of the online community.

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