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Best ChatGPT Memes That Perfectly Capture Our Love for AI

hold onto your keyboards because we’re diving deep into the world of ChatGPT memes! From witty one-liners to hilarious scenarios, these memes capture the essence of our favorite AI in all its quirky glory.

With all of the automation and artificial intelligence talk, we are doing what we do best. That’s right, we are bringing the funny ChatGPT memes that you didn’t know you needed. So let’s get cracking with the AI meme fun.

chatgpt memes

So, grab your favorite beverage, sit back, and get ready to LOL at the best ChatGPT memes on the internet!

Humor About Chat GPT and AI Taking Over the World

this is me pretending that ai isn't taking over the world

ChatGPT is like having the smartest person you know on speed dial, but without the awkward small talk and forced social interactions.

when someone tells me chatgpt is just a trend

AI can answer any question you have, from “What’s the meaning of life?” to “What’s the best recipe for chocolate chip cookies?” Not only that, it can help you do many tasks with your job. The best way we’ve found to use it is to pretend it’s a co-worker that helpful (and not annoying.) See our coworker memes.

the way corporations and employees look at chatgpt

As people start to embrace AI and ChatGPT, someone else is paying attention. Corporations are jumping on the ChatGPT bandwagon.

one does not simply not use chatgpt

There are two parties when it comes to using AI. There’s the people who love it.

when chatgpt answers your question before you even finish typing it

So much so, remember when you use to tell someone to Google it, well now it’s turned into sending people to ChatGPT to find the answers.

yeah if you could just ask chatgpt instead of me that would be great

When You Hate ChatGPT

So there is the party of people who use ChatGPT for everything, then there is the other camp. The NOPE, not going to use it, hate ChatGPT people.

artificial intelligence aint nobody got time for that

Get with the times or be left behind.

do you use chatgpt? no

ChatGPT Replacing Jobs

This chatgpt meme describes why many people hate it. AI products, like ChatGPT are killing the job market. While some may blame the recession or inflation, some have other theories.

the job recession vs chatgpt

While ChatGPT maybe killing off jobs, there are ways to level up your career by using it.

me repeating everything that chatgpt says

Learning how to use ChatGPT prompts to get answers to questions for both everyday tasks and in work is well, life-changing.

use chatgpt to automate my job and do all the things

So how many jobs are at risk? According to a recent economic research report by Goldman Sachs, AI has the potential to automate up to 25% of the entire labor market.

praise jesus chat gpt hasn't taken my job yet

However, certain fields are more susceptible to automation than others. Administrative jobs, for instance, could see up to 46% of their tasks automated, while legal jobs and architecture and engineering professions could see up to 44% and 37% automation, respectively. See our unemployment memes.

jobs gone due to ai everywhere

That said, jobs that require manual labor such as construction, installation and repair, and maintenance are less likely to be affected, with only 6%, 4%, and 1% of their tasks being automated by AI.

Don’t miss our funny work memes for hilarious humor about coworkers and office life.

Using ChatGPT on Homework

Kids these days. “Back in my day” cheating meant you copied down the answers onto your arm or printed off the test review extra small onto a piece of paper that you slid into your shirt. Now you can use ChatGPT to write your papers and do homework.

how i feel after using chatgpt to do my homework

This ChatGPT meme says it best. If you use ChatGPT to write an essay, services are popping up like GPTZEROX that scan work to make sure it wasn’t AI generated.

you said you didnt use chatgpt to write your essay according to gptzerox that was a lie

In fact, according to Forbes – the theory is that at least half of college students are using ChatGPT to complete their assignments.

me on life support because my doctor used chatgpt to pass all of his classes in college

All that said, AI is the future. ChatGPT maybe a trend, but the base technology will only grow to become smarter.

Learning How to Use ChatGPT

If you are just getting your feet wet with ChatGPT, there is definitely a learning curve.

me trying to learn chatgpt

It’s all in the ChatGPT prompts that you give it. You want to make sure your questions are clear. State who you want the AI to be and what type of response you want it to give you with your question. You can include details, such as “include a reference source” to help fact-check ChatGPT answers.

me after giving chatgpt the prompt 20 different ways and it still doesn't understand

A huge up and coming job is AI Prompt Engineer. This is basically someone who knows the best way to ask AI the write things to get the best replies.

me trying to figure out what jobs chatgpt won't take

Chat GPT-4

While we have been hearing a lot about the AI technology, ChatGPT – there are other things we will be hearing about and GPT-4 is one of them. As this GPT4 meme states, GPT-4 is coming and will change everything.

brace yourself gpt4 is coming

What better way to explain GPT-4 than thru letting AI explain it. I asked ChatGPT to explain GPT-4 in an easy way, so much so that a 6th grader would understand it. Here is it’s response:

Sure, I can definitely help with that! GPT-4 is a super smart computer program that can understand and use language just like humans do.

questions you have gpt4 will answer them

It can read and write text, and even have conversations with people. It has been designed to be even better than its previous version, GPT-3, and can do things like understand complex ideas, learn new things, and generate creative writing.

when chatgpt knows more about your life than you do

Think of it like a really smart friend who can help you with your homework and talk to you about anything you want!

Funny AI Humor

Continuing on with the AI meme fun, when ChatGPT is the only one who truly understands your weird sense of humor.

when chatgpt is the only one who truly understands your weird sense of humor

AI ChatGPT isn’t the only thing buzzing in the artificial intelligence space on the internet. Google Bard and Bing Sydney are two other big players to know about.

bing sydney meme

Read this crazy story of a journalist who was testing on the Sydney AI and well, it got weird. Basically Sydney started to pursue the married man, Alex Kantrowitz. Read about it in the New York Times.

when you start using ai and it wants be be in a relationship

Google Gemini (Previously Google Bard)

Side note: As of February 2024, Google Bard is now Google Gemini.

As mentioned, Google Bard has arrived. Obviously Google has to have a play because if not, it’s whole business could go away. One product, is Google Bard which is similar to ChatGPT, but I wanted to know the difference. So what does one do? You ask Google Bard. Here is the reply:

google bard, gpt3 and gpt4

Google Bard and ChatGPT are both large language models, but they have some key differences.

Training data: Google Bard is trained on a massive dataset of text and code, including text from the internet, books, and code repositories. ChatGPT, on the other hand, is trained on a dataset of text and code that is up to 2021. This means that Google Bard has access to more recent information and is able to generate more up-to-date responses.

when someone says that chatgpt will kill google

Architecture: Google Bard uses Google’s own LaMDA language model, while ChatGPT uses OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 model. LaMDA is a more recent model than GPT-3.5, and it is designed to be more accurate and informative.

when you ask chatgpt a question and it responds with the entire history of the universe

Capabilities: Google Bard is able to perform a wider range of tasks than ChatGPT. For example, Google Bard can generate text, translate languages, write different kinds of creative content, and answer your questions in an informative way. ChatGPT is primarily focused on generating text, and it is not as capable as Google Bard in other areas.

ai is the future and will continue to evolve. learn to use it to work smarter not harder

Overall, Google Bard is a more advanced large language model than ChatGPT. It is trained on more recent data, it uses a more recent architecture, and it is capable of performing a wider range of tasks.

Work Smarter Not Harder

In conclusion, I think one this is for sure. ChatGPT, Google Bard, GPT-4, Sydney and whatever else is created in the AI space – we will learn to work smarter not harder.

work smarter not harder

AI is here to stay. It’s going to speed up productivity but also create a huge amount of problems.

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i got 99 problems and artificial intelligence will either solve them or become another one

Let’s keep the laughter rolling and the ChatGPT memes circulating across the web. And remember, whenever you need a dose of AI humor, come back and revisit this post for more meme-tastic moments. Until then, happy meme-sharing, and may your chats be forever filled with laughter and wit!

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