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Best Rihanna Memes from Super Bowl 2023

Let’s hear it for the Rihanna memes and the Kansas City Chiefs!

The 2023 Super Bowl did not disappoint, well unless you don’t like RiRi – which apparently is the opinion of many. But isn’t the Super Bowl half time show always a controversy?

Funny Rihanna Memes

We are here for it though, whether you loved or hated the halftime show – here are the best Rihanna memes resulting from her performance.

rihanna memes
best rihanna memes

Let’s face it. You either love Rihanna or don’t.

walking into monday like
monday after super bowl meme

While there are so many things here in America that are shady and weird that divide our country, the one thing that is consistent is that we will all never agree on the Super Bowl half time show.

when you shine like a diamond and people will still complain
shine like a diamond meme

People will always complain. Whether its too much skin showing (hello Janet Jackson), the choreography of the dance or the lyrics of a song. There are always the people waiting to shout it down.

when someone says that the half time show was unholy
halftime show meme

There are those of us who watch the Super Bowl for the football, or should I say sports ball.

when your concert is interrupted for a sportsball game
rihanna concert meme

Then there are those of us who watch the Super Bowl for the half time show and commercials. This Super Bowl Adele meme is so many of us.

adele is all of us that watch the super bowl for halftime show and commercials
super bowl adele meme

Rihanna Pregnant Meme

Is she or isn’t she? About a minute into the Rihanna halftime show, the question popped in many of our heads.

me next to the tv tryna figure out if rihanna is pregnant
rihanna pregnant meme

Yes, y’all as this Rihanna pregnant meme states – our girl is having another baby.

same vibes
rihanna meme funny

This was confirmed by her team. Rihanna’s first child with rapper A$AP Rocky was born last year.

when you've been getting hot at the body shop doing something unholy
funny rihanna pregnant meme

The Rihanna Super Bowl 2023 half time show did leave many of us who have been pregnant in awe. I haven’t been pregnant in nearly 13 years and yet here miss thang is doing an entire solo half time show while pregnant.

rihanna is pregnant and performing an entire half time show solo while i can't even get out of bed
rihanna pregnant super bowl meme

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how i look pregnant vs how rihanna pregnant
pregnant rihanna meme

More Funny Memes About Rihanna

Rihanna owns Fenty Beauty. Smart business woman knows how to work a marketing plug into the Super Bowl half time show.

costume inspiration for super bowl halftime show
rihanna superbowl meme

No need to pay $7 million for a Super Bowl commercial. Just pull out a Fenty Beauty compact mid show for a quick make-up touch up. I mean we could all use a little blotting powder mid-performance.

smart women know how to work it and save $7 million on a super bowl commercial yet still pimp their brand
fenty meme

Who else feels like their life is like the Rihanna work song. This Rihanna meme hits. Don’t miss our funny work memes for humor to share with your co-workers.

my life is like that rihanna song work work work work then im trying to figure out the rest of it
meme rihanna

This funny Rihanna meme from MyTherapistSays is spot on. Who else drags their comforter to the couch. This look Ri-Ri wore during the half time show was actually an ode to André Leon Talley’s iconic Norma Kamali blanket coat.

when i bring my comforter to my couch
rihanna meme

This Rihanna face meme is the exact look I give the barista. Coffee memes and caffeine, please and stat.

the face i make watching the barista make my coffee
rihanna face meme

The Super Bowl Half Time stage was put together in 5 minutes. I couldn’t imagine standing on that high of a platform. Though after seeing this tweet from @pattymo – it does look like a scene from Mario Brothers.

rihanna look out
funny rihanna meme

Shine bright like a diamond. FALSE: Diamonds don’t shine. They reflect light which makes them sparkle. Thanks, Dwight.

shine bright like a diamond meme
shine bright like a diamond meme

For my mamas out there, we give you these funny mom memes.

the look i give my kids every morning as we are running late to school
rihanna kids meme

Who is watching The Last of Us? In episode 5 when the house blew up, @sheevasmells gives us this The Last of Us meme featuring the Super Bowl dancers.

the infected during the last of us episode 5 when the house blew up
last of us meme

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