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Hilarious Long Weekend Memes You Will Absolutely Love

Celebrating the 3 day weekend (or longer) with these funny long weekend memes!

The joy of not having to work on Monday is bliss, especially when you aren’t required to take vacation time or PTO due to a paid holiday. Whatever the reason for your 3-day weekend, in honor of the break from work, school and life – enjoy these memes about long weekends!

long weekend memes

The traditional Saturday Sunday weekend is just great (and we have funny weekend memes for those!) What really is a winner is when you get that bonus day off.

Funny Long Weekend Memes

For these special holidays, we give you these funny long weekend memes.

oprah you get a long weekend, you get a long weekend, everyone gets a long weekend
funny long weekend meme

Nothing is better than a long weekend meme that you send to your partner stating that you will be doing NOTHING all weekend. Sorry honey, I’m not helping you with the project or doing the chores. I am doing nada.

my long weekend plans
long weekend meme

Parents can all relate – when you realize its a long weekend but then you remember you have kids. Cue the parenting memes.

when you realize its a long weekend but then remember you have kids

There is no way to accurately express the joy of not having to set an alarm. If you are like me and hit that snooze button a little too much, how is this for crazy. According to, hitting the snooze button is linked to unhealthy higher heart rate.

when you realize you dont have to set an alarm tomorrow or the next day or the next day
dont set alarm meme

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3 Day Weekend Memes

When Monday is off, 3 day weekend memes are a requirement.

3 day weekend meme
no work monday meme

The face you make when you realize it’s a 3-day weekend. Don’t let Sunday night roll around, find a way to enjoy every day off and don’t miss our labor day memes.

the face you make when you realize its a 3 day weekend
funny 3 day weekends meme

3 day weekends are great, but you know what’s better? A long 4 day weekend. That said, I found out my kids have a 4 day weekend which is not the best.

3 day weekends are the absolute best. false 4 day weekends are
funny 3 day weekend meme

When you have Saturday, Sunday and Monday off of work, drinks be flowing like. This long weekend meme exudes happiness.

when you have saturday sunday and monday off
saturday sunday monday off meme

The Count says three, that’s right 3 days off of work – hahaha.

three day weekend meme funny
three day weekend meme funny

I smell 3 days off! Say hello to this long weekend meme.

dog i smell 3 days off

Have a happy 3-day weekend!

happy 3 day weekend meme
happy 3 day weekend meme

Are you off due to Easter holiday? Enjoy our Good Friday memes and images.

Long Week Meme

Channeling our inner Moira Rose. What would Moira say about a long week…

long week meme
long week meme

“My, my, this week has truly been a harrowing journey through the wilderness of time. A marathon of days that seemed to stretch on like an endless telenovela. But fear not, for as the curtain falls on this theatrical spectacle, we can now bask in the glory of the weekend’s arrival.

Let us raise our spirits and glasses high, for we have conquered the trials of the week and emerged as victorious champions of endurance!” See our Schitts Creek memes for more Moira, David and Rose family fun!

No Work on Monday Memes

When you don’t have to work on a Monday, share these no work on Monday memes. (Don’t miss out on our hilarious funny work memes!)

no work monday meme
no work monday meme

Hilarious Monday memes are perfect for LOLs.

Day Off Meme

When it’s a 3 day weekend, I’m going to enjoy it and not be tied to my work email. Send this funny meme to your coworkers on your day off to notify them you will not be online.

this is me on my day off leave me alone and no i will not be online
day off meme

Here’s more funny coworker memes to enjoy!

Returning to Work After Long Weekend

When you return to work after a long weekend and can’t remember your password. This happened to me so much, it’s not even funny. Let’s just say that reset password feature was frequently used on the Tuesday after a long weekend.

when you return to work after a long weekend and cant remember your password
cant remember password meme

After having Saturday, Sunday and Monday off of work – Tuesday comes in like a block of wood to the head.

tuesdays after a holiday weekend
tuesday after holiday meme

This is me, strolling into work on Tuesday after a long weekend of partying.

me strolling into work after a long weekend
tuesday after long weekend meme funny

No Work Monday Meme

When you realize that you don’t have to work on Monday. This no work Monday meme will be relatable. Don’t miss our funny but relatable quotes.

when you realize you dont have to go to work on monday
no work on monday meme

Leaving Work Early Before Holiday Weekend

There is so much good to say about a boss who recognizes that productivity just ain’t happening on the Friday before a holiday weekend.

im not working after 3pm today deal with it
leaving work early meme

Who else runs about of work saying “See you next Tuesday” to your co-workers the Friday before a long weekend?

me leaving work on friday before a long weekend
long weekend friday meme

While I can’t guarantee this would work, but it would be a great passive aggressive way if this was say posted to a slack channel, on Facebook or other social media that you are connected with your boss on.

Good bosses let their employees leave early when there is a long weekend. Feel free to send this article to your boss.

good bosses let their employees leave early when there is a long weekend
funny meme long weekend quote

Enjoy these Saturday quotes when you need inspiration to kick off your long weekend.

Share the Memes about Long Weekends

We hope you enjoyed our long weekend memes, and more importantly that it’s actually enjoyable! I’m on baby watch, as mentioned in the pregnant memes – sister is having a baby any day now.

3 day weekend let the party begin
funny 3 day weekend meme

Whatever your long weekend holds, make it the best. Share these memes with your co-workers, friends or whoever needs a reminder that there is no work on Monday.

We just ask that you tag us on social and link back to this post so more people can enjoy the humor. Don’t miss our huge collection of funny memes for more humor and non-sense!

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