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17 Funny Rat Memes and Images About These Pesty Rodents

The only thing funny about these rodents are these rat memes. If the thought of rats scurrying in your garage, living in the dumpster or hanging out at your favorite local restaurant’s kitchen irks you, just know you aren’t alone.

Yes, I know some of you keep rats as pets, we have some humor for you as well.

rat meme funny

Does anyone else group mice and rats into the same rodent category? Listen, yes – I am well aware that rats are bigger, but regardless if it’s a mouse problem or a rat infestation either way we have a situation.

rat or mouse meme  is a mouse or a rat
rat or mouse meme

My name is Ratthew, but my friends call me Rat for short. We ain’t friends, Ratthew.

funny rat meme hi my name is ratthew but my friends call me rat for short
funny rat meme

Ratatouille Memes

There is only one rat that is okay in my book, Remy! Yes, the rat from the Disney movie has a name. These Ratatouille rat memes give off way better vibes than some of these others.

ratatouille rat meme  i can tell you some stories about that rat remy from ratatouille
ratatouille rat meme

This Remy Ratataouille meme from @uhhmmily: I’m telling my kids this was Gordon Ramsey.

ratatouille meme im telling my kids this was gordon ramsay
ratatouille meme

In all seriousness, while the movie was cute and yes the play of rat and the meal ratatouille work – the thought of rats in the kitchen just hell to the n-o. Rats in the kitchen be like.

rats in the kitchen be like  rat remy ratatouille meme
rat remy ratatouille meme

Rat Showering Meme

A few years ago, the rat in shower meme was trending because of this photo of a rat what appears to be cleansing himself.

rat showering meme
rat showering meme

Who knew rats were so hygienic! Well hold up, the showering rat meme is more than meets the eye. This rodent was found when Jose Correa from Peru walked into his bathroom and found the rat in the shower.

but rat wants to take a shower too
rat in shower meme

Well, leave it to smart folks to dig down the rabbit rat shower meme hole to discover two things. One, it’s a pacarana, a South American rodent and that the rat just wants to get the soap off, he isn’t really showering. Buzz kill, I know – but thanks for digging that dirty for us, Gizmodo.

Gym Rat Memes

Listen, I know you dedicated folk who go to the gym like to go by the term gym rat. I was told there would be rats in this gym.

gym rat meme funny i was told there would be rats in this gym
gym rat meme funny

This gym rat meme shows exactly what pops in my head whenever I hear someone called that. You know, just a rodent, pumping weights with a weight belt on at the local gym.

the picture in my head anytime someone says gym rat meme
gym rat meme

Pizza Rat Meme

While sites like this are a New York City every night occurrence – maybe we are thinking of these rodents wrong. Is this a rat or a hard working dad trying to feed his four teenage turtles. Shout out to anyone who loves Splinter!

pizza rat meme  This isn't a rat. It's just a dad bringing home pizza to his 4 teenager turtles.
pizza rat meme

Speaking of pizza rat memes, this one always takes the cake for me – even over Ratatouille!

Chuck E Cheese Rat Meme

One thing that has always made me shake my head in confusion is Chuck E Cheese Pizza and having a rat as a mascot. So come on down to mechanical rat pizza and kid casino.

chuck e cheese rat meme so come on down to mechanical rat pizza and kid casino
chuck e cheese rat meme

I guess the marketing worked for a few decades. So many of us grew up going to the kid casino and listening to the mechanical puppets and eating pizza.

More Memes About Rats

The rat memes continue. Maybe these aren’t the prettiest, but they sure are funny. Me after getting out of a 5000 degree shower.

me after getting out of a 5000 degree shower
burn rat meme

We have teamwork memes.

rats team work meme
rats team work meme

All the info you never wanted to know on how rats successfully work in teams.

Naked Mole Rat Meme

Save this rat meme for when you need it, especially if you are on dating apps. This naked mole rat meme is horrific and hilarious, use it wisely.

a nude photo of a naked mole rat meme
naked mole rat meme

Rat Race Meme

The rat race is overrated. This is your sign to avoid it at all costs.

this is your sign to get out of the rat race meme

Dead Rat Meme

I saved you from actual photos of dead rats but will delight you with this dead rat meme instead.

dead rat meme they are my speciality

Fat Rat Meme

Fat rat or maybe just have big bones?

fat rat meme
fat rat meme

Share the Rodent Memes

More rat memes and less rats please. If you have a friend who keeps these as a pet, or know someone who has surprise guests maybe living in their walls, attic or garage – share these memes about rats!

mice infestation meme

While rodents aren’t fun, these funny rat memes are!

Several years ago, after Digital Mom Blog got started, we published a post that has since gone viral. Never did I ever think that I’d write about How to Get Rid of Rats. Especially since one of my greatest fears is in fact these rodents.

Rat Memes is part of the Digital Mom Blog series of Funny Memes

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