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Corona Memes – The Beer Not the Virus But About the Cornavirus

Corona Memes about Corona Beer. Why? While the world is anxious about the Coronavirus – we are finding ways to laugh.

corona memes beer not virus

Funny Corona Memes About Corona Beer

First we laughed with Coronavirus memes, then wash your hands memes – and today we are sharing Corona memes about Corona beer.

coronavirus in mexico meme
inside my fridge corona meme

Corona Beer Will Not Cause Coronavirus

first mexican victim of coronavirus

You guys, my dad called and said someone told him that he can’t believe that Coronavirus is because of Corona beer. THAT IS NOT TRUE. (source:

There is NO Corona Beer Virus

Calm down Corona beer drinkers.

coronavirus work meme

There is NO Corona Beer virus and zero connection between Corona beer and Coronavirus. (source:

pass corona beer

Corona Beer Not Hurt By Virus

Despite popular belief that Coronavirus has hurt Corona Beer is false, according to Constellation Brands.

ebola extra meme

The CEO said that sales of Corona beer are actually up 5%

Based on recent IRI retail trends, sales of Corona Extra remain strong, with dollar sales up 5% in the U.S. per the latest 4-week period ended Feb. 16, nearly doubling the 52-week trend for the brand. Similarly, depletion trends for Corona Extra for the first two months of this calendar year through Feb. 26, as well as the month of February, have also outpaced their 52-week trend. In addition, IRI dollar sales trends for the entire Corona brand family are also outpacing their 52-week trend in the latest 4-week and 12-week periods. Furthermore, all business units supporting our beer business are seeing positive sales trends for the brand thus far this calendar year.

source: Constellation Brands

Get Out of Work Excuse

These Corona memes about Corona beer prove that there is a comical link between the pandemic and the beer. The link ends there!

cant come to work coronavirus meme
check out our work memes

There is no link between the Corona beer, but this is a funny excuse to get out of work. (source:

Budweiser Memes about Corona

budweiser corona meme

For those blessed individuals – yes, they do exist – that think Corona beer has something to do with the Coronavirus.

I give you these hilariously funny Budweiser memes about Coronavirus.

budlight corona meme

Bud Light man, can save us all. Not really. Wash your hands.

Keep Calm & Drink Corona

chill out have a corona meme

It always works out, yall. Just drink your Corona beer, be aware and wash your hands.