30 Funny Cruise Memes That Will Have You ROFL on High Seas

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Just got off the boat from a week of travel to share these cruise memes with fellow cruisers! For some reason I never took traveling by boat on a cruise as a serious way to vacation. Probably watching Titanic 20 times, never the less that was then.

Best Cruise Memes

Look at me now, sharing these memes about cruises. If you love cruising, okay I GET IT.

cruise memes
cruise memes

This summer, we had the chance to do a kid-free vacation and opted to do a cruise, now we are sold! No more convincing is needed.

Here are the best cruise memes about all the fun and humor that happens before, on and after you board the boat.

cruising meme did someone say cruise

When it’s time to board the ship – cruise time meme to the rescue.

cruise time meme

Book the cruise, you can always save for retirement later. Follow me for bad financial advice. Also, money is a renewable resource – time is not.

book a cruise meme

When I board the cruise ship, my face be like.

my face when i board the cruise ship meme

Cruise? Alpaca my bags right now.

cruise meme funny alpaca my bags

Cruise Bill Meme

When that cruise bill is taped to your door, how high is your cruise bill? THIS HIGH.

cruise bill meme how high is my cruise bill

Cruise Alcohol Memes

You guys, so the cruise alcohol memes are way too relatable. After going on my first cruise, had no idea this booze cruise meme would be so spot on.

did someone say booze cruise meme

The unlimited cruise drink package makes sense if you order 15+ drinks a day. So this unlimited cruise drink meme nails it with a challenge accepted. Also if this if you, no judgement but see our funny drinking memes.

cruise drink package meme it takes ordering 20 drinks a day to make the drink package worth it challenge accepted

Then there is me, Friday night – not on a cruise like I was a few weeks ago but yet pretending I am.

no cruise meme me pretending i'm on a cruise
no cruise meme

My relationship with the cruise unlimited drink package be like.

cruise drinks meme - cruise unlimited drink package and me

Cruise Food Memes

When people joke about eating non-stop on a cruise, they aren’t actually joking. According to this post on Cruise Critic, you gain a pound a day while on a cruise ship. Y’all, I don’t doubt it. Take the stairs on the ship and do some extra laps around the walking track.

cruise food meme just me trying to fit in my pants after spending a week on a cruise ship eating all day
cruise food meme

Cruise formal night, it’s like prom for adults. Unless you are those people who totally forget and are trying to get into the main dining room in a swim suit, cover-up and flip flops. I’m not here to judge, but check out these formal dresses for cruises.

cruise formal night meme
cruise formal night meme

Body acceptance and summer body memes are what we are here for. Also, cruise body memes because this is how I feel laying out next the cruise pool.

cruise pool meme me laying out by the cruise pool with no care in the world
cruise pool meme

To be completely transparent, I hate pools and no way in hell are you finding me laying out by the cruise pool or any pool.

Cruise WIFI Meme

When you are suppose to be working but the cruise wifi sucks. Y’all, I know you are suppose to detach and get away from it all but some of us were hoping to slip in some hours while on the cruise ship. (See work memes for my work while traveling friends.)

when you are suppose to be working but the cruise wifi sucks
working on cruise wifi meme

Also to note, yes wifi in the middle of the ocean does sound insane but it’s 2022 and our friend Elon Musk has created this thing called Star Link.

I Need a Cruise Meme

These I need a cruise memes are for those of us who just need to book a cruise.

i need a cruise meme
i need a cruise meme

But also, some of us have bank accounts that are saying, sorry the only cruise you are getting is down the street.

cant afford cruise meme i need to go on a cruise
cant afford cruise meme

For real though, just take me to the middle of the ocean and let me eat all the food, drink all the drinks. It’s not that big of an ask, am I right?

funny cruise meme take me to the middle of the ocean let me eat all the food, drink all the drinks and get away from reality
funny cruise meme

Don’t miss our vacation memes.

I’m Not Hard to Buy For Meme

For the person who has everything, just buy them a cruise. I know, insert eye roll. For the i’m not hard to please crowd, you will love these i’m easy to please memes.

not hard to buy for meme im easy to please take me on a cruise and give me all the drinks
not hard to buy for meme

Seriously though – preferably a Grandeur of the Sea cruise to Alaska? The Bahama cruise doesn’t sound awful either – see beach memes – but I’m thinking whale watching sounds perfect.

cruise ship meme im not that hard to buy for
cruise ship meme

Dream vacation is getting on a cruise ship, ordering drinks, finding a chair and escaping reality. Who’s in?

dream vacation meme get on cruise ship order drinks find a chair escape reality
dream vacation meme

More Funny Cruise Vacation Memes

Here are even more funny cruise memes about cruise vacations. Thankfully, no seasickness here! But that cruise boat sway is real. Apparently the newer ship have boat stabilizers, helping with the big ocean waves – our boat did not have such a luxury.

seasick meme - swaying the ship is swaying everywhere
seasick meme

Who knew the cruise ship rocks you to sleep? I swear I get the best nights rest when on a cruise ship. Love to get your z’s? Then see our sleep memes.

sleeping on a cruise meme
sleeping on a cruise meme

Did I mention how obsessed with cruising you become after going on a cruise vacation? Want proof, see my cruise travel Pinterest board.

cruise vacation meme draw 25
cruise vacation meme

Of all the cruise memes, this one would be me a few years ago. I was NOT interested in going on a boat. Really, you want me to be in the middle of the ocean with thousands of strangers? No thanks. Then our last cruise vacation happened. My opinion has 100% changed, cruising is life.

one does not simply not like cruises
enjoy cruising meme

Can’t Afford a Cruise Meme

I could be here, but I’m broke.

im broke meme cruise vacation
im broke meme cruise vacation

Will sell feet pics for cruise vacation – balcony only please. All of these people talking about getting paid big money for pics of feet, can I get a vacation out of it? Check out these toes.

feet pics paying for cruise meme
feet pics paying for cruise meme

Meeting People on a Cruise

I can say that thankfully I did not awkwardly Facebook friend someone I met on a cruise. That said – I have awkwardly friended people in other weird situations and now I watch their weird life unfold and am like – how do I know these people again, while continuing to follow online.

who else met someone on a cruise and added them as a facebook friend now watches their life unfold online
meeting people on cruise meme

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departing the ship meme
departing the ship meme

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