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Toilet Paper Memes – 20+ Great Laughs About TP

It’s a new day and today is toilet paper memes day. If you are on social media you know why. Be prepared to LOL at some Coronavirus scare toilet paper humor.

free ring with toilet paper purchase
best toilet paper memes

We’ve also created a post for those of you who are without tp, here are toilet paper alternatives.

Best Coronavirus Toilet Paper Memes

We are sharing our favorite Coronavirus toilet paper memes from the great toilet paper shortage of 2020.

In case you have been living in a box, which I totally won’t judge you if you have – toilet paper is in demand.

last resort toilet paper meme
when you run out of toilet paper meme

This past week, we’ve found humor with funny Coronavirus memes, washing your hands memes, Corona beer memes and now – that’s right, toilet paper memes.

funny coronavirus toilet paper memes
best toilet paper memes

Where to Buy Toilet Paper

If you are trolling toilet paper memes, and start to feel like you need to stock up on the TP – fear not.

Living on a Square Toilet Paper Meme

Amazon has your back(side) covered. This should last you for the next 2 months!

it meme toilet paper down here

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Use a Bidet

The United States is totally behind on using bidets, but this whole Coronavirus Toilet Paper scare might just change people’s minds about that!

buy a bidet meme

Consider purchasing a bidet for under $30 on Amazon. Not only will you not have to worry about tp – it is a lot better for the planet and your bum.

coronavirus cdc toilet paper memes
2020 toilet paper meme

Sams and Costco Toilet Paper Shortage

May we never live in a time again that both Sams Club and Costco toilet paper shortages are a real thing. 2020 memes for the worst year ever.

This hilarious Costco toilet paper meme has been hitting the social media waves with the typo of 3/01/25020.

costco toilet paper meme

May the TP panic and craziness that this year brought leave our minds and memories forever. Can’t even.

toilet paper meme wrapping houses

While Costco sales spike, they are having to call the police to help with the crowds due to toilet paper chaos!

Profitting Off of Toilet Paper Shortage

toilet paper for sale

While of course, this was meant in jest – it’s only a matter of time before people start trying to profit off of the toilet paper shortage.

gilligans island survive without toilet paper meme

Ebay has stopped listings of hand sanitizers and n95 masks because of this.

Americans Protecting Themself

american coronavirus toilet paper

Maybe this is why people are hoarding toilet paper? A friend in Japan said that people there were using it to make masks – so as silly as this looks, I guess anything is possible.

Coronavirus Toilet paper meme

This is your mid-post reminder to Wash Your Hands!

Some people aren’t shaking hands, not because of Coronavirus – but because everyone is out of toilet paper.

Toilet Paper Shortage

This toilet paper situation is getting real. Some stores are limiting toilet paper quantities!

unmatched socks toilet paper meme

Watch who you shake hands with.

austrailia toilet paper meme

The great 2020 toilet paper shortage is not just in America. Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore are also dealing with the shortage.

More Memes About Toilet Paper

More funny toilet paper memes, these have us rolling…

extra toilet paper meme needed

Just a few week ago, this funny toilet paper meme would have been hilarious. Now we are sitting here jealous of this man’s tp.

coronavirus toilet paper preparation meme

From – when you are thinking the apocalypse is near, might as well stock up.

toilet paper crane machine game

And this is just everything. $2 for your chance at a roll of toilet paper.

toilet paper commercial meme

Come and take it!

come and take it toilet paper meme - Toilet Paper Memes - 20+ Great Laughs About TP

Toilet Paper Shortage 2020 FAQ

Let’s try to answer all of the Coronavirus toilet paper shortage related questions, because y’all – TP is HOT right now.

Is there a toilet paper shortage?

In some areas of the world, there appears to be a toilet paper shortage in stores. Amazon is still stocked. (and there doesn’t appear to be any price gouging – yet.)

Why are people buying toilet paper?

The Coronavirus toilet paper scare is causing people to panic buy up all of the toilet paper. Why? Here is what Business Insider says.

Personally, I think people are panic buying due to social pressure. I can’t think of when a product has gotten so much press! The amount of social media images of empty toilet paper shelves is crazy.

Where can I buy forever roll toilet paper?

Forever roll toilet paper are the huge rolls that are often used for commercial bathrooms. You can find these giant toilet paper rolls on Amazon.

Be well. Stay away from germs, sick people and for the love – wash your hands!

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