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21 Hilarious School Closing Memes for When Theres No School


From bad weather to a crazy virus, whatever the reason we have the school closing memes for parents dealing with the aftermath.

Funny School Closing Memes

Many parents are scrambling to find childcare or are working from home. Let’s laugh at the funny school closing memes. Continuing our series of funny school memes, we’re talking about the days when the district cancels class.

school close meme
school close meme

Sadly here in Texas, the state government is trying to defund public education. This in turn is forcing Texas ISDs to close schools.

school is cancelled meme
School is cancelled meme featuring the 3 words parents hate hearing most

School Closure Meme

Schools are often closed due to bad weather. This is particularly so in the winter.

school closure meme
school closure meme

You’ve gotta love the school closing announcement as soon as the weatherman predicts freezing weather.

school cancelled meme
A school cancelled meme for parents dealing with the aftermath

I guess it’s better than the latter when you are stuck waiting! See our snow memes for hilarious Snow day closing memes.

waiting on school closing annoucement meme
waiting on school closing annoucement meme

School Cancelled Meme

The mystery around if they or will they not cancel school is an ongoing laughable topic in the local Facebook groups.

funny school close meme
funny school close meme

When the rumor mill starts swirling about schools closing, just don’t let the kids get word of this!

school closed meme
school closed meme

No School Memes

Let the celebration begin. Share a no school meme when the official closure announcement has been made by your school district.

no school meme funny
no school meme funny

No school tomorrow, cheers!

no school tomorrow meme
no school tomorrow meme

Not Cancelling Schools Yet

When it’s winter weather you just never know. There’s the waiting game to see will they or won’t they cancel schools.

waiting for school to be cancelled

Don’t miss our snow memes!

school closing meme
school closing meme

Kids Reaction Schools Out Memes

When the kids find out that they don’t have school, these kids reactions to schools out memes nail it.

kids excited school cancelled meme

Half of our kids are excited about the Coronavirus school closures.

mom says school is cancelled meme

And then my other 2 kids are excited to find out spring break is extended.

when kids finds out school is cancelled meme

Finding out that they will most likely be doing remote learning, or home schooling instead of going to school – again received mixed messages. As expected, my introverts are the ones who are excited!

kids be like school closed

Parents Reaction Memes to School Cancellations

For those of us parents who have to work and can’t think about the kids being home. Here are the funny no school memes for parents.

dont cancel school meme
dont cancel school meme

Thank God that my husband and I work from home, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy! See these funny work at home memes.

school cancelled coronavirus meme

Working from home and having school cancelled because of the Coronavirus self distancing to flatten the curve is not something us parents saw coming.

coronavirus kids at home meme

Homeschool parents know what it’s like.


Yes, in 2020 school was cancelled because of the Coronavirus. See Google News coverage.

Teachers School Closed Memes

If school does go on, all I can think about is the poor teachers.

teachers no school meme
teachers no school meme

I know during flu seasons (see flu memes,) teachers are surrounded by germs! (see teacher memes).

Unintentional Home School

Anytime there is mention of schools closing in our area, there is an immediate memory of 2020. Schools closed and didn’t reopen.

homeschool meme

We were all forced to home school or do remote learning. Oh what a time to be alive. See our funny homeschool memes.

homeschool mandate meme school closed

In addition to being potentially infected – imagine the questions that these teachers have to field from kids!

teachers coronavirus school meme

Do not miss all of our wash your hands memes.

Share the School Closing Memes

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