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School Closing Memes – When Coronavirus cancels schools

Coronavirus causes school closing memes.

As this crazy COVID 19 spread thru-out the world, the U.S. is finally taking actions to help minimize the spread by announcing declaring the Coronavirus a national emergency.

Funny School Closing Memes

Many parents are scrambling to find childcare or are working from home.


(Don’t miss our work from home memes!) These days are crazy y’all. Our school has started distance learning.

homeschool mandate meme school closed
homeschool mandate - School Closing Memes - When Coronavirus cancels schools

Gotta laugh, so we also have rounded up the best homeschool memes for your entertainment!

As mentioned before, our family falls under high risk. So why these funny Coronavirus school closing memes make us laugh – this virus is serious.

brace yourself school cancelled meme

Laughter is good for anxiety – so we laugh with these Coronavirus school closing memes. (See Covid memes.)

Coronvirus Cancels School

We are in an area of the U.S. where there have been a handful of diagnosed cases.

secret school closure memes

Our school district has taken action is helping flatten the curve in spreading the virus by extending spring break by a week and then looking to remote learning there after.

source: @smmarotta

Chances are the Academy of American Pediatrics screen time recommendations won’t be happening in our house, or your house either during Coronavirus self distancing!

Unintentional Home School

Little did we know, us non homeschool parents would be homeschool parents, unintentionally! #ThanksCoronavirus

homeschool meme
homeschool meme - School Closing Memes - When Coronavirus cancels schools

Kids Reaction Schools Out Memes

When the kids find out that they don’t have school, these kids reactions to schools out memes nail it.

kids excited school cancelled meme

Half of our kids are excited about the Coronavirus school closures.

mom says school is cancelled meme

And then my other 2 kids are excited to find out spring break is extended.

when kids finds out school is cancelled meme

Finding out that they will most likely be doing remote learning, or home schooling instead of going to school – again received mixed messages. As expected, my introverts are the ones who are excited!

kids be like school closed

Parents Reaction Memes to School Cancellations

Parents reacting to the Coronavirus school cancellation be like these memes!

school cancelled coronavirus meme

Working from home and having school cancelled because of the Coronavirus self distancing to flatten the curve is not something us parents saw coming.

coronavirus kids at home meme

Homeschool parents know what it’s like.


Yes, school is being cancelled because of the Coronavirus. See Google News coverage.

Coronavirus Teachers Memes

If school does go on, all I can think about is the poor teachers. I know during flu seasons (see flu memes,) teachers are surrounded by germs! (see teacher memes).

teachers reaction school closed

In addition to being potentially infected – imagine the questions that these teachers have to field from kids!

teachers coronavirus school meme

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Not Cancelling Schools Yet

While the majority of public schools, colleges and universities closing – there are still schools who have yet to announce closure.

waiting for school to be cancelled

In a mom facebook group I am a part of, several moms spoke out against sending their immune compromised children back to school, even if school did return.

waiting for schools to close meme

If you have concerns about sending your children to school, speak up. Contact your school district. Connect with others in the areas to find out what their action plan is.

Please take into consideration, there are more complications to closing a school than just parents having to find childcare. Read about Mayor Bill de Blasio stating he would “do his damnedest” to keep schools open because of how closures would negatively affect many families and the city’s social services network.

Love One Another

We are in a period of time, like none of us have ever experienced. While there are naysayers, people that are truly effected by the Coronavirus and others that will be severely impacted financially – we must find the positive and good in all of this or else it will just make life miserable.

all you do be done in love quote

Find ways to help in your community. If you are praying type, pray. Check in our your neighbors – especially the elderly.

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