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Wash Your Hands Memes – Not Just for Coronavirus, Y’all

In today’s dose of fun we bring you, wash your hands memes. You guys, last post was all the funny Coronavirus memes and today, let’s laugh off anxiety with some hand washing fun.

wash your hands memes

Since we wrote this back in the early days of the Pandemic, things have continued to change. We’ve had the 2020 worse year ever and now here in 2021, we are dealing with the Delta variant. The only thing we can do is continue good hygiene (wash your hands!), stay healthy, not spread this crap and laugh.

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Funny Wash Your Hands Memes

First and foremost, just because of the Coronavirus – do we really need to tell people that they need to wash their hands?

hand washing is hot

Apparently, don’t answer that. Here are some hilarious wash your hands memes that will make you LOL.

funny purell meme

Wash your hands like you got a club stamp you don’t want mom to see.

wash your hands club stamp

30 Seconds of Handwashing with Soap

30 seconds of hand washing

This hand washing image shows what hands look like before and after 30 seconds of washing your hands with soap.

Soap and water, 30 seconds. It also helps with flu prevention. You saw our flu memes, right?

Wash Your Hands and Say Your Prayers

wash your hands say your prayers

Who else grew up with this reminder? Wash your hands and say your prayers. Jesus and germs are everywhere.

Good Hygiene

I guess there is no better time to start than now. Start that good hygiene habit now. (source:

wash your hands meme pandemic

Toilet Paper Shortage

This toilet paper situation is getting real. Some stores are limiting toilet paper quantities! Watch who you shake hands with.


Some people aren’t shaking hands, not because of Coronavirus – but because everyone is out of toilet paper. Don’t miss our Coronavirus Toilet Paper Memes!


You guys, teachers be like – and I don’t blame them. Don’t miss our entire collection of Teachers Be Like Memes – because teachers be like.

teachers be like wash your hands meme

Could you imagine being around these germy kids all day in a crazy time like we are dealing with now?

wash hands smart teacher meme

This smart teachers, Mrs. Woods teaches 3rd grade and to get her kids to wash their hands she uses a stamp.

In the morning, she stamps their hands and if it’s gone by the end of the day from washing their hands – they get a prize. Teachers are trying and this is brilliant! Source: Mrs. Woods 3rd Grade Class

washed my hands sticker

And for those of you who like stickers, here – have a I WASHED MY HANDS sticker, but only if you really did.

Hand Sanitizer Memes

Whenever there is panic, there is always someone there to profit!

purell meme

The big winners now are the Purell, Lysol, toilet paper and bottled water companies.

coronavirus face mask meme

OH, and dont get me started on the facemasks!

Don’t Be Racist

wash your hands meme dont be racist

I think this Wash Your Hands and Don’t Be cross stitch from Bad Ass Cross Stitch is everything.

Keep Calm

You guys, lets all just settle down. This too shall pass, but please for the love of all things human – wash your damn hands.

keep calm and wash your hands memes

Wash Your Hands PSA FAQ

You guys, general good hygiene means washing your hands correctly and often. Here are frequently asked questions about proper hand washing.

how to wash your hands properly image

How Long Should I Wash My Hands?

30 seconds. Make sure you are properly washing them!

How Do I Properly Wash My Hands?

Proper hand washing needs a few things. Wet your hands with clean water. Apply soap and lather every nook and cranny for 30 seconds. Rinse with clean water. Dry with a towel or air-dry.

Is it Better to Use Hand Sanitizer or Wash Your Hands?

The debate is out, but the general consensus is washing your hands is the better option. Though left without the opportunity to wash, use hand sanitizer. (source: NY Post)

How Often Should You Wash Your Hands?

When should you wash your hands? When you get home, when you get to work, before you eat, after you eat, after you use the restroom, after general contact with the public. (source:

In short, wash your hands often. Also, this is general good hygiene and should be done all the time.

What Song Do I Sing While Washing Hands?

Sing Happy Birthday twice or the ABCs twice – while you want to wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds, ideally 30 seconds.