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20 Funny 2020 Memes About the Worse Year Ever

Of course we had to share these funny 2020 memes. You guys, this year – worse year EVER. I mean seriously, does it even stop? Billy doesn’t seem to think so!

Funny 2020 Memes Billy Wait Theres More

While if you know me personally, you know I am an Enneagram 7 – always trying to find the best in things. For 2020, I can say the best part has been funny memes. They have gotten me thru the rough patches with random laughs.

Funny Memes About 2020

So in honor of remembering this year in a comical light, I present you 20 funny 2020 memes.

2020 Narrarated

If 2020 was being narrated, the narrator be like, what you are about to watch is a nightmare.

Stay at Home Challenge

Stay at Home Challenge 2020 Meme

If they had just called it the STAY AT HOME CHALLENGE #stayathomechallenge and got it to trend, we wouldn’t have had such a sucky 2020 year. Just saying.

(And if you like these 2020 memes, you will love our quarantine memes.)

A Hard Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie  Funny 2020 Meme

2020 came out all look like a warm chocolate chip cookie. Then one bite and BAM! Oatmeal raisin (that is old and hard enough to break a tooth.)

2020 Bonus Check


Well, between you know that virus thing and everything else 2020 has delivered – it does feel like the Christmas Vacation bonus check of JELLY OF THE MONTH club.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving! (If you need some Christmas fun, don’t miss our Clean Christmas Memes and Early Christmas Memes – for us who decorate way too damn early!)

Godzilla May Return

Godzilla Returns! Funny 2020 Meme

Could be thunder, could be Godzilla. No more surprises in 2020, because nothing can surprise us!

2020 in One Sentence

Toilet Paper Worth More Than Oil! 2020 Meme

2020 in one sentence. A roll of toilet paper is worth more than a barrel of oil. Sad statement about our economy and life right now! via manshed

2020 Yelp Rating

2020 Yelp Rating Meme

2020’s Yelp Rating – Total crap, would not recommend.

If 2020 Memes

So much hope for if 2020 was AWESOME. Instead, we are left with these funny 2020 memes about what our year was really like. *cue sad music*

2020 is a Gift  Funny Meme

If 2020 was a gift, it totally would be socks. UGLY socks. Possibly reused from the thrift store, totally not cute or cool socks.

2020 Makes NO SENSE!

If 2020 was a math problem – if you are going down a river at 2mph and your canoe loses a wheel, how much pancake mix would you need to re-shingle your roof? It DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE!

2020 as a Hula Hoop  Funny 2020 Image

If this year was a hula hoop, it totally would look and hurt like this.

If 2020 was a scented candle  funny meme 2020

Who can smell this candle burning?

Wasp Nest Meme About 2020

If 2020 was a pinata it would totally be a wasps nest. And having had a child who was attacked by a swarm of wasps – I find this highly appropriate and perhaps 2020 is a pinata.

Moving On To Year 2021

2021 Trailer  Funny Meme About 2020

Yeah, year 2021 – I am going to need to see a trailer before I buy a ticket.

Slap me into 2021  Funny 2020 Meme

Gonna ask my mom if that offer to slap me into next year is still on the table.

2021 Meme  Terms and Conditions

Does someone have a copy of the terms and conditions for 2021?

Chain Mail Fail

2020 Happened Meme  Chain Email Not Shared

Sometimes I wonder if 2020 happened because I didn’t forward that email to 20 people. Possibly, maybe – or perhaps its that Facebook post that I never shared. Whoops. Chain mail fail. Sorry world, resend and we can try again.

Time Travelers Be Like

Time Traveler 2020 Meme

Time travelers be like, hell to the NO on year 2020.

Official 2020 Logo

Official 2020 Logo

I don’t know if there could be more of an appropriate 2020 logo than this.

Save Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon Meme  Save Kevin

20 years ago we had Johnny Cash, Bob Hope and Steve Jobs. Now we have no Cash, no Hope and no Jobs. Please do not let Kevin Bacon die. We NEED BACON TO SURVIVE. #SaveKevinBacon

Dumbest Purchase Ever

Worse 2020 Purchase Meme

I hate to say this because one of my dear friends is Carrie Elle – but uh, yeah – planner has NO USE and earns the title 2020 dumbest purchase ever.

But do buy a Carrie Elle planner for 2021. (The meal planners are amazing and that actually have come in handy for this year of hell.

Well friends, there you have it. My favorite funny memes about 2020. As I said before and will continue to say these 2020 memes keep me going and help keep my spirits up.

Good news, the end of the year is approaching. We are in the final quarter and minus watching the news or reading anything on social media – we might just have a better year in 2021.

And you know what? If we don’t have a great 2021, you know what we will have? 2021 FUNNY MEMES. Laughter y’all. It is what is going to help us survive this thing called life.

All the best. Live, laugh, love. Just kidding (kind of.)

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