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Trash Memes – 25 Funny Images About Hoarding Junk and Stuff

Share these funny trash memes about garbage, hoarding, junk and for people who just have too much stuff.

We buy things, use the stuff it becomes junk and ends up in the trash. Here are the funny memes about trash and all of the stuff we acquire and fail to get rid of.

Funny Trash Memes

I’m not here to judge, in fact half of these funny trash memes are totally applicable to my family.

funny trash memes
funny trash memes

While we aren’t at level hoarder, we like many Americans – just have too much stuff that we don’t get rid of.

trash everywhere
trash meme funny

If you are someone who holds on to things for memories, fail to donate or maybe even have hoarding tendencies – these funny trash memes are for you.

when your kid actually uses the trash can
trash can meme

Some of us really do try, but also – ADHD doesn’t help when you are trying to clean.

when you are trying to clean but keep getting distracted by stuff
clean house meme

Who else can relate? I don’t know who needs to hear this but it’s time to donate the donation bags in your trunk. Those donation bags have seen some miles.

i dont know who needs to hear this but its time to donate the donate bag in your trunk
donation bags meme

This dumpster fire meme feels relevant with the craziness of 2022.

my life summed up in a meme
dumpster fire meme

When you can’t decide which pile to put your trash in. Does it go in the keep, trash or donate pile. Don’t miss our Marie Kondo memes.

put it in the attic or donate it
donation pile meme

When your trash is better than everyone’s elses garbage. This funny trash meme is perfect for those who are just a little bit extra.

when your trash is better than everyone else
trash bags meme

Can we talk about this junk drawer meme. Everyone has that one drawer that looks like this.

everyone has that one draweer
junk drawer meme

The Great American Junk Drawer can be an accidental time capsule, a haphazard scrap heap, a curious box of memories and meaninglessness. Read more about what your junk drawer reveals about you on NPR.

Garbage Meme

For the parent of teens, we all know the horrors of a teen’s bedroom. We could do a whole series of funny garage memes dedicated to teens and their rooms. We’ll spare you, but check out these funny parenting memes.

when i open my teen's bedroom door
teens bedroom meme

Can you even talk about trash without an Oscar the Grouch garbage meme?

what has 4 wheels and flies a garbage truck
garbage truck meme

When your house is filled with garbage but you pretend that there is nothing to see here.

this is me pretending not to see all of the trash around my house
funny trash meme

Hoarder Memes

The hoarder memes for those of us with too much trash.

you call me a hoarder more like a collector of stuff
hoarding meme

This hoarding meme feels like a personal attack. When you don’t throw something away because you might need it later.

when you dont throw it away because you might need it later
hoarder meme

For all of my friends married to a computer nerd, chances are you have a cord box. This isn’t a hoarding situation, because Lord knows that in 5 years your geek will need that cable for the fax machine.

behind every nerd is a cord box of cords they might need later
cord box meme

Raise your hand if you this plant hoarder meme applies to you. *Raises hand* Don’t miss our funny plant memes.

its not hoarding if its plants
plant hoarder meme

Garbage Day Memes

Use these garbage day memes as a friendly reminder to your kids or spouse to take the trash out. It’s Trash Panda’s favorite day of the week!

garbage day is tomorrow
garbage day meme

The perfect trash day meme to communicate to your kids to get the garbage cans to the curb.

trash day is here take the garbage cans to the curb you must
trash day meme

When the garbage truck is coming and the kids still have trash everywhere. This garbage day meme will be texted to the teens.

garbage day be like you get your trash the garbage truck is coming
garbage day meme funny

Junk Memes

Funny junk memes for every person with a garage filled with trash, storage boxes of memories, hand me downs and all the things everywhere. Do we really need more room or do we need less stuff?

you dont need more room you need less stuff
too much stuff meme

This junk meme is something that pops in my brain every time I step into a Goodwill or garage sale. One person’s junk is another person’s treasure.

one person's junk is another person's treasure
junk meme

Recycle Meme

Trash it, or recycle! For our green friends, this recycle meme is for you.

recycle all the things
recycle meme

One does not simply throw things away. Upcycle, donate, recycle if you can!

one does not simply throw things away
throw away memejunk meme

More Memes about Trash

This funny trash meme is a great response comment when someone doesn’t stop giving you their opinion.

dont mind me just taking out the trash
trash meme

Raccoons have been renamed! This trash panda meme is for all of us who have found one in their trash can.

trash panda previously known as a raccoon
trash panda meme

What a night! Has anyone else purchased one of these extra large teddy bears at Costco or on Black Friday at Home Depot?

what a night i bearly remember how i got here
dumpster meme

They are absolutely amazing, except when your dog pees on it and then you put it outside for bulk trash pickup and your neighbor thinks it s so cute and recycles it by giving it to their kid.

Share the Trash Memes

We hope you enjoyed these funny trash memes. Share with your favorite hoarder, OCD organizer or friend who just has too much stuff.

Memes are meant for sharing! We just ask that if you share, tag us on social and link back to this page so more people can enjoy the funny!

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