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Coronavirus Memes – COVID 19 Humor Because the Actual Virus Isn’t Funny

With all of the funny Coronavirus memes – I had to share. I know some might roll their eyes because hello there are people dying – then these aren’t for you. Carry on and please wash your hands.

CORONAVIRUS memes funny

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Funny Coronavirus Memes

These funny Corona virus memes are for those of us who like to laugh rather than cry and find humor a great way to deal with anxiety.


My husband is considered high risk so please note, as I laugh – this is very personal.

sneeze at work meme

We are on high alert and understand the severity of the virus.

preschool teachers coronavirus
Teacher protect yourself! We need you!

That said, you gotta laugh. If you fit that profile, then these memes about Coronavirus or COVID 19 are for you. Also, did you know there are people who think the Coronavirus is caused by drinking Corona beer? For real and we have the Corona memes to LOL at.

Karen Coronavirus Meme

baby yoda coronavirus meme

You guys, these Karen memes kill me – and this, honey.

coronavirus essential oils meme

Karen, I am all about the oils but not for this situation. Mmkay, thanks.

Coronavirus and Introverts

coronavirus introvert meme

While I am not saying a Coronavirus quarantine would be fun by any means – I am saying that us introverts are getting some benefit out of COVID 19 isolation.

coronavirus toilet paper meme

Could this be why there is a potential toilet paper shortage? Hint hint, I bought in toilet paper on Amazon in bulk because no way I’m going without TP! Don’t miss our toilet paper memes!

Coronavirus Face Mask Memes

First, you guys – it’s been said that face masks are not what is going to protect you from COVID 19. But these hilarious Coronavirus face mask memes are attempts that are worth documenting.

DIY Sanitary Pad Face Mask

diy facemask fail meme

Oh, dad. You are hilarious but this DIY sanitary pad face mask is just not going to protect you from this virus. Though I will say, it is internet gold.

How to Make a Face Mask From a Bra

bra mask meme

Did you know you can make a face mask from a bra? I am not sure what to say about this coronavirus meme because I am too busy laughing. You guys, you cannot use a bra as a face mask. I mean you can, but uhm.

COVID 19 You Know What I Mean

covid-19 come on eileen

From this point forward, you shall sing COVID-19 to the tune of “Come on, Eileen.” This is a total COVID 19 parody video waiting to happen right here, folks.

Coronavirus Baby Yoda Memes

Baby Yoda has a lot to say about this whole crazy situation that is happening in the world right now.

Coronavirus Baby Yoda memes, y’all – isn’t he cute?

2020 Virus Memes

corona virus sponge bob meme

2020 is the year of the Coronavirus memes, oh and a nasty virus. But this is a part of evolution you guys. Not necessarily a good part – but this has happened before and will happen again.

2020 coronavirus memes

Just wash your hands, minimize your risks and enjoy these Coronavirus memes.

simpsons corona virus meme

Laughter does help anxiety.

coronavirus tinder memes

If the Coronavirus was on Tinder, it would be like…. and yes, I know its 19 not 18) New in town, looking for fun. Just got out of China, traveling the world wonderlust, lol! Love being outdoors, especially in crowded places. Mask and google are a huge turn off, swipe left if youre a doctor. Give me a chance, Ill take your breath away and leave you in bed for days.

plague 2020 meme

You guys, just the thought of rats. No.

Moms and Coronavirus

mom cornavirus lice meme

Listen up. Moms know what it’s like to have to try to get rid of lice, so don’t judge.

More Corona Virus Memes

coronavirus greeting meme

Spock knows what’s up. This is how to properly greet someone when you can’t shake hands.

chlamydia coronavirus memes

This isn’t a fact – Coronavirus is spreading. That said, watch yourself because this spreads fast as well.

coronavirus memes spreading

Oh the funny Coronavirus memes just won’t stop, but remember – humor can help anxiety.

twitter meth coronavirus meme

This Sheriff’s office is brilliant. It may not work, but is absolutely hilarious!

oprah coronavirus meme

Oprah and the memes that won’t stop with each funny topic. I bet she didn’t predict this when giving away all of those cars.

Coronavirus Fashion

2020 fashion trends meme

So not funny, but funny. If you want a hazmat suit, Amazon still has them and they aren’t too outrageous.

corona virus meme whats that

This maybe a new trend, did you see how ridiculous some of the new runway attire is? Just saying.

Enneagram Coronacvirus Meme

enneagram coronavirus meme

First, know your Enneagram number. Next, laugh. I am a Enneagram 7w8 but am hoping I am not a 7w6 because I am totally washing my hands like a mad person.

Get a Cheap Cruise

When looking at the bright side of things. You could say that one of the positives are cheap cruises.

back from our cruise coronavirus meme
coronavirus meme cruise

Yes, y’all. You can cruise for CHEAP. The reason, people don’t want to get quarantined.

cruise deal meme

Actually ALL travel is cheap – at the moment.

Coronavirus AntiVirus Meme

No, the Norton AntiVirus won’t prevent or rid you of COVID 19. Don’t miss our flu memes.

anti coronavirus mask meme
antivirus meme

Stockpiling Memes

We had to share funny stockpiling memes because hello, the store shelves are emptying. People can’t find toilet paper, paper towels or bottled water.

cdc meme water bottle stockpile

Oh, bless the CDC and the people who contact them. I can’t even imagine some of the craziness they are having to answer!

toilet paper stockpiling meme

These stockpiling memes are exactly why I stockpiled last week. I didn’t go all post-apocotolyptic, but this mama bear has 4 cubs and we can’t live without toilet paper.

coronavirus costco meme

Be reasonable, this Coronavirus scare will soon pass and life will return to normal.

marked safe from coronavirus grocery store

We bought everything we would typically buy but bought for 2 weeks of groceries and toiletries instead of our normal 1 week.

Order online and have your groceries delivered or do pickup. If you haven’t use Walmart grocery yet, do it and save $10 when you use my link.

This Too Shall Pass

end of the world meme

The world isn’t going to end, y’all. But this end of the world meme is everything.

Alcohol Does Not Prevent Coronavirus

alcohol coronavirus meme jack daniels

I first heard that you can kill Coronavirus from my teenage niece. Seriously thought she was kidding or poking fun at me and her mom who like our wine.

(source: CNN)

More Coronavirus Humor

love is in the air coronavirus meme

Face masks don’t prevent corona virus, can apparently increase risk.

country pop meme

And in today’s news of obvious facts you should know about Coronavirus – licking door knobs in China (or anywhere) is not safe or recommended.

Coronvirus Trump Memes

You have to admit, regardless of which way you sway that the Trump response to Coronavirus is a comedy act in itself. While I have no idea what I would do in his position, the good news is I would never put myself in his position.

coronavirus donald trump meme

Mike Pence was put in charge of Coronavirus messaging. The backlash comes because many things, including his lack of belief in science, his handling of the HIV outbreak in his state a years back and because he has zero healthcare experience.

mike pence coronavirus meme

Keep Calm, Y’all

All that said y’all. Seriously, this too shall pass. Sure, we have some bumps ahead – but this won’t end the world. And for the love – if you feel sick, STAY HOME!

calling in sick

Keep calm and don’t panic.