23 Funny Ugly Christmas Sweater Memes and Images

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Sharing the most hilarious best Ugly Christmas Sweater memes on the internet.

What started as a joke, now is a holiday fashion trend. The iconic ugly Christmas sweater just can’t be stopped and we are here for it.

Funny Ugly Christmas Sweater Memes

Continuing on with our series of funny Christmas memes, we are adding Ugly Christmas sweater memes to the collection. Are these Christmas sweaters hideous? Yes, but fun – most definitely. Whether you are attending an Ugly Christmas sweater party or just enjoy a good LOL – we’ve got you.

ugly christmas sweater memes
ugly christmas sweater memes 2024

Share these funny Ugly Christmas Sweater memes this holiday season.

christmas ugly sweaters? ain't nobody got money for that
christmas ugly sweater meme

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Grandma Holiday Sweater

This ugly Christmas sweater meme makes me LOL. True story., a decade ago my co-workers at the time decided to make the holiday party an Ugly Christmas Sweater party.

is my grandson wearing my sweater at the ugly christmas sweater party?
grandma ugly christmas sweater

There was an elderly woman in the office who didn’t understand why someone was wearing a Christmas sweater that she had purchased and calling it ugly.

ugly christmas sweatersuse to be what grandmawore during the holidays.now everyone is wearing them.
meme ugly chrismtas sweater

What use to be a thing you would go to the thrift store to find, is now everywhere. We have rounded up our favorite Ugly Christmas Sweaters from fashionable to inappropriate.

The Original Christmas Sweaters

We first saw the ugly sweater in the 1980s. Bill Cosby on The Cosby Show often sported the look. But if you want a good LOL, this ugly Christmas sweater meme is what the o.g. of sweaters looked like.

the original ugly christmas sweater
ugly christmas sweater meme funny

Got a hairy body, make your own Christmas sweater.

got a hairy chest?DIY your own ugly Christmas sweater
funny ugly christmas sweater meme

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Chevy Chase’s character, Clark Griswold in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation was also a fan. P.S. Don’t miss our Christmas Vacation memes from this hilarious holiday movie.

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Meme

This DIY ugly Christmas sweater meme shows you how to make an easy holiday party shirt at a low cost that is sure to get plenty of laughs.

best diy ugly christmas sweater
diy ugly christmas sweater meme

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

In recent years, the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party has emerged. Everyone wears the ugliest holiday sweater they can find as the attire.

when you are invited to yet anotherugly christmas sweater party but refuse to buy an ugly christmas sweater
ugly meme christmas sweater

These Christmas-themed sweaters could be considered tacky or gaudy but during the holiday season of recent years, these are on trend.

ugly christmas sweaters with all the things
ugly christmas sweater meme

Featuring embellishments from tinsel, reindeer, Santa Clause and more – the extremeness of these sweaters continue to evolve each year every holiday season.

Looking to do something different this holiday season? Why not make your hair into a Christmas weave! This hilarious Christmas weave meme had me rolling.

ugly christmas sweaters are out ugly christmas weaves are in
christmas weave meme

Here are Christmas tree hair styles that do not disappoint when it comes to over the top holiday party attire.

minion ugly christmas sweater
minion ugly christmas sweater

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What is the most expensive Christmas ugly sweater?

Rapper, 2 Chainz teamed up with personal jeweler Avianne to create the “World’s Most Expensive Ugly Christmas Sweater.” The price tag for this black sweater with a gold Santa Clause featuring 50 carats of diamonds and 250 grams of gold was $90,000. See a YouTube video for more details on this extravagant sweater.

Who had the first ugly Christmas sweater party?

Legend has it, watch back in 2002 – two men named Chris Boyd and Jordan Birch held the first-ever Ugly Christmas Sweater Party in Vancouver, BC.

When were Ugly Christmas-themed sweaterscreated?

The ugly Christmas theme sweater was first produced at mass scale back int he 1950’s. These ugly sweaters were marketed as Jingle Bell Sweaters. In the 1980’s the Christmas sweater gained mainstream popularity.

What are the best fonts for using on Christmas sweaters?

If you are looking to make it ugly, here are free fonts that can be used on Christmas themed ugly sweaters. The Gold Smith Vintage has an old feel that works great for holiday designs. Xxdcore font is another great Christmas themed font to use in holiday designs.

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