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Crying Baby Memes That Every New Parent Can Relate To

Ever had one of those days where you just need a good laugh? Enter crying baby memes. These gems are the perfect blend of cute and comedic relief, transforming baby tears into internet gold.

After spending the weekend with a sweet new infant, what new parents needs are some laughs about a crying baby.

photo of baby crying labeled as crying baby memes

We’re adding to our collection of baby memes with these funnies about screaming newborns. Let’s dive into the world of baby crying memes and why they’re the go-to for a quick chuckle.

What’s the Deal with Crying Baby Memes?

Imagine this: a chubby-cheeked baby, eyes scrunched up, tears streaming down, and then BAM—a punchline that hits home harder than your mom’s cooking.

baby crying alexa meme make the baby stop crying

Crying baby memes capture those dramatic baby breakdowns and pair them with hilariously relatable captions. It’s like magic, but with more drool and diapers.

Why We Love Them

There are so many we love sending these baby crying memes to our new parent friends, including:

  • Relatability
  • Adorable Faces
  • Universal Appeal

Relatability: We’ve all had those moments where we feel like throwing a tantrum. Crying baby memes tap into that inner child, giving us a hilarious way to express our frustrations.

funny newborn parent meme about being able to hear this crying baby meme

Adorable Faces: Babies are cute, even when they’re crying. Those pouty lips and big, teary eyes? Irresistible. Add a witty caption, and you’ve got a meme that’s impossible not to love.

pouting baby going to cry

Universal Appeal: Whether you’re a parent or not, these memes speak to everyone. They’re like the great equalizer of the internet, making everyone chuckle over shared experiences.

Cry Baby Memes

Crying baby memes capture the raw, unfiltered emotion of infants in the throes of a meltdown, transforming these moments into relatable, laugh-out-loud humor.

dont be a cry baby meme of baby crying

These memes resonate with everyone because they reflect our own everyday frustrations, whether it’s the agony of missing a snack or the despair of a minor inconvenience.

goo goo ga ga nah more like wah wah wah meme of baby crying

Baby Crying is a Language

Let’s state the obvious. Babies can’t talk so their way of communicating is by crying.

have a baby they say funny baby crying meme

Yes, baby crying is a language. As we get to know our little one better – we become to understand their baby language of cries.

cute photo of crying baby saying nope this isnt the magic to make me stop crying

Sometimes their cries mean they need a nap. Read if you should let your baby cry it out when they need a nap.

baby boy crying says i dont need a nap

Other times, like these funny baby crying memes show – it maybe that they need food.

a photo of a screaming baby who is crying for boob to breast feed

Or maybe it’s because they need a diaper change or don’t feel well.

baby crying meme  im not crying because i hate you i am crying because i cant talk

Baby Crying Memes

Can you say no to that face? Maybe because you can’t hear this photo. Imagine the sound if this baby crying meme was audible.

funny crying baby meme saying you cant always get what you want

These baby crying memes should just be title cute photos of babies crying.

i'm the baby and i'll cry if i want to meme of a baby crying

Crying Baby Noise Meme

The sound of a crying baby can act as a birth control reminder.

funny birth control meme a crying baby is the best form of birth control

It’s okay kid – cry it out now because when you are older society sucks and looks down on crying

cry baby meme funny

BUT your generation can change this, kid! This baby crying meme brings back the noise of having a colicky infant. It’s okay buddy when you grow up you can learn to cry on the inside.

mad baby meme when your sweet baby gets mad and starts to resembles a monster

These crybaby memes playfully remind us that even amidst the tears, there’s plenty of joy in parenting

crybaby meme

Baby Crying at Night

Let the dog just lick him! This crybaby meme just makes me want to rock this sweet face

crying baby meme husband sleeping

It just means that they can’t talk so they cry and that there is something they need

crying baby meme 2024

Dad just doesn’t have the right feeding equipment installed.

funny crying meme baby  when you were just born and everyone around you thinks your cry is so cute just wait

When you were just born and everyone around you thinks your cry is so cute just wait. Don’t miss these funny crying memes.

At the end of the day, crying baby memes remind us not to take life too seriously. They capture the essence of everyday struggles in the most adorable way possible. So next time you’re feeling down, just scroll through a few crying baby memes. Laughter, after all, is the best medicine.

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