Christmas Drinking Game


You guys, what better way to have family fun time (sans the kids) than a Christmas Drinking Game!

Join in on the fun with this drinking game, perfect for Christmas. It’s super easy and fun to do with your adult friends and family. If you aren’t into drinking, no worries – this doesn’t have to be a Christmas alcohol drink (but no one here is judging you if it is. Our eggnog might have a little something something in it.)

Christmas Game for Adults

Alright, this Christmas Drinking Game is super easy. Remember moms, let’s keep the kids away. This Christmas game for adults is best played without the kids around. Perfect if you have friends over and the kids are away.

Christmas Drinking Game

How to Play Christmas Drinking Game

To play this Christmas Drinking Game – you will need a Santa hat. Yes, the simple $1 red hat that Santa Claus wears.

santa hat for christmas drinking game
Santa hat for Christmas Drinking Game

Next, place your Santa hat on the corner of your television. Yes, just hang it like your television is wearing a Santa hat!

santa hat on tv

Next, get your favorite Christmas drink. Mine is spiked egg nog.

Christmas Drink for game

Then you need friends and/or family to play.

Now you will want to put on your favorite Christmas movie or Christmas show. Read below for show suggestions, including which episodes of The Office feature Christmas!

Here are a few things to think about when picking a show.

  • It’s best is the show or movie is full screen. I tried putting on It’s a Wonderful Life and womp, it’s in a difference screen size than my television so wasn’t optimal.
  • The old movies, while fun – don’t have a lot of zoom and movement in their shots. So, if you are looking for a more slow pace drinking game, maybe choose an old Christmas movie.
  • This isn’t nearly as intense as I thought it would be, at least in the handful of Christmas movies and shows that I was watching while attempting to play the drinking game.
  • That said, most of the DRINK will be when there is either a crowd or a zoomed in shot.

Watch the Christmas show and take a sip of drink whenever you see someone wearing a hat. The rules are up to you. Here is someone in the A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby (which, BTW is terrible and needs an alcoholic drink – so makes a GREAT movie to play the Christmas Drinking Game with!)

drink when character wears a hat

Then there will be times, where you are like – ARE THEY WEARING THE SANTA HAT OR NOT? Which you can choose a judge for the game to rewind the Christmas movie and decide if it is DRINK worthy or not.

santa hat drinking game
Pick a judge for the Christmas Drinking Game to determine if a character is REALLY wearing the hat and if its drink worthy
Yield: Christmas Drinking Game

Christmas Drinking Game

Active Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Let's learn how to play the Christmas Drinking Game! This fun filled Christmas game is for adults only. Sorry kids, we will share more Christmas games for families but this one, no kids around please. Alcohol can be involved, but if you are not a drinker, sober - no worries.


  • Santa Claus Hat
  • Christmas Movie
  • Christmas Drinks


  • Television


  1. Place the Santa Claus hat on the television. Yes, just hang it on the corner of the tv like the television is wearing the Santa hat!
  2. Put on your favorite Christmas movie or Christmas show. Pick your favorite.
  3. Gather your favorite family or friends. Remember, no kids allowed.
  4. Give every adult a Christmas drink. This can be an alcoholic Christmas drink or not.
  5. Start the Christmas show. Anytime a character in the show is wearing the Christmas hat, DRINK!
  6. You can decide who is the winner. Maybe who can dance while singing White Christmas after the movie is over?
  7. Don't drink and drive.


This fun Christmas drinking game is meant all in fun. Don't over do it and if you do - call an uber or lyft.

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Christmas Movies and Shows for Drinking Game

As mentioned, the older movies if they are not full screen can cause a challenge with new HDTVs. I tried a few movies and shows. Here are a few suggestions.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby

If you are all about the Christmas Hallmark movies, then A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby on Netflix is for you. I personally, can’t get into them – but with the drinking game it was entertaining.

The Office Christmas Episodes

I am a HUGE fan of The Office. (Check out the best quotes from The Office.) Here is a list of the episodes of The Office that features Christmas! Thanks for posting, @mindykaling!

the office christmas episodes
The Office Christmas Episodes

Be Merry

I couldn’t end this post without a disclaimer, again. Yes guys. Be jolly and be MERRY but if you get lit or toasted, don’t drink and drive. Also, keep the kids away – but have fun and enjoy this Christmas season.

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