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50 Hilarious Drinking Memes For Your Enjoyment

In the colorful world of social media, drinking memes have carved out their own niche, serving as a bridge between humor and the universal experiences of enjoying a drink.

Whether it’s toasting to the end of a long week, celebrating milestones, or simply enjoying the company of friends, these memes capture the spirit of camaraderie and the lighter moments of life.

funny drinking memes

They resonate with adults from all walks of life, providing a shared chuckle over the joys and sometimes the mishaps that come with sipping our favorite beverages.

don't mind me, i'm just drinking my jesus juice

Drinking memes, in their essence, are a toast to the everyday moments that deserve a little laughter and a raised glass.

drink meme captioned brace yourself the drinks are coming

When the day requires a glass of wine, a beer or an extended happy hour, these are the drinking memes you are looking for.

rolling thru life like...

Toast a friend with a virtual cheers!

cheers meme

When there is no way you are singing karaoke, or so you thought. Those 4 cocktails can have you singing Sweet Caroline in no time.

There is no way I'm singing karaoke. then 4 drinks later...

Day Drinking Memes

If your day requires a drink, then we have the funny day drinking memes for you.

day drinking i took like to live dangerously

For the friend or worse, roommate that won’t stop drinking all day.

yeah if you could stop day drinking that would be great

If you need a little starter for your work day, maybe try our work memes before day drinking.

just over here getting ready for another great work day

It’s all fun and game until it’s not. Enjoy these funny SpongeBob memes.

day drinking its all fun and games until its not

Happy Hour Memes

The beloved tradition of happy hour! Whether it’s with friends, co-workers or just the local regulars at the neighborhood bar – cheers to you and these happy hour memes.

did someone say happy hour

When you skip out on work early to ensure that your co-workers get a good table for happy hour. I’m not above this, especially when trying to do happy hour at Chuys. Give me all the nacho bar, please and a margarita meme thanks.

this is me pretending that work ends at 4pm so that i can get us good seats at the bar for happy hour

When you are needing a drink, send this happy hour meme to your favorite person to have cocktails or a beer with. (Or Diet Coke, we don’t judge here.)

Did someone say happy hour?

So if that happy hour includes your boss, may the odds be in your favor. See our boss memes for more humor.

drinking with your boss? may the odds be in your favor

If your drink of choice is tequila, you are in luck. We have a collection of tequila memes just for you!

I Need a Drink Meme

When you need a drink, this is the meme you are looking for.

i need a drink meme

Send this to a coworker when it’s time for happy hour.

Drinking Water Memes

We hear it all the time and just to reiterate the point, we give you drinking water memes.

drink water you must hydrated you must be

How many times have you been told you need to drink more water? Your body loves hydration, specifically water (says the person who consumes too little water and too much coffee and diet coke.)

you need to drink more water

When your pee is orange, that isn’t a good sign. If these drinking water memes didn’t encourage you enough, maybe this info on hydration will get you consuming more aqua.

tell me again how you drink enough water yet your pee is still orange

Drinking Wine Memes

Give me all the drinking wine memes, white, red or rose – I don’t care.

me drinking my 1 glass of wine

This beloved champagne meme featuring I Love Lucy should be the emotion we all have every day (with or without wine or champs.)

when the champagne is flowing

Drinking Milk Memes

While personally, I’m not a big milk drinker – having 4 boys – we consume at least 5 gallons of milk and almond milk a week.

my face when mom forces me to drink milk

Anyone else have memories from the breakfast table of your parents arguing over who knows what?

me drinking my chocky milk while listening to my parents argue

Happy Birthday Drinking Memes

When it’s your birthday and dranks are needed. Don’t miss our happy birthday memes for a huge collection of bday wishes to send.

happy birthday when are we going for drinks?

When you can’t do birthday drinks on the actual day of your friend’s birth – send them this birthday drink meme for a save the date.

this birthday meme is good for one birthday drink

Energy Drink Memes

Pump up the jam with an energy drink meme and a 5 Hour Energy.

how i feel after drinking an energy drink

The first time I drank a Bang energy drink, I seriously felt like I had enough energy to run like Forest Gump.

how i feel after drinking a bang energy drink

More Funny Memes About Drinks

More drinking memes for your entertainment and sharing fun. Don’t miss out on our Star Wars memes for more out of the world, galactic humor.

drink beer you read this in my voice

Introverts will agree, drinking at home always wins over drinks at a bar. See our introvert memes.

drinking at a bar vs Drinking at Home

This sounds just like something Ron Swanson would say “If i could trade my heart for another living I could drink more and care less.”

if i could trade my heart for another living i could drink more and care less

There’s nothing to see here, just keep scrolling.

you didnt see this

We all have that one friend who says they are only going to have one drink. Yeah, we know how this ends.

you said you would only have one drink the results are in and you in fact lied

Drunk Memes

When the alcohol hits too hard, and well insert drunk meme.

frunk you are funny you are not

Those drunk texts, y’all. Don’t drink and drive and for the love – don’t drink and text either.

brace yourself drunk text messages are coming

For the friend that posts stupid comments, this is the perfect reaction meme.

go home you are drunk

Protect the liver at all cost.

shut up liver, you're fine.

Friday Drinking

The end of the week calls for a celebration. When the long awaited day of Friday finally arrives, the bottles be poppin’ and this Friday drinking meme will be shared!

friday drinking meme featuring will farell dancing caption fridays are for drinking

Hangover Meme

The result of drinking too much, alas the hangover. Well, the easiest way to get rid of a hangover is to not have one in the first place.

hangover i have drink too much i did

When you wake up just knowing that you are going to feel like crap, but by some miraculous miracle you are feeling just fine with no hangover. Praise Jesus.

when you wake up and somehow don't have a hangover

Share the Drink Memes

As we navigate through the ups and downs of life, drinking memes remind us not to take everything too seriously and to find joy in the simple pleasures.

They encapsulate a culture that appreciates the humor in our shared experiences, whether it’s a coffee to kickstart the morning or a glass of wine to unwind at the end of the day.

parents: please don't drink while we are on vacation with the family me: i won't *wink*

These funny memes do more than just make us laugh; they celebrate the universal language of enjoying a drink while weaving a tapestry of connection across different cultures and communities. So, here’s to the drinking memes that keep us smiling, reminding us to cherish the moments of joy and companionship that life offers.

We just ask you drop us a link back and tag us on social media so more people can enjoy the drinking humor.

Alcoholics Anonymous

While alcohol is all good times until it’s not, as someone who has seen lives ruined it’s only right to share this resource.

i got 99 problems but being an alcoholic isn't one of them

If you or someone you know depends on alcohol a little too much, Alcoholic Anonymous can help.

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