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Jesus Memes – 30+ Funny Christian Humor Memes

It’s the holy season, so let’s share Jesus memes because in 2022 that’s how we communicate.

These funny images with silly captions can lighten heavy situations and in addition to love. This post of Jesus Christ memes was originally posted during Lent 2019. We have updated it to include more humor and fun for the Lent and Easter 2022 season.

Funny Jesus Memes Even Christians Will Like

Sharing these funny Jesus memes doesn’t come without hesitation – but I’m kind of at the point where you know what, judge away. Because God knows my heart and he created memes and life and laughter sooo, let’s get LOLing.

jesus memes
Funny Jesus Memes

I am a Christian and a follower of Jesus and know my personal faith – so I’m not sharing anything that I would feel displays blasphemy.

jesus memes funny - when jesus sees my memes
jesus memes funny

Jesus Christ Meme

Rather than saying, just use this Jesus Christ meme in place of words.

jesus christ meme
jesus christ meme

What Would Jesus Do Memes

Remember those WWJD bracelets from the 90s? Well hello to the what would Jesus do memes for 2022.

wwjd meme what would jesus do
wwjd meme what would jesus do

When life gets me down, I think “What would Jesus do?” Then I remember all of those bible stories where he drank wine.

what would jesus do meme funny wine - When life gets me down, I think "What would Jesus do?" Then I remember all of those bible stories where he drank wine.
what would jesus do meme funny wine

Old school WWJD!

what would jesus do meme
what would jesus do meme

This funny what would Jesus do meme poses a legit questions.

what would jesus do funny meme - what would jesus do if he were to ask himself that
what would jesus do funny meme

Throw back to the Klondike bar commercials. This poses the question.

klondike bar jesus meme
klondike bar jesus meme

WWJDFAKB? What would Jesus do for a Klondike bar?

what would jesus do for a klondike bar meme
what would jesus do for a klondike bar meme

Mannequin Pointing Memes

mannequin pointing meme jesus vs christians misinterpreting the bible
mannequin pointing meme jesus

Praise Jesus or do yoga – but do praise Jesus (or is it Puhraise Jesus?) This Mannequin posting meme or praise Jesus meme has multiple meanings.

mannequin pointing meme praise jesus funny
mannequin pointing meme

Doing tech support for the parents does feel Jesus like. It take Jesus level patience, that’s for sure!

When you help your mom with her computer and dont freak out on her - feeling like Jesus
Funny Jesus Computer Meme – tech support

Jesus Loves You – Even When Your Vandalize

But let’s stop vandalizing with Jesus’ name. That said, Jesus loves you.

Jesus Loves You - Evandalism
Jesus Loves You Meme

Use this Jesus loves you meme for a little social media evangelism.

jesus loves you meme share - stop scrolling
jesus loves you meme share

Jesus says “love one another.” But what if they are immigrants, gay, or poor? Jesus: “Did I stutter?” Leave your judgement for Jesus.

jesus saves meme
jesus loves you meme funny but true

Christian Single Women Be Like

5’9″ is just as good as 6’1″ ladies.

funny christian dating meme - When you ask God to send you a good man but he is too short
funny christian dating meme

Funny Jesus Jokes Images

You ain’t never had a friend like the holy ghost!

The holy ghost be like - you ain't never had a friend like me. Genie Jesus Meme
holy ghost meme – funny jesus jokes

Here’s a funny Jesus joke: instead of OH MY GOD! Jesus be like “oh my DAD!”

oh my dad meme god jesus
oh my dad meme – funny jesus jokes

Another funny Jesus joke. Need an ark? I NOAH guy.

Need an Ark? I Noah guy - Jesus knows
jesus jokes memes

That’s a nice grave there. It wold be a shame if someone ROSE from it.

rose from the grave jesus pun meme
Jesus pun meme – holy Jesus meme

Speaking of he is risen memes…

He is Risen Memes

You know the bible story. Jesus died on the cross for your sins. 3 days later, he rose from the grave. These He is Risen memes put a comical Christian humor twist on the historical bible story.

he has risen meme jesus christ
he has risen meme jesus christ

You may only live once, but Jesus doesn’t YOLO.

YOLO LOL JK BRB - JESUS - Funny Jesus Meme
yolo jesus meme

You tell them, Jesus! He is risen meme = challenging that YOLO!

YOLO Jesus Funny Meme
Jesus he is risen meme

You Need Jesus Meme

Honestly, how many times have you said this (I’ve said this way too many times this week.) BABY, you need Jesus meme.

baby you need jesus meme funny
baby you need jesus meme funny

If your friend won’t listen to you, maybe this Dr Phil you need Jesus meme will do the trick. It’s worth a try, am I right?

funny you need jesus meme dr phil

A blanket statement that says it all. Some of you need Jesus.

you need jesus meme
you need jesus meme

Praise Jesus Memes

Sometimes you just need to say, praise Jesus.

praise jesus meme
praise jesus meme

Rather than saying it, post this Praise the Lord meme.

praise the lord meme
praise the lord meme

More Jesus Christ Memes

More Christian humor with these Jesus Christ memes. Save that judgement, unless your name is Jesus.

jesus meme - i didnt know you had the authority to judge me is jesus hiring
funny jesus meme

Funny Jesus Joke Meme

Jesus your in the way. Jesus: No, I am the way. (Also, it is you are. Good for you, Jesus for not autocorrecting this!)

Funny Jesus Memes - Jesus your in the way. No, I am the way.
Funny Jesus Joke Meme

Jesus Saves Meme

These are all funny Jesus memes that I would and most likely will share with my church people and un-church people. It’s the season of Jesus.

Jesus Saves Meme - WWJD - Drowning in front of Jesus
Jesus saves meme

Hustlers Going to Hustle

Not sure what is going on here, but it does look like someone is hustling Jesus merch!

Shout out to this hustler who tried to sell merch at the crucifixtion
hustler meme

Share Jesus Meme

Oh, the modern day chain mail – but in Jesus memes form.

Sadly 97% of people will not share this. Share if you love Jesus. He already saw you read it. Viral Jesus Meme Post
share jesus meme

There you have it. Funny Jesus memes, even some of you judgemental Christians might like. I really hope you have a sense of humor and know that I am totally kidding.

Yes, I know what Jesus says about sarcasm – actually I don’t. via @epicchristianmemes

When a stranger talks to me about Jesus - I KNOW HIM! Buddy Elf Meme about Jesus
buddy the elf funny jesus meme

Go out into the world and twist scripture so that no one is offended. This also applies to people misinterpreting the words of Jesus! Just remember, when in doubt – Jesus said LOVE.

Jesus Go out into the world and twist scripture so that no one is offended - things jesus never said

Don’t miss our favorite inspirational bible quotes.

Day 17 of Lent

We played it low key yesterday. While I would love to say we rest on Sundays – well, the family does. But mama doesn’t rest. Sundays are my prep day for the week. See our Sunday memes.

Laundry, groceries, lunches and meals must be done on Sunday or our week is utter chaos.

Sunday Quote - A Sunday well spent brings a week of content

Here in Texas, the weather was absolutely beautiful during the day. Yesterday evening though, Texas reared it’s bi-polar weather head and brought a crazy spring thunderstorm.

We left for dry ground before the hail hit – to at least save a few of our vehicles from damage. What we didn’t realize though – it was going to hail for around 20 minutes straight!

jesus memes

Our neighbors posted a video and it was absolutely insane. In some areas, yards looked like several inches of sonic ice had been poured all over the grass! I think the major damage to our property is the one vehicle we left behind.

I’ll be back tomorrow for Day 18 of the Lent Experiment. Thanks for following along!

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Be blessed, give grace and be kind.

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