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Funny Prime Day Memes 2024 for Amazon Sales Addicts

We’re dishing up the Amazon Prime Day memes for funny LOLS about all of us scrambling to grab deals!

The now bi-annual Amazon sale of the year is here. While back in the “old days” black friday was all the rage – the internet and Amazon has changed the discount shopping game with their massive 2-day sale. In 2024, we got Prime Day sale in both July AND October!

Amazon Prime Day Memes

In our on-going series, we’ve dished out Amazon memes. In honor of the sales event, we are bringing you Amazon Prime Day memes.

amazon prime day memes
funny amazon prime day memes

Amazon Prime Day is the biggest shopping event of the summer, and it’s just around the corner! This year, Summer Prime Day will took place on July 11 and 12, 2024. New for 2024, we have October Prime Days. On October 10-11, 2024 you can again shop with all the deals, just in time for early Christmas.

prime day sale i'll be buying crap i totally dont need
prime day meme

During Prime Day, Amazon offers steep discounts on a wide variety of products, from electronics to home goods to clothing.

From waiting for your package to buying stuff that you don’t really need – we are here for the laughs with these hilarious memes about Prime Day.

Best Prime Day Deals

Looking for the BEST Amazon Prime Day Deals?

don't drink and prime day
drink and prime day meme

You can shop early – check out our Early Prime Day Deals list for all your must have early birds finds.

Amazon Prime Meme

The annual massive sale that is said to compete with Black Friday. This sales event has even gotten Walmart and Target into the game with their own version of “Prime Day.”

amazon prime day sale order all the things
amazon prime sale meme

Does it live up to its hype? I will say – Prime Day is when I buy our annual robot vacuum because the best prices of the year are then. With all the hype, you know we had to share the best Amazon Prime Day memes!

not sure if bank account robbed or if its amazon prime day meme funny
amazon prime day meme funny

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Don’t Need Anything from Amazon Meme

This is the Amazon Prime meme that I expect you to share on Prime Day. I don’t know who needs to hear this, but you really don’t need anything from Amazon today.

i dont know who needs to hear this but you really dont need anything from amazon today
dont need anything from amazon meme

Use this prime day meme when your husband wants to know how much money you spent during the Amazon sale.

my reaction to my husband when he asks how much i spent during prime day
funny prime day meme

Primenesia Meme

Amazon Primenesia a condition in which you order things but you have no idea what you ordered.

when you order so much stuff on amazon prime day and you dont even know what is in the boxes on your porch
primenesia meme amazon

Take My Money Meme

Here you go, Jeff – just take my money. Me every year when Prime Day rolls around. SpongeBob memes for those who love the yellow guy who lives in a pineapple under the sea.

me on amazon prime day meme
amazon prime day meme

Prime day it is and my money Jeff Bezos will take. Don’t miss these funny Star Wars memes for more Yoda fun.

amazon prime day meme jeff bezos
amazon prime day meme jeff bezos

Prime Day Transformers Meme

I think @jeffgrub is thinking what many of us old school Transformer loving nerds have had the thought about in regards to Optimus Prime and Amazon Prime day.

optimus prime day meme amazon
optimus prime day meme amazon

Add to Cart Meme

Who else secretly whispers to yourself “I need to stop” before clicking add to cart?

amazon prime day meme i need to stop i whispered to myself as i clicked add to cart
amazon prime day meme

For those of you who be adding all the Amazon sales items to cart…

add to cart meme
add to cart meme

This is me, hitting add to cart on all the Amazon sales things like I have the money to pay for it.

this is me hitting add to cart like i have the money to buy all the things
add to cart meme funny

Buy Nothing

Buy nothing on Amazon Prime Day or draw 25. Share this Amazon Prime Day meme if you were successful in resisting the impulse purchase from Amazon’s sale!

funny amazon prime day meme buy nothing on prime day or draw 25
funny amazon prime day meme

More Funny Prime Day 2024 Memes

You can say no. It maybe hard but don’t spend money you don’t have!

prime day deals meme
prime day deals meme

I posted this Amazon meme a few years ago, but apparently Jeff Bezos and team did not get the memo in regards to my over ordering and asking that they not deliver when my husband was home.

shopping amazon prime day meme
shopping amazon prime day meme

Speaking of buying too much on Amazon Prime Day – these memes about Amazon boxes may come in handy if those impulse purchases happen.

Amazon Packages Meme

When you have no idea what you ordered on Prime Day but there’s a huge stack of Amazon packages on your porch.

me looking at the stack of amazon packages on my porch wondering what i ordered on prime day
amazon packages meme prime day

Share a Prime Day Meme with a Friend

Our Amazon Prime Day memes are meant for sharing. We hope that you save the moneys, get the good deals and enjoy these laughs. Share these with your friend who keeps sending you Prime Day deals that you can’t miss or on social.

amazon prime day may the odds be in your favor
prime day meme funny

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What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is a two-day shopping event that is exclusive to Amazon Prime members. Prime members can shop for deals on a wide variety of products, from electronics to home goods to clothing.

The deals on Prime Day are often better than the deals on Black Friday, so it’s a great time to save money on the things you’ve been wanting.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2024?

Amazon Prime Day 2024 is twice this year. The first event July 11 and 12, 2024 and then October 10-11, 2024.

How to Prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2024

here are a few things you can do to prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2024:
Create a wishlist.This will help you keep track of the items you want to buy during Prime Day.

Sign up for Amazon’s email list.This will ensure that you receive notifications about the best deals on Prime Day.

Download the Amazon app.This will make it easy to shop for deals on Prime Day from your phone or tablet.

Happy sharing and shopping!

Amazon Prime Day Memes are part of the Digital Mom Blog series of Funny Memes

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