Working Mom

Somehow I have survived being a working mom with 4 kids. It hasn’t always been easy, hell I can’t say it’s ever been easy. That said, I wouldn’t want it any other way. 

Being a working mom has helped my A.D.D. It has helped our family stay afloat financially and work is something that fulfills me.  

Working Mom

Over the years, I have written a bit about being a working mom, the struggles, finding balance and what have you. Here are those posts: 

Death and Memories

RIP Grandpa

Last Friday I learned that my Grandpa had passed on Thursday night. He lived 85 years, so the news didn’t necessarily come as shocking as his health in the last few months had started to decline. He’s now happy with my Grandma, out of pain in a good place with Jesus.

I’m way pregnant and the funeral was in south Texas where it’s even HOTTER there than it is here. Somehow in a matter of days, we managed to pull together plans for the 6 hour road trip. All I can say is THANK YOU to my sister who helped keep the kids entertained.

Co-Parenting – Not Me. Not He. But We.


First, I am going to preface this post with this… I am not claiming to be an expert! This is what works for OUR family. My hope is that this post will give you a take-away, what works for each, works for each…

I work full-time. My husband works full-time. We have 3, going on 4 kids. Life is BUSY, but we have found a secret sauce that works for us. In for our work life balance to jive – this is what we’ve learned to do.


Not me. Not he. But WE. A lot that I’ve read on co-parenting involves divorced parents and making that situation work. Our situation isn’t that. We’re happily married!

We both are 50/50 in regards to parenting. There are no defined roles in our relationship with our kids, other than I’m MOM and he’s DAD. While sure, I am more the nurturer (i’m a woman! but for a man, my husband is very endearing)- discipline, teaching and respect is something we both equally partake in.