Inbox Laughs: 40 Funny Email Memes to Lighten Your Work Day

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You’ve got mail – no thanks, unless they include one of these funny email memes. We are taking jabs and sharing laughs about the dreaded work inbox.

Let’s explore the world of hilarious email memes and how they add a dash of humor to our workdays.

email memes image

The expression we make when going through emails is that of sorting thru bills as we look thru mail from our mailbox.

the face i make when reading emails

You get an email meme because we all get them, all day long! Whether it’s work or personal it doesn’t matter, it’s coming – be ready for it!

everyone gets an email meme

Per My Last Email

There is nothing more passive aggressive or funny (for some of us) than this per my last email meme. If you have ever received that infamous line in an email, you know that if it had a face it would look just like this.

if per my last email had a face

As per my last email – I think I might just do this punch if I ever have to type those words again.

as per my last email meme

This per my last email meme tells you what the real meaning of those words are. It’s office speak, we all know what office speak is – Karen.

per my last email meme funny

Place these ASCII pictures or text art in your next email and see which co-worker can decode your secret passive aggressive email message.

per my email meme

Speaking of passive aggressive email meme, gotta love when someone replies asking for information that was in the original email. This is what triggers the per my last email. Just read the complete email! Hide Easter eggs within the email and these funny email memes to keep peoples’ attention.

passive aggressive email meme when someone replies to an email asking for info that was in the original email

Inbox Zero Memes

For all of my friends who are dead set on getting keeping a tidy email inbox by having no messages left at the end of the day, God bless. These inbox zero memes are for you.

inbox zero meme

What gives people the feeling of power? Getting inbox to zero apparently!

funny inbox zero meme what gives people feeling of power

If you are looking for inbox help – check out Michael Hyatt’s post about what most people get wrong about inbox zero.

This Could Have Been an Email

How many times are you in a meeting and you think to yourself, REALLY do I need to be wasting my time here? I think anyone who has ever worked a corporate job can relate. Send this this could have been an email meme to your team as a gentle reminder to think before scheduling.

this could have been an email meme

In a work meeting and ready to pull your hair out? Been there done that and created this meeting could be an email meme for you to send to other meeting attendees that have a sense or humor.

dwight from office - fact this meeting could have been an email meme

Print out this funny meeting email meme and post in the break room. It would go great with our Lionel Richie printable.

this meeting could be an email meme

You gotta love Bernie Sanders memes. Here is he in this bernie meme this could have been an email, reminding you once again to think before you schedule.

bernie meme this could have been an email

Nothing is worse than a meeting that could be an email, but we are here to make that time a little more worth while with these funny meeting memes.

Email Attachments

These funny email attachment memes are for all of us who really mean well, writing a thorough – to the point email, checking for errors, hitting send and then forgetting to attach a file.

email attachment meme well written email forgets to attach file

Why can’t it just be a regular email attachment? It always has to be an important email.

sent important email forgot attachment

Sends urgent email on Friday afternoon, trying to rush and leave the office. All is good until you forget the email attachment. Make light of the situation, send another message but this time attach the file and this email attachment meme for good humor.

urgent email forgot email attachment meme

Reply All

While work can be a real drag, see our funny work memes – there are some high points. Like you know, when an important company-wide email is sent out and someone hits reply all and says “thanks.”

when someone replies all to a company-wide email

These funny reply all memes are for when that glorious moment happens.

you hit reply all

That tricky read receipt.

email read receipt meme you said you didnt read my email the read receipt determined that was a lie

I Hope This Email Finds You Well

You know the email, and this I hope this email finds you well meme is just way too relatable. How many times have you read that line and it couldn’t have come at a worse time.

i hope this email finds you well meme

What do we do? Like this hope this email finds you well meme states, we cry while typing “Thanks, I’m doing great.” Great meaning awful, but we don’t include that in the email – now do we?

hope this email finds you well meme

Check Your Email

For all of us who don’t inbox zero and have hundreds of thousands of emails, or perhaps you ignore emails because you just can’t – these email memes are for you.

yoda check your email meme

If you close your eyes and just read the email preview, did you even really see that email?

yoda email meme - me pretending that i didnt see your email

This is me, ignoring my email inbox because there is so much more to life than emails! See last day of work memes.

inbox meme this is me ingnoring my inbox

Need an employee to read their email, use this funny cat email meme!

please check your email meme

It always freaks certain Type-A friends out when I reveal to them my inner dark secret of how many unread emails I have in my inbox. Because we are friends and I love judgement, I’ll share with you that I currently have 452,495 unread emails.

email meme check your inbox or draw 25

In my defense, I get a TON of PR emails – so if you are waiting for a reply from me that is why.

please reply to my email meme

Still waiting on an email meme is perfect for sending when you are impatiently waiting for that important message. Chances are if it was sent, it’s sitting there in the spam folder or junk box! You know, where all urgent and important emails go.

still waiting on email meme
still waiting on email meme

Long Email

Have you ever received an email that could have been a book? Next time send a long email meme to whoever the author is.

holy long email meme batman

While I don’t encourage it, it would be pretty funny to see this long email meme sent as a reply to all company wide email.

long email funny i like to read but your email is too long

Ever wonder when email was invented? Email was invented in 1960s, though it didn’t gain popularity until the 90’s for consumer use. Read more about the history of emails on Wikipedia.

More Hilarious Work Email Humor

The hilarious work email memes don’t stop there. How about when someone cc’s you on all the emails, unnecessarily and you feel obligated to reply.

sent an email cc'd you

Remember when we use to get excited about getting an email?

you've got mail meme 10 years ago now

Humor and things like text and email are a funny thing. Especially when you don’t know if someone is being serious or if they are just bad at humorous emails. Sarcastic people like myself know this all too well.

work email meme when you are not sure if it is serious or someone is just bad at humorous emails
work email meme

What would email memes be without acknowledging SPAM! We aren’t talking canned ham spam (here are spam memes – if thats what are you looking for.) Rather the most hated spam emails.

spam emails meme
passive aggressive coworker email meme

If you have ever accidentally clicked on a phishing email or had to deal with an employee doing this – then you totally get this phishing meme.

phishing emails meme yeah if you could stop clicking on phishing emails that would be great

Who knew email etiquette would even be a thing? Before anyone says it, I’ll just state it here.

bad email etiquette meme one does not reply to emails in all caps
One does not reply to emails in all caps.

When you are setting your out of office message, make sure to include this Arnold Schwarzenegger Terimator, I’ll Be Back out of the office meme.

out of office meme - terminator out of office but ill be back

If someone texts you asking if you saw a work email, please reply with this funny email meme. (Especially if you are on vacation! Or send them one of these vacation memes!)

funny email meme yes i saw your email no i did not reply

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email meme about annoying coworkers

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