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Funny New Years Eve Memes to Ring in 2024

Enjoy these funny New Years Eve memes before the countdown at midnight celebration. Happy New Year’s eve, everyone! It’s time to say goodbye to 2023 and ring in 2024. In our on-going series of New Years memes, we had to give ode to the last day of the year.

From people who love a good party, or those who like to introvert at home, we have the most hilarious funny New Years Eve memes for whatever your preference.

happy new years eve meme
happy new years eve meme

New Years Eve Memes

If you’re spending the night at home with loved ones or out on the town, these memes are sure to bring a smile to your face and get you in the celebratory mood. As the clock ticks down to the stroke of midnight, enjoy these NYE memes to bid 2023 farewell and hello to 2024.

new years eve party aint nobody got time for that

From classic jokes about staying up late and making resolutions, to more absurd and absurdly funny memes, there’s something for everyone. Don’t miss our Happy New Year 2024 images to use in your social media posts.

brace yourself the first hangover of the year is coming
new years eve meme funny

Just remember, that if you party too hard – you get to celebrate New Year’s day with the first hangover of the year.

New Years Eve at Home Meme

These New Years Eve memes are for the introverts.

How Ill Be Spending New Years Eve
How Ill Be Spending New Years Eve Meme

Those of us who would rather be home with our phones than out partying and ringing in 2024 with people. Nah, me and the couch will say goodbye to 2024 while alone wrapped in a blanket.

my friends on new years eve vs me on new years eve
new years eve meme

How I’ll Be Spending New Years Eve Meme

Sleeping on New Years Eve Meme

New Year Countdown

Of course, no New Year’s Eve meme round-up would be complete without the “Countdown” meme. Anyone else think the New York New Year’s Eve ball is lame? Bring on more drone shows!

I always thought the new york new years eve ball drop was lame and ever year its reconfirmed
new year countdown meme

11:60pm or midnight?

new years eve the clock 11:60
new years eve countdown meme funny

New Years Eve Kiss Meme

After the countdown, comes the kiss. This New Years Eve kiss meme is for all the dog owners.

when you have a dog you always have someone to kiss at midnight
new years eve kiss meme

No one to kiss on NYE? Only 45 days to find someone to kiss on Valentine’s Day. (See our Valentines memes.)

no one to kiss on new year's eve? You have 45 days to find someone to kiss on valentine's day
new years eve kiss meme funny

New Years Eve Birthday Meme

Share this with anyone who has a December 31 birthday. This New Years Eve birthday meme is for that person who is stuck with a b-day on the last day of the year.

happy birthday new years eve meme
happy birthday new years eve meme

Just know that the New Years eve birthday got the parents a tax deduction, just in time!

happy birthday to someone who was born just in time for their parents to claim them on taxes for their birth year
new years eve birthday meme

Don’t miss all of our funny birthday memes to share anytime of the year!

More Memes for New Year’s Eve

Let’s ring in 2024 by making the worst possible decisions before our New Years resolutions start. Don’t miss our New Years resolution memes!

Shout out to all the parents on NYE trying to make it until Midnight but pass out by 9pm. Make sure to use the Netflix New Year’s Eve Countdown to celebrate 2024 with your kids on your own timeline.

cheers to the parents on new year's eve trying to make it until midnight but pass out by 9
parents new years eve meme

How would Moira Rose spend New Year’s Eve?

the world is falling apart around us and i'm dying inside happy new year's eve
Schitts Creek New Years Eve meme

All of these people worrying about New Year’s eve outfits when I haven’t changed out of my Christmas pajamas.

What am I wearing on New Year's eve? There's a very good chance that I'll still be wearing my pjs from Christmas.
new years eve outfit meme

The 10 year old could not stop laughing at this New years eve meme. He asked that we actually call Dominos and tell them that we ordered the pizza a year ago. I won’t be doing it but the new year jokes are the best.

new years eve year ago
funny new year meme

For every person that is alone on New Year’s eve, just know there is someone who wishes that they were as well.

The idea of being alone on
New Year's Eve
with zero obligations sounds like the absolute best way to ring in the new year.
alone on new years eve meme

When everyone else is planning to party, but you have to work.

when it's new year's eve but you have to work
new years eve work meme

Don’t miss these funny work memes.

Share the NYE Memes!

So as you count down the final hours of the year, take a break and enjoy some of these hilarious New Year’s Eve memes. And don’t forget to make your own resolutions (however realistic or unrealistic they may be)! Happy New Year!

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