15 Funny Potato Salad Memes and Silly Images to Share

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The best potato salad memes for those who take their picnicking seriously.

There are a few things in life that some people just take quite seriously. Some may say Jesus, but no – we are talking potato salad. Yes, this is a thing.

Funny Potato Salad Memes

We are sharing our favorite Potato Salad memes for you die-hards. From raisins in your potato salad to the aunt who makes the best version, we are here for you with these hilarious memes.

When you find out who made the potato salad.

who made the potato salad meme
who made the potato salad meme

This cat ate way too much.

ate too much potato salad meme funny
ate too much potato salad meme funny

The face you make when your auntie brings that nasty potato salad to the party.

aunt potato salad meme
aunt potato salad meme

When you are the one that made the potato salad for the BBQ and someone says “this potato salad nasty as hell.”

funny potato salad meme

No! Don’t do it, ask who made the salad before you eat it!

karens potato salad meme

Stop putting so much mustard in your potato salad or draw 25. Looks like your aunt and her yellow potato salad will be drawing some Uno cards.

potato salad aunt meme

When your potato salad was the most talked about dish at the BBQ picnic. Making some ps for Independence day? Don’t miss our 4th of July memes.

potato salad bbq meme
potato salad bbq meme

The bear is waiting.

potato salad bear meme

Here’s a potato salad joke fro you. Holy spuds Batman, really?

potato salad joke meme
potato salad joke meme

Potato salad is disgusting…. but if you add onion flakes, crushed red pepper, cheese, pepper, salt and heat it up in the microwave it becomes edible. Or does it become a baked potato?

potato salad recipe meme
reheating potato salad meme

When Aunt Sally puts raisins in the potato salad just the way you like it. Say no to raisins! This is wrong on so many levels.

potato salad with raisins meme
potato salad with raisins meme

Don’t reheat it! Potato Salad is meant to be COLD.

reheat potato salad meme

Yes, everyone thinks their recipe is best – but if you want the real deal… Here is the best Instant Pot potato salad recipe ever. You are welcome. We are using red potatoes and no mustard. Hope you love it as much as we do!

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