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Funny Meeting Memes – 30+ Memes About Dreaded Meetings

We are sharing meeting memes today guys, because omg – we all have been in the office, sitting around the table with co-workers and clients – thinking IS THIS A JOKE? It’s like you were in a meeting meme IRL.

I’ll never forget sitting for a 11-hour meeting. YES, 11 hours. When all 3 meals are catered in and you just want to call an Uber to drive you home because your brain is dead and you cannot think… omg.

Funny Meeting Memes

If you too hate bad meetings, long meetings, poorly planned meetings or just the whole idea, in general… these funny meeting memes are for you.

meeting meme for anyone that suffered thru a sucky meeting
the only good thing about meetings are these funny meeting memes

We originally posted these funny memes about meetings in June 2019. As things change, like online meetings and such – we have included memes relevant to 2022.

Let’s take that stress and funnel it into so fun with these hilariously funny meeting memes.

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Staff Meeting Memes

These amazing staff meeting memes are perfect for sharing with coworkers before the dreaded “team meeting.”

team meeting meme funny - Team meeting to "Just check in."
team meeting meme

Yeah, that attempt at being funny, well it’s not funny. 

Team meeting to “Just check in.”

funny staff meeting meme - If you could not ask me to attempt funny staff meeting notes again, that'd be great.
funny staff meeting meme

Staff meeting? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

If you could not ask me to attempt funny staff meeting notes again, that’d be great.

aint nobody got time for a meeting
staff meeting meme

Staff meeting? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Oh how much I can’t stand Bill Cosby now, but this meme. 

fart during meeting meme
long staff meeting

That face you make when you finally get to fart after a long staff meeting.

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How fun was that team meeting? 

fun team meeting
team meeting meme

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This Meeting Could Have Been an Email Meme

There is nothing more annoying than a meeting that could have been an email.

this meeting could have been an email meme
this meeting could have been an email meme

I introduce you to this hilarious funny meeting mug. “I survived another meeting that should have been an email.” Available on Amazon.

survived meeting should have been an email
meeting should have been an email

Coffee at Meetings

Speaking of coffee during meetings, which is a must… or alcohol. Though, that can be risky. Don’t ask me how I know. 

alcohol at meetings meme

Praise be to the person who makes the Starbucks run for meetings. 

starbucks run meeting
starbucks run meme

I would gladly give up my spot at the staff meeting to make a Starbucks run.

We love our coffee and our coffee memes.

Virtual Meeting Memes

Since 2020 happened, how many virtual meetings have you been forced to attend? With the bad, there are a few good things about them – as shown in these funny virtual meeting memes.

virtual meeting meme no pants needed
virtual meeting meme

Virtual meeting? Purrfect, no pants needed.

When you share the wrong screen during a virtual meeting. Did you see our funny work from home memes?

virtual meeting meme funny
virtual meeting funny meme

Video Meetings

Video calls are meetings that people just call zoom, video conference, video calls – we all know what they mean, Karen. It’s actually just ANOTHER meeting except this time you don’t have to wear pants (as long as you don’t stand up!)

dog zoom audio video meme
zoom meetings video vs audio

Check out all of our hilarious zoom memes – perfect for sharing during your next Zoom call / video call / video conference (you know what I am saying!)

Non-stop Meetings

Somedays it’s like Oprah giving out cars, but no – no cars or perks involved. 

oprah meeting meme

I feel you, back to back meetings and then it’s like – wait, are we having a meeting before ANOTHER meetings. Yes, that’s what is happening. 

fewer meetings meme

Do you ever feel like sometimes people are just bored or lonely and want to have a meeting? 

meeting meme – work alternative

I can just hear Steve Carrell yelling this!

meeting meeting meeting
funny meeting meme

Talking at a Meeting Memes

This is a solution for making meetings go faster. 

faster meetings meme

That is one excuse for talking to yourself, because sometimes at meetings it totally can feel like you are just talking to yourself. 

staff meeting meme
in a meeting meme

How many meetings can you for in a day? 

how many meetings in a day

Buzz Lightyear knows whats up.

meetings everywhere buzz lightyear

Morning Meeting Memes

I once worked at an office that had a REQUIRED staff meeting at 7 am every Monday morning. That was not cool. 

cat photos meme meeting
morning meeting meme

And what’s better than first thing in the morning? Last thing before you leave work!

5pm meeting

Boring Meeting Memes

Oh for the love, boring meetings are the absolute worse. BUT – these funny meeting memes are perfect for air dropping to that co-worker who can relate.

first world problem meeting
boring meeting meme

Just say no! If possible. 

boring meeting

Don’t let your brain melt! 

end meeting meme

Safety Meeting Memes

Oh the beloved safety meeting memes that are perfect for that risky coworker or employee.

safety meeting meme - when todays safety meeting is about what you did yesterday
baby yoda safety meeting meme

When today’s safety meeting is about what you did yesterday.

funny safety meeting meme - when you are the reason for the safety meeting
safety meeting meme

When you are the reason for the safety meeting.

Board Meeting Meme

That face you make as you head to a board room meeting.

boardroom meeting meme - the face i make on my way to the board meeting
boardroom meeting meme

More Funny Memes About Meetings

And we have even more funny memes about meetings. Share away!

stupid questions meeting meme

I Love Lucy, and could you imagine her in a meeting? This meeting meme pretty much sums up how we all feel when someone keeps asking questions in a meeting.

Who loves meetings? Yes, the answer is no one.

meetings are my favorite

And sometimes there are meeting wins, like when you get an email from box saying that a meeting is cancelled! 

best news no meetings
meeting cancelled meme

Sometimes there are perks at staff meetings! 

free food staff

Micromanaging boss is the worse. 

meeting micromanage manager meme

Please for the love of God, create a meeting agenda.

meeting agenda meme
meeting agenda meme

And last but not least, my favorite meeting meme – let’s meet at the bar and have a “meeting” to go over “Sales Strategy.” Please make sure the bar has chips and salsa, mkay? Thanks. 

bar meeting meme
meeting at the bar meme

When you play Among Us and you see a coworker doing a fake task, emergency meeting! (see our among us memes)

emergency meeting among us meme when you play among us and go to work and see your coworker fake doing a task
emergency meeting among us meme

How many parents have to attend IEP meetings? We have 2 kids with IEPs and I swear, this is my delusional face after every single IEP meeting.

iep meeting meme - how i feel after an iep meeting
iep meeting meme

Share the Memes

There you have it friends, the best meeting memes – perfect for sharing with your co-workers. Share and LOL. Enjoy some funny work humor to help de-stress your grind. 

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