50+ Funny Coworker Memes to Share with Work Friends

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Hilarious Coworker Memes to share with your favorite person at work.

That 9 to 5 can go by fast when you have work friends. From the lazy coworker to birthday celebrations, we are continuing our work memes series with memes about co-working.

Funny Coworker Memes

Our funny coworker memes are a fun way to lighten the mood in the office and bond with your fellow work colleagues or team.

funny coworker memes
funny coworker memes

Humor is great for bringing some happy into tense situation situations and diffusing stress. These co-worker memes talk about relatable office situations that any employee can relate to.

the face you make when a coworker takes credit for your idea
bad coworker meme

Like when you are chatting with your buddy at work and then your boss comes in out of nowhere expecting you to be working. Boss memes for the win.

when you are chatting with a buddy at work and your boss comes out of nowhere expecting you to actually be working
co-worker meme

When you are posting memes about work and a coworker likes your post. Uh, awkward. It happens to the best of us.

when you're at work posting memes and a coworker likes your post
work coworker memes

This lazy coworker meme is all of us who have ever worked on a team project. Teamwork memes, yo. Because team work makes the dream work.

not sure if i am a hard worker or if my coworkers are just that lazy
lazy coworker meme

My favorite coworker is the coffee machine. May I interest you in some coffee memes?

my favorite coworker is the coffee machine
favorite coworker meme

When layoffs start happening but you unfortunately, still have a job. It really is unfortunate when you want to quit and then find out how great the severance package is. Yes, we have recession memes because hello 2024!

when your coworker is let go
coworker leaving job meme

That look you give your coworkers when you know something sus is going on. Oh, that work gossip tea is hot, now you just need to steep in and find out what it is.

the look you give your coworkers when you know something sus is going on
coworking meme

When your coworker just won’t stop with the lengthy story. These are most likely to happen on Monday.

me pretending to listen to my stupid coworker

If you love these coworker memes, then you will love our Office Space memes!

Annoying Coworker Memes

There is always that one person at work who just knows how to annoy you. No, you cannot slap your coworker. Why can’t the human resources department be more fun?

when hr says you cant slap your annoying coworker
slap annoying coworker meme

Share an annoying coworker meme with your work bestie.

when im trying to get a project done and my annoying coworker

For the love, no singing coworkers – especially if you sit in cubicles!

Work Memes - The Office Memes - When a coworker is singing
annoying employee meme- the office meme

Sometimes you are the annoying coworker, but as long as you look fabulous while being unproductive that is all that matters.

annoying coworkers meme - me on my way to annoying my coworkers rather than working
annoying coworkers meme funny

What would a collection of funny work memes be without the annoying coworker memes? When that annoying coworker tries to talk to you after you’ve clocked out

Some people just do not know how to stop talking. Just say something awkward, that usually works.

when the annoying coworker wont stop talking and you're trying to not lose it
annoying coworker meme funny

We have funny meeting memes for times when your annoying coworker goes off topic. Because we all love those 3 hour meetings with no agenda where nothing actually gets done but plenty of time gets wasted.

when your annoying coworker goes off topic in a meeting and won't shut up
funny annoying coworker meme

Not everything crazy lasts forever. Here’s an annoying coworker meme for when that person finally quits!

when your annoying coworker finally quits

Speaking of quitting work, there comes a time when we have to say goodbye to coworkers that we love. Whether they are laid off, quit or are fired – it’s never fun. But what is fun are these memes for when your favorite coworker quits.

Coworker Leaving Memes

There comes a time for us all to quit our job and move onto something else. It just really is lame when it’s not you but the people at work that you like.

when all of your favorite coworkers start quitting
funny coworker leaving meme

When you find out that your coworker found another job, sending one of these coworker leaving memes is a must!

coworker leaving meme - when your coworker finds a better job
coworker leaving meme funny

When your coworker is leaving, they maybe getting a better job but they will never find better coworkers. Use this coworker leaving me to remind them of this fact!

funny coworker leaving meme - congrats on your new job. good luck finding better coworkers than us.
funny coworker leaving meme bye

Send this goodbye coworker meme as a farewell.

farewell coworker may the force be with you
funny coworker meme

It really hurts when it’s your favorite work person that is quitting.

when your favorite coworker quits
coworker quitting meme

Who else has rocked in fetal position in their work office when a certain someone quits the company.

me trying to process how i'm going to stay working here once you leave
co-worker leaving meme

Nothing like a little guilt to make your work friend feel bad for quitting. Send them this funny coworker leaving meme.

how i will be getting ready for work once you quit
coworker leaving meme

Another guilt meme to send to the work quitter.

this is me pretending to be okay that you quit when in reality i know this job will be awful without you

Goodbye and farewell to the lucky person who moves on in their career.

good luck at the new job may the odds be in your favor
goodbye co-worker meme

It’s so true how the people in your work circle can effect your attitude.

my work attitude before my favorite coworker quit

Funny Memes for Coworkers

Let’s have some fun. Here are our favorite funny coworker memes that you should either send or post on social, teams or Slack. This is for the coworker who is most likely to get you reported to HR.

send this meme to the coworker most likely to get reported to hr

This funny meme for coworkers is for whoever is most likely to get you fired from your job. If you can tag someone you know you have found your work people.

send this meme to the coworker who is most likely to get you fired
fired coworker meme

Because who doesn’t love a funny cat meme? Dog people, that’s who hate cat memes. Make sure whoever you tag hates cats!

send this meme to your most catty coworker

Send this meme to your coworker who is most likely to fall asleep at their desk. Might want to send them one of our sleep memes as well.

send this meme to your coworker who is most likely to fall asleep at their desk

I’ll never forget my former coworker who use to take daily naps. It was quite humorous and unfortunately before we had cell phones to take photos with.

Your work friend may need to take more breaks, here’s some helpful tips from The Guardian.

Work Bestie Meme

For that BFF and forever friend that happens to also be a coworker, this is for you. Tag them in this work bestie meme.

everyone needs a work bestir life is too short ot not have someone at work to have fun with
work bestie meme

Life is too short to have to work a 9-5 and not have someone there to suffer thru it and laugh with you. We are bringing you the friend memes. These are must sends to your favorite coworkers that are friends.

Work Wife Meme

Sometimes you work marriages happen. Some are romantic and legal, while others are just for the office. If you have a work wife or work husband, then these funny coworker memes are for you.

that you for being my work wife
funny work wife meme

Work divorces are sad. If your work spouse leaves you for that better job, and bigger paycheck it just wasn’t meant to be.

when your work spouse work divorces you for a bigger paycheck and better job.
work divorce meme

A good work spouse will try to get you a new job at their new employer – just saying.

work friend meme
work friend meme

Birthday Coworker Memes

Nothing says it’s your day, sorry you have to work like a happy birthday coworker meme.

happy birthday meme for coworker
happy birthday meme for coworker

We are big on sending FREE birthday memes.

happy birthday from your favorite coworkers
happy birthday coworkers meme

From funny to silly, enjoy and share these funny coworker birthday memes.

happy birthday to the only coworker i like
birthday meme for coworker

A coworker birthday means that there will most likely be cake! Sounds like a good work day to me. Bonus is when there is birthday cake and a free lunch! Surely the least your employer can do is take you out to lunch for your birthday.

when its your coworkers birthday and you know there will be cake
coworker birthday meme

For the Star Wars fan, this happy birthday coworker meme is perfect

another year older wise and more powerful in the force. happy birthday coworker

More Funny Coworkers Memes

Hate is such a strong word, but also I’ve worked with a lot of unlikeable people. Draw 25.

hate coworker meme

Trying to understand how some of my coworkers ever hired. Your college degree says does not impress me. Typically stupid employees are hired by friends or family members. If you aren’t the brightest, learn to network. The power of networking is the secret to excelling the corporate work game.

trying to understand how some of my coworkers every got hired

The best coworkers memes for when your team is the tops. Don’t miss our team memes.

best coworkers meme
best coworkers meme

Oh, the hot coworker meme because let’s be honest – work places are also dating playgrounds.

when the hot coworker comes to you when dealing with a break up

God bless those who send TikToks all day. These are the real heroes who help us get thru the work day sane and laughing.

when your coworker meme
when your coworker meme

When the incompetent coworker won’t stop asking questions.

when your incompetent coworker wont stop asking you questions

There is always the know it all coworker. They typically are the loudest and most insecure. Yes, Alex – you are wrong, loud and insecure. Oh, and broke.

every job has that coworker that thinks they know it all
know it all coworker meme

Tell me you don’t do this. Come on, I can’t be alone! This is like the anti-handshake.

dumb coworker meme
dumb coworker meme

A little sarcasm and mutual bullying all is fun is what makes the work day go round. Just don’t hit too low.

my job would be so boring if my co-workers and I didn't spend most of our time sarcastically bullying each other
toxic coworker meme

Sometimes a thanks coworker meme is called for. Show gratitude and appreciation, that person may just have saved your job for you!

big thanks to my coworker
thank you coworker meme

Does anyone else have that one coworker who does all the things on company time? I mean, it is kind of smart.

does anyone else have that one co-worker who eats breakfast on the clock
that one coworker meme

You can’t love them all!

hate coworker meme
hate coworker meme

Toxic coworkers make for bad work environments. Know the signs, recognize the red flags and stay away! Here are 9 signs of a toxic work environment from The Muse.

my toxic coworker every morning before work

It’s always fun when a new coworker randomly adds you on social media. But you know what’s worse? When a VENDOR or client adds you on social media.

my co-worker added me on social media. turns out she's a freaking weirdo on the internet too

That’s when it gets weird. Linked In, sure but Facebook or Instagram is stalkerish.

Share the Memes with Your Coworkers!

We hope you enjoyed this compilation of funny co-worker memes. Share these with your work wife, friend or husband. Tag us on social and link back so more can enjoy in the fun.

when your useless coworker tells you theres a better way to do it
useless coworker meme

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