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Most Relatable HR Memes Every Human Resource Worker Will Love

Step into the amusing realm of HR memes, where laughter flows as freely as the office coffee though, let’s be honest, that coffee could use some work

From the exhilarating highs and lows of hiring to the delicate art of letting someone go, these memes shine a light on the peculiar yet relatable world of human resources.

funny hr memes showing human connections and different emotions representing the human resources department at work

Whether you’re in the trenches of HR, looking for a bit of comic relief, or just intrigued by the lighter side of office dynamics, our collection of funny HR memes provides a rib-tickling peek behind the curtain of the HR office.

Ultimate Collection of HR Memes That Will Make Your Workday Better

For the employees that either work in the Human Resources department or communicate with the team regularly, we’re bringing the laughs to HR situations that are often serious.

im not like regular hr im a cool hr

Continuing with our funny work memes series, we bring our friends in Human Resources some humor with these funny Human Resources memes.

hr gossip meme

From employee recruiting, hiring to firing, benefits to annual reviews and promotions. The beloved human resources maybe the most under-recognized department, but the laughs are endless. Don’t miss our Star Wars memes.

human resources you do use the force not to drink at work you must

This hr meme cracks me up. HR showed me all my posts about how much I hate my job.

hr showing me my posts about how much i hate my job meme

When someone asks how HR is these days….

how is hr these days

When your boss tells you to ask HR about it.

yeah if you could just ask hr about it that would be great hr meme

And the expression that I make from behind my laptop reading my boss’ email as he tries to dodge a question.

when my boss tells me to talk to hr about it

HR employees know the fun of listening to managers complain about employees.

listening to a manager complain about an employee

HR Knows

Getting a meeting request from HR feels like getting called down to the princpal’s office.

when hr wants to “talk” funny monkey looking image in this hr meeting meme

The human resource department is like Santa Claus. They know when you are working and when you aren’t.

working hr meme you said you were working but hr determined that was a lie

Human resources knows everything – at least that’s what your boss would like you to think.

my face when i hear you should talk to human resources about that

Don’t you dare try to use a mouse clicker to pretend you are online when you are suppose to be working from home. This funny hr meme says it all, Human Resources knows everything.

hr knows everything meme

Human Resources

God bless the HR Benefits manager and team that has to deal with employee annual company benefits.

every year when its time to renew benefits

From 401K contributions to health insurance, short term disability to PTO – the painful tasks has to be daunting! Worse part? They have to be renewed annually!

benefits deadline meme

On top of annual benefits, another aspect of HR is coordinating annual reviews. From promotions to raises, and the elusive price of living wage – human resources is the department behind it all.

annual review meme

Payroll memes for those who are responsible for collecting timesheets to pass off to accounts payable.

do your timesheet meme

Maternity Leave

For anyone in HR, you know the woah of a woman who is pregnant and wanting maternity leave and to know her benefits.

planning maternity leave may the odds be in your favor

While it’s out of control, we do have some funny pregnancy memes that if appropriate (some aren’t) send!

In Trouble at Work

You know when you are in trouble at work, when HR gets involved. That funny joke you told, yeah HR wants to hear it.

when hr wants to hear your joke

All of those inappropriate emails between you and your work besties, HR reads them (and laughs.)

hr going thru all the inappropriate emails between me and my work bestie

When will people learn, what you post online stays online. With doxing and the connectedness of the internet, if you post something you will regret online – chances are someone like the company you work for will find out.

i bet hr loves your social media posts

This funny HR meme says it all! It’s all fun and games until HR gets involved.

hr fun meme its all fun and games until hr gets involved

Tell me again why HR wrote you up.

tell me again why hr wrote you up

These are the types of posts to get you fired! These words of advice are also applicable to getting hired. Check your public online profiles, photos and videos.


Thanks HR for the unemployment notice. Whether you are fired or laid off, perhaps even quit – we got you. Enjoy our funny unemployment memes.

layoffs meme


You gotta love this hiring meme if you are a hiring manager or HR, you know.

hiring meme

Fired Meme

From the infamous Trump you’re fired meme to a funny Kanye meme – if only you could fire someone via a meme.

your fired trump meme

The infamous Donald Trump You Are Fired Meme, pointing finger and all.

trump youre fired meme

What would Sponge Bob do? He’d light the notice on fire of course.

you're fired meme

Is this Kanye meme ever not funny? That’s what I thought.

you are fired meme

The WHAT? That expression you make when you are unknowingly fired.

youre fired meme funny

Me at work happy hour after HR pulls me in to tell me I’m fired.

after hr tells me i'm fired

More Memes About Human Resources

Here with more human resource memes. Anyone in HR can tell you that maybe the human resource department could be renamed to complaint department.

human resources? just call us the complaint department

One does not simply email HR demanding a raise. Start with your boss, and don’t miss our email memes.

one does not simply email hr demanding a raise

When you aren’t sure if HR is serious or just wanting you to quit.

hr meme not sure if hr is serious or if they just want me to quit my job

When you hear a HR rumor, but that’s none of your business.

funny hr meme when you hear your a hr rumor but its none of your business

International HR Day

Did you know that there is an International HR Day? Annually, HR day is celebrated on May 20thevery year. Make sure to share these funny HR memes with your favorite human resource employees.

human resources meme you can't spell hero without h r


When you are trying to find a job, these funny memes will hit home.

job searching meme resume
Nothing is more annoying than typing out a digital resume.

Where on your resume does it show your uncanny ability to make a person hate 8 hours of the day so much?

resume meme

When you send in a resume to HR or a recruiter and it feels like it’s disappearing into an empty void that no one will ever see.

funny resume meme
Another resume sent into the void.

Share The Funny HR Memes

Please feel free to share our funny email memes. We share memes often and hope that these funny HR memes and images bring a smile and laugh to you, your co-workers and team.

funny hr memes

Please share away, we do appreciate a tag on social media if you do share one of our memes about work. Here are more workplace memes that you will love (and your coworkers will love these office memes too!)

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