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Work Life Family Balance

Finding a work, life & family balance is possible, but don’t expect perfection.

Those are my words of wisdom for anyone trying to find the PERFECT work life balance.  There is no such thing as perfect.

As a full-time working mom with 3 children (and I am pregnant with my 4th) – I am happy to say that I still haven’t quite figured it all out.

Work Life

I’m happy to say that because, I have yet to meet anyone who has the perfect answer to being a working mom. But I do have some words of wisdom that can help you along the way. I often talk to friends who are re-entering the work force after being home with their children asking all types of questions.

There are LOTS of questions and LOTS of moms returning to the workplace. I am hoping to be able to answer your questions and provide helpful tips to make this work life balance thing not SO bad.

Work Life Balance

There are several of us working moms at the office. We all share anything we can that helps one another, whether it be a sitter who is flexible with hours, or a recipe that helps save some time – sometimes learning tips and tricks of other moms is the best thing you can do to help keep on top of what you can.

The work life aspect is something that I have been looking to cover for a long time here on digital mom blog, and i’m happy to get this in motion. The most important thing is for this to be beneficial for YOU – the mom who is BUSY.

Working and being a mom is HARD. But here is something silly but much needed for you — here is a virtual high-five.

You Can Do IT!

Do share any tips and tricks you have learned along the way! Looking forward to sharing my adventure and learning about yours as we all try to find our zen with balancing work life and family. Don’t forget to ask your work life family questions!

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