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30 BEST Star Wars Birthday Memes for Celebrating

Share these Star Wars Birthday memes and celebrate a friend’s special day!

From Darth Vadar to Yoda, Princess Leia to Luke Skywalker we are bringing in the funny birthday wishes Star Wars style.

Star Wars Birthday Memes

In our on-going series of Star Wars memes, this collection is dedicated to helping celebrate birthdays.

the best star wars birthday memes
star wars birthday memes

In 2023, we don’t have to worry about birthday cards. Print out one of our hilarious Star Wars birthday memes and attach to a gift, or simply text or DM to a friend.

a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away you were born
star wars birthday meme funny

It’s the thought that counts and any Star Wars fan birthday isn’t complete until a funny birthday meme is received.

yeah happy birthday if you could just get back to work that would be great
happy birthday star wars meme

Surprise a friend, drop this funny Star Wars birthday meme on their Facebook timeline or in a DM. I mean, what beats twerking storm troopers in a birthday greeting?

just a meme of storm troopers twerking to wish you a happy birthday
storm troopers meme birthday

We are sharing Happy Birthday Star Wars memes featuring all of your favorite characters thru-out the films and tv series.

Yoda Birthday Meme

Let the 900 year old Jedi Master do the talking with this hilarious Yoda birthday meme.

what you look like making a birthday wish
yoda birthday meme funny

Your birthday it is, party we must.

your birthday it is, party we must
happy birthday yoda meme

If you are a little savage, then this Yoda Happy Birthday meme is calling for you to send to your aging friend.

my face after counting all the candles on your birthday cake
funny yoda birthday meme

Yoda birthday greetings – happy you will have. When it’s your special day, make sure to post one of our its my birthday memes.

star wars yoda birthday happy you will
funny birthday memes – yoday

Your birthday it is, celebrate you must.

yoda birthday meme celebrate must
yoda birthday meme

Yoda slays with this birthday diss.

When 900 years you reach not as good as me you will look star wars yoda birthday meme
yoda birthday meme

Baby Yoda Birthday Meme

Before there was the old Jedi Master, we had Baby Yoda. The cute little green guy is a little salty but mostly sweet in this baby Yoda birthday meme.

when i realize how old you are turning can't stop aging now happy birthday
baby yoda happy birthday meme

Happy birthday, make a wishy! Send a birthday month meme for those that celebrate the whole month.

happy birthday make a wish
happy birthday baby yoda meme

May the fork be with you.

may the fork be with you happy birthday
baby yoda birthday meme

Chewbacca Birthday Meme

Who doesn’t love Chewie? The Wookie male warrior who is a resistance fighter may look and talk funny…

happy birthday chew you
funny chewbacca birthday meme

But he sure makes a great funny Chewbacca birthday meme.

aaragrr raggraggga it means happy birthday
chewbacca birthday meme

If you are the hairy friend, this funny Star Wars happy birthday meme is a must send.

happy birthday from your favorite hairy friend
chewbacca happy birthday meme

Obi Wan Birthday Meme

We have a huge collection of Obi Wan memes, but here are a few for birthdays.

another year, another birthday
obi wan birthday meme

Hello there, Obi Wan Kenobi. We still aren’t sure on if there will be a season 2. Fingers crossed that it gets green lighted!

hello there, happy birthday
obi wan birthday meme funny

Princess Leia Happy Birthday Meme

Send this to the rebel in your life. Bonus points if they are in love with their brother (kidding.)

happy birthday to my favorite rebel
princess leia birthday meme

Mandalorian Birthday Meme

Don’t miss our Mandalorian memes! Did you see that Season 3 starts in a few weeks? Now you know.

have a happy birthday this is the way
happy birthday mandalorian meme

Listen guys, when Kiuiil speaks – we listen.

it's your birthday, i have spoken
star wars happy birthday meme

Jabba the Hut Birthday Meme

Jabba Desilijic Tiure or as most of us know him, Jabba the Hut really should step away from the birthday cake.

how i feel after eating too much birthday cake
jabba the hut birthday meme

More Star Wars Happy Birthday Memes

Even more ways to celebrate with these Star Wars Happy Birthday memes.

i am your birthday meme
star wars birthday meme

Don’t grow up, it’s a trap! For real – it totally is.

don't grow up it's a trap
funny star wars birthday meme

Another savage Star Wars birthday meme this time with Hans Solo. Send this to your single friend who loves Star Wars.

happy birthday hope you don't spend tonight solo
hans solo birthday meme

For the aging friend, Jar Jar Binks wants to know how old you really are.

you're how old?
jar jar binks birthday meme

Hans solo arrives alone.

hans solo birthday graphic star wars
harrison ford birthday meme

Does it get much better than a Pug in a Yoda hat wishing you a happy birthday?

pug yoda hat birthday greeting funny birthday meme for guys
pug birthday meme

Gotta love Jabba the Hut and his birthday greeting.

Jabba the Hut wishing a happy birthday cake

The empire wishes you a happy bday!

darth vadar holding a cake - star wars birthday meme
star wars birthday meme

I mean COME ON. Luke Skywalker channeling Bob Ross. This is Star Wars birthday meme for guys gold.

Bob Ross Star Wars Millennium Falcon Painting for Birthday
bob ross star wars meme

Share the Star Wars Birthday Memes

Make someone’s birthday special, bonus points if they are Star Wars fans. These Happy Birthday Star Wars memes are meant for sharing.

sith birthday meme: good good, let the birthday memes flow through you
sith birthday meme

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