20 Funny Chili Memes That Give a Hearty Serving of LOLs

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We’ve gathered the best funny chili memes to tickle your taste buds and your funny bone.

Chili, a dish that ignites passionate debates and culinary adventures, also serves as the perfect ingredient for humor.

Best Chili Memes

From the intensity of a chili cook-off to the playful arguments about whether beans belong in chili, our collection captures the essence of these experiences in a way that’s bound to make you laugh.

funny chili memes
The funniest Chili memes to spice up your feed.

Dump your ingredients into the crock pot, hit start and get ready to share these hilarious chili memes!

So grab a bowl of your favorite chili, settle in, and get ready to enjoy a flavorful mix of comedy and culinary delight.

chili meme
Once again, I’m asking you to not make the chili so spicy.

The first documented recipe for chili con carne is dated September 2, 1519, according to Wikipedia. Here are our favorite Instant Pot chili recipes.

Netflix and Chili Meme

Netflix and chili sounds better these days then Netflix and chill.

netflix and chili meme

I just realized it’s “Netflix and Chill” and not “Netflix and Chili.”

Chili Beans Meme or No Beans

The age old question of beans in chili or no beans, these funny chili memes may cause laughter.

no beans in chili meme

You put beans in chili?

Texas Chili Meme

The great debate on whether Texas chili has beans or not. According to Epicurious, Chile Con Carde or Texas Chili has NO beans.

texas chili beans meme
texas chili meme

You can go to hell and I will go to Texas where they don’t put beans in the chili. See our Texas memes.

beans in chili meme

Whatever, no beans chili or beans chili – I give me the beans!

chili with beans meme funny

Me after eating chili with beans.

You gotta love that spicy chili that burns twice.

i love chili meme

I love chili because it burns twice.

It’s freezing cold here in Texas, a quick scroll on the Facebook feed or Instagram stories will find what feels like all of Texas making chili. See our Texas winter memes.

everyone making chili meme
everyone making chili meme

And just like that… Everyone was making chili.

Is it snowing where you are? We have snow memes.

Chili Cook Off Memes

These chili cook off memes bring some fun to this age old competition.

funny chili cook off meme
Who won the chili cook off? Where did the judge go?
chili cook off meme

Anyone else have office chili cook offs or did working from home kill these competitions?

chili cookoff meme

Chili cook off contest? I will win!

Office Kevin Chili Memes

Who else can’t make chili without thinking of Kevin from The Office and the infamous chili season? Not familiar, how dare you! Check out The Office episode titled Casual Friday.

kevin office chili meme - office chili meme kevin malone - if you dont think about kevin every time you make chili we can't be friends.
office chili meme

This is The Office: Season 5, Episode 26 that originally aired on April 30, 2009. In this episode, Kevin Malone arrives early, bringing in a huge pot of chili for the staff to enjoy.

kevin chili meme funny

Kevin took great pride in all of the work he put in to make his chili. Low and behold, as Kevin Malone makes his way into the office – he accidentally spills the pot all over the floor and himself. (Watch episode on YouTube)

kevin chili meme
kevin chili meme

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homer simpson chili meme mmm
mmm chili meme

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