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Viral Memes from the 2024 Presidential Debate. You Can’t Miss

Sharing the most hilarious US Presidential debate tweets about Biden and Trump that we can all relate to.

It’s a political season like no other. The 2024 United States Presidential debate on June 28, 2024 have the same old men debating as we had 4 years ago. While the mood was different, the laughs and one liners that came out of this debate were classic.

best 2024 Presidential debate memes: round 1 featuring photo of president joe biden and donald trump facing off

2024 Presidential Debate Memes: Round 1

Here are our favorite 2024 US Presidential Debate memes, tweets and laughs because at this point – what else can we do other than vote? Enjoy these hilarious debate meme and cross your fingers that things get better in the political world.

my face After watching 2 grandpas debate to be the united states president joe biden and donald trump

Americans watching Joe Biden and Donald Trump, both Republicans and Democrats were left with this reaction.

every american who watched the debate looking like ben affleck smoking cigarette upset

Test your political debate knowledge with our fun quiz!

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2024 Election Ballot

The 2024 Presidential Election day is Tuesday, November 5. Yes, Joe Biden and Donald Trump – as of now are our 2 main party candidates.

us voter looking at ballot after the debate

How the Debate is Going

The entire debate was painful to watch.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden fighting it out at the Presidential debate.

Simpsons Debate Prediction

The Simpsons predicted it. While this funny presidential debate meme works for 2024, it sadly also worked in the 2020 debate.

simpsons us debate meme showing grandpa yelling at old man with donald trump and joe biden on stage

How Atlanta Welcomes Donald Trump

It was a warm welcome to Atlanta for Donald Trump.

Atlanta billboard for Donald Trump

Michelle Obama Right Now

Are you ready to go in and help the team, Michelle?

Michelle Obama after the debate.

Convicted Felon

2024 GOP candidate, Donald Trump is a convicted felon.

Gavin Newsom Debate 2024

At Least It’s Not a Woman

We had our chance to nominate a woman as president.

Hilary Clinton watching 2024 debate.

Trump Debate Lies

Get the complete fact check from the first US Presidential debate at PolitiFact.

Donald Trump lies during the debate.

Gavin Newsom Replacing Biden

As this funny US presidential debate meme shows, what if Gavin Newsom replaces Joe Biden. Meme source: @planetofmemes.

us presidential debate meme featuring biden being replaced by gavin newsom

The United States Options for President

Joe Biden and Donald Trump can’t be the only options for President!

Reactions to the US presidential options after #Debate2024.

Grumpy Old Men

Some people just don’t want to retire, but when it comes to politics – we need to enforce term limits and age limits!

grumpy old men photo of biden and trump pointing during debate

Performance Enhancers for the Debate

Joe Biden tweeted before the debate this funny debate meme joking about taking performance enhancers after Trump said he would be on drugs during the debate.

performance enhancers with joe biden before debate

US Enemies Right Now

You know the party line and phone calls between China, North Korea and Russia were hot last night.

foriegn leaders on the phone talking about the debate kim jongum putin

Share the Debate Memes

We hope you found some comedy and laughs with this first round of the 2024 US Presidential debate memes.

simpsons saying im in danger funny debate meme showing what us voters are thinking

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