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10 Funny Monday After Thanksgiving Memes for Cyber Monday

Funny Monday after Thanksgiving memes because y’all after the last week, we all need some laughs.

If you are reading this, good news! You survived Thanksgiving, Black Friday and the start of Hanukkah. Today, well it’s back to work (while online shopping, because it is also Cyber Monday.) That said, we all need to exhale and share some funny.

Funny Monday After Thanksgiving Memes

Nobody wants to work, I know my kids were not looking forward to that 6 am alarm and me yelling that they had to go back to school today. Today, I give you funny Monday After Thanksgiving memes.

monday after thanksgiving memes
funny monday after thanksgiving memes

First, let’s be honest. This is how we all are feeling after Thanksgiving.

how i feel after thanksgiving meme
how i feel after thanksgiving meme

And what in the world, time. How were we just laughing at Thanksgiving memes and now somehow, Thanksgiving break is over!

thanksgiving break over meme

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Monday After Holiday Memes

We are in that weird holiday period prepping for Christmas or celebrating Hanukkah and we just went thru Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Alas, the Monday after holiday does not care and will show up regardless of what happened the week before.

monday after thanksgiving mood meme

And let’s face it. Most of us who are ready to jump into the holidays with our Christmas traditions and such just want to stay home, cuddle up in 20 blankets, light a fire, drink wine, shop online & watch christmas movies… But alas – we have to go to work. Cue those funny after holiday work memes….

when all you want to do is stay home, cuddle up in 20 blankets, light a fire, drink wine, shop online & watch christmas movies... But you have to go to work meme

For that, these Monday after Holiday memes just feel so spot on. (and if you want Monday memes, for just all the other Mondays that give you a case of the Mondays – we got those too!)

Going Back to Work After Thanksgiving

And on top of it being Monday, chances are your employer expects you back to work.

work monday after thanksgiving meme
work after thanksgiving meme

Going to work on a Monday is never fun, but going to work after time off for Thanksgiving just feels like the worse! Share these funny monday after Thanksgiving memes (and these funny work memes) with your co-workers or employees. I’m sure they too are having the after Thanksgiving, before Christmas holiday blues.

working from home monday after thanksgiving meme
working from home monday after thanksgiving meme

I guess one positive is that many of us are working from home, so if we want to lay around on the couch with a blanket while working – we can do that. (see work from home memes)

Cyber Monday Memes

In addition to being the Monday after Thanksgiving and the Monday after Holiday, it’s also an internet holiday of sorts. Bring on the online sales, please! So far, the biggest score appears to be the new Apple Air Pods Pro for around $150!

best monday meme cyber monday - the only monday i ever look forward to
cyber monday after thanksgiving meme

Cyber Monday is so much more chill than Black Friday! Though, I will say – the little Black Friday shopping we did do this year was uneventful. There were no fights, lines or chaos. But also, the Black Friday deals weren’t too impressive! According to CNBC, in-store Black Friday shopping was down 28%.

black friday vs cyber monday meme
black friday vs cyber monday

Cyber Monday memes for those of us who are using this day to shop online for bargains for Christmas gifts or just for ourselves (I mean, tell me I am not the only one buying myself a little something!)

cyber monday meme - when cyber monday turns into treat yo self monday
cyber monday meme treat yo self

Share the Monday After Thanksgiving Memes

We hope you enjoyed these Monday after Thanksgiving memes as much as we do. Here at Digital Mom Blog, memes are our thing and know first hand how a simple text with a funny meme can make someone’s day. Spread the funny and love of memes!

its christmas time meme buddy elf
it’s christmas time meme

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