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Festive Tresses: Christmas Tree Hairstyles to Light Up the Season!

Yes, Christmas Tree hair do was a thing, but where has this holiday hair trend gone?

Ladies, let’s bring back this festive hairstyle! Let’s look at this fun Christmas up-do from past to present.

Christmas Hair Tree Style

We are throwing it back to the old days where women were expected to do their hair. My great great-grandma is probably flopping in her grave over my messy bun! If you are looking for a fun crazy Christmas hairdo for this holiday season, we got you.

Christmas Tree Hair Photos
Christmas Hair Tree

From Christmas hair tree photos to a tutorial, let’s do some Christmas tree hair!

drag queen with a christmas tree hair wig with santa hat on top
christmas tree hair drag queen

Vintage Christmas Tree Hair Photos

Here is a throw back of vintage Christmas tree hair photos. This funny trend was popular in the 50’s.

vintage christmas hair photo of man creating a christmas tree hairstyle
vintage christmas hair photo

Getting her hair done – check out those vintage Christmas ornaments in this holiday updo!

tinsel christmas tree hairstyle crazy design of christmas tinsel tree
tinsel christmas tree hairstyle crazy

Talk about vintage glamour. She has her fur and hair in tinsel, literally.

vintage christmas hairstyle
Christmas Hair Tree Style

All I can say is WOW. Don’t want to mess up your hair? Can you imagine the amount of hairspray some of these updos require? This is a simple way to achieve the Christmas Tree hair without necessarily having your hair made into a Christmas tree. Here is a great Christmas tree hat suggestion.

christmas updo

Talk about chic! This woman even has ornament earrings to match her ornament hairstyle.

christmas tree hairstyle vintage photo of 2 women with christmas trees in hair
christmas tree hairstyle vintage photo

These ladies know how to stop a crowd with these Christmas Tree hairstyles. I mean, is that like a fake Christmas tree on top of their heads? I think so! I don’t know about you, but my balance is not good and this makes my neck hurt.

Crazy Christmas Hair Style

Not into the vintage, here are some current modern Christmas Tree hairstyles. This crazy Christmas hair looks like something out of Whoville!

Green christmas tree hairstyles
Christmas lights in hair source: Twitter

This holiday hairstyle by Superdrug Talent posted this fun holiday hairstyle on Twitter featuring the Christmas hair updo.

christmas tree hair

Another super fun tree hair idea. Love the decorations!

DIY Christmas Hair

So you are ready to make your hair into a Christmas tree? We jumped to the ultimate source, TikTok for great tutorials to find out how people were doing this.

The favorite methods for creating Christmas hairdo seem to be similar to that of creating TROLL hair! Expect a lot of hairspray and possibly some gel to be used to get your long hair into Christmas tree formation. You’ve been warned!

christmas tree hair tutorial supplies
Christmas Tree Hair Tutorial

First, let’s state the obvious. You need to have long hair to have a tall tree. A popular Christmas Tree hairdo tutorial suggestion is to use a water bottle. I should clarify, an empty water bottle.

Crazy Christmas Hair Day Idea

Years ago, when my daughter was little – at school one of the theme days was Crazy Hair Day. For her Crazy Hair Day we took her long hair and made it look like troll hair. This is very similar to achieving the tree hair look!

Let’s look at how to make your hair into this fabulous Christmas tree updo.

christmas tree hair diy

Christmas Tree Hair Updo Tutorial

Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes

Let's get festive with this fabulous Christmas hair tutorial. Christmas tree hair updo tutorial will show you how to create this tree with your hair! This is the ultimate conversation piece or Christmas party hairstyle!


  • Long Hair
  • Extra Set of Hands
  • Hairspray
  • Gel
  • Green Hair Color Spray (optional)
  • Glitter Spray (optional)
  • Empty Water Bottle
  • Ponytail Hairband
  • Bobby Pins
  • Christmas Ornaments
  • Battery Powered Christmas Tree Lights - (optional - fairy lights work well!)
  • Foil Garland
  • Christmas Tree Star


  • Hair Brush
  • Hair Dryer


  1. Brush out your hair.
  2. Flip your head over and place the empty water bottle on top of your head. This is where the extra set of hands will come in handy. You will want to form your hair around the water bottle At the opening of the water bottle, using your rubberband - wrap the ponytail band around your hair and water bottle opening.
  3. Flip your head carefully back, with your head up. Here is where the fun comes in.
  4. Your hair most likely didn't all make it. This is where you will use hair gel and bobby pins.
  5. Find the hair strands that are not secured to the water bottle ponytail situation. Using gel and bobby pins, let's take those hair strands and place up into your hair situation. The idea is to make these hairs look like a Christmas tree.
  6. After all of your hair is standing and in proper Christmas tree formation - let's spray that hair down. Yes, hairspray. Use a lot - or as much as you feel comfortable with.
  7. Using the hair gel, smooth your hair up - to finalize the Christmas tree form for your hair.
  8. Shake your hair lightly and see how secure your tree hair is.
  9. Are we secure? A trick to help gelify your hair is to use a hair dryer with the gel. Don't get too close to your hair and don't do this for any extended length of time. Using the hair dryer - blast your hair to create a glue effect.
  10. Next, let's get decorating. 2 of the items on our Christmas tree hair updo tutorial list are optional: glitter spray and green hair color spray. If you want to use these, let's do this now before we decorate your Christmas Tree hair.
  11. Whether you made your hair green and/lor glittery or not, now it's time to decorate your hair tree!
  12. Using the ornaments, secure them to your hair using bobby pins. Make sure to shake your head gently after you have secured to ensure that these don't fall off when you walk or move your head.
  13. Next, time to garland the hair! Wrap the garland and battery powered Christmas lights to your hair. Remember, if you are using Christmas lights to make sure the wire easily goes down. Suggestion: tape the Christmas light battery pack to the inside of your shirt.
  14. Last, is the Christmas tree topper or should I say, HAIR Christmas tree topper! Using bobby pins, and balance - find the best way to secure this topper to the top of your Christmas hair.


This requires a LOT of hair spray and gel. We made my daughter's hair into troll hair using a similar method (minus the Christmas decor.). Plan to wash your hair a few times to remove all of the gunk.

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