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40 Days of Lent Starts With Ash Wednesday

40 days of Lent. What is Lent? Ash Wednesday? 40 days, but isn’t there more than 40 days until Easter? Let’s chat.

When Does Lent Start 2024?

Lent 2024 starts Wednesday, February 14, 2024 and ends of Thursday, March 28, 2024. Good Friday is Friday, March 29, 2024.

40 days of lent

I have been doing this Digital Mom Blog thing for 14 years now. Before Digital Mom Blog, I had a blog spot as well as another blog. All that said – I’ve been in the lifestyle blogger game for a while.

Lent Experiment

The Lent Experiment is a project I completed in 2019. I spent the 40 days of Lent blogging a different aspect of faith and life each day.


For 40 days I blogged on various topics surrounding the season, Jesus, the church and spirituality. These posts are updated thru the years to remain relevant to the times and my personal beliefs.

40 Days of Lent

Each day of Lent, I wrote about a different topic related to the Lenten season, Jesus, prayer, faith, church or life.

Day 1 – Ash Wednesday – What is Lent

To kick off the Lenten season, we are diving into Ash Wednesday.

Day 2 – 80 Ideas for Honoring Lent – What to Give Up for Lent and What to Do for Lent

Let’s talk about honoring these 40 days before the Easter holiday and how that can look different for various people.

Day 3 – 101 People to Pray For

We are taking time to pray for 100 different people that you may not think of praying for in your typical prayer time.

Day 4 – Best Christian Podcasts

Podcast junkies that are looking fro Christian podcasts, we got you.

Day 5 – Healing Scriptures – 10 Bible Verses About Healing

Here are bible scriptures to reflect upon when healing.

Day 6 – Lent for Kids

Kids can participate in Lent too! Here are ways to include kids during the Lenten season.

Day 7 – Truth Talk – Bible Studies for Women Bore Me

Can we talk about how boring bible studies are? Between being oblivious to how unrelatable these studies are for modern women and the mundane setting, women bible studies just aren’t for me.

Day 8 – Christianese

Christians speak in their own language, and we aren’t talking tongues.

Day 9 – Finding Your People – Like Minded and Not

You have to find your people. These are people that will love you, show you grace and accept you for you.

Day 10 – Things I Want to See in Churches

The church is dying. It’s time for there to be a wake up call. People have a natural need for connection but the irrelevancy with churches today make it nearly impossible to connect.

Day 11 – Christian Affirmations for a Good Day

Have a great day today with these affirmations.

Day 12 – Best Christian Books for Women

What Christian books for women are on your must-read list?

Day 13 – Grace Memes

Giving grace through humor.

Day 14 – Finding Your Faith and Owning It

Lose your religion and find your faith.

Day 15 – Enneagram

Discover what the Enneagram is and how you can use this to discover who you really are.

Day 16 – Alexa Read Me The Bible

Don’t like to read? You can no longer use that as an excuse for not reading the bible.

Day 17 – Jesus Memes

A little humor and fun for us Jesus people.

Day 18 – Things I Learned from Mozella

My sweet friend Mozella walked with Christ right out of this world into the pearly gates of heaven. Her time here on Earth was spent bringing light and love to the world. Anyone who knew her is a better person because of it.

Day 19 –  The Hypocritical Christian

Can Christians just stop the hypocrisy. Jesus said love. Christian nationalism is a joke and will be the ultimate death to the church.

Day 20 – How Becoming a Mom Validated My Faith

The day I became a mother is when my faith journey began. I couldn’t do this impossible task of raising 4 children without my faith.

Day 21 – Thank You Memes

Gratitude and humor, yes and please.

Day 22 – Best Christian Children’s Books

What Christian children’s books – don’t say the bible – do you read to your kids?

Day 23 – Funny Church Signs

The best church signs both funny and some mildly inappropriate.

Day 24 – Autism Awareness Month

Giving thanks for my kid on the spectrum. As the years pass since his diagnosis, the more we learn and understand, yet we are constantly having more questions than answers. The more people who are aware of autism, the more who will learn bettering us all as a community.

Day 25 – New York

Spending New York with my daughter was a life moment. From touring Catholic churches to connecting over the “big city” – someday spending lent in NYC is a big wish.

Day 26 – Inspirational Bible Quotes

Need a little inspiration? Find it with these bible verses.

Day 27 – Things I Want My 16 Year Old To Know About Life and God

Oh the things my 16 year old self did not know about Life or God. Also, can we talk about how thankful we should be that we didn’t have social media or phones when we were teens.

Day 28 – The Ex-Catholic

Denouncing my religion was a critical part in understanding my faith.

Day 29 – Best Lent Memes

Lent and laughs, we got them.

Day 30 – Setting Boundaries, Saying No And Not Feeling Bad About It

Enjoy these memes about the art of boundary setting.

Day 31 – Good Mentor

Lead well and mentor those you can.

Day 32 – Pause.

Take a moment during Lent to just pause. Close your eyes and embrace the surroundings. Become aware of what you need to and let go of the things that don’t serve you.

Day 33 – Better Communication in Difficult Situations

Something I strive for is to communicate well, especially in difficult situations. Do I always succeed? Nope, but I do hope that with each awkward encounter I become a little bit better in sharing and resolving with peace and grace.

Day 34 – Death and Dying – The Topic No One Wants to Discuss

Death and the discussion around dying is a difficult one that we just don’t want to think about. Out of sight, out of mind until that out of sight turns into no longer here.

Day 35 – The Life Changing Message From Bob Goff On Loving Everybody Always

If you ever get the opportunity, go hear Bob Goff speak and laugh. The man seriously has the best laugh.

Day 36 – Funny Easter Memes and Images for Sharing

From the Easter bunny to those who only go to church on the holidays, we are bringing the Easter humor as we close out Lent.

Day 37 – 7 Ways to Show Unexpected Love

Love big, should I say more?

Day 39 – Who God Is?

The big question that none of us will know until we really know.

Day 40 – What Lent Did For Me

Taking 40 days out of the year to embrace my core values is essential. Every year, no matter how hard I Lent, I learn something new and for that I’m thankful.

Religion is Scary

Sorry folks, I don’t have any specific lent Instant Pot recipes (but I may because that is a brilliant idea, Molly!) but I will be talking about various aspects of the Lenten season, what lent is, how I am spending these 40 days from Ash Wednesday to Easter to reconnect with faith and what have you.

religion meme
Love memes as much as I do? Don’t miss our funny memes!

I love me some funny memes – yes, I did post some lenten related memes during this 40 days.

Don’t worry friends, I am not here to throw Jesus on you. And the intent is to not scare you away because believe me I KNOW – religion is scary. Again, yes I’ll be writing about lent but also faith, family and things that I have gravitated away from. 

Not a Theology Expert

I am going to say that I am sure that theologically speaking – I am going to get stuff wrong. And in the spirit of Jesus and grace, let’s just remember that. This little experiment and 40 day experience is personal not journalistic.

Your opinions may vary from mine and rightfully so. I am an open-minded person but will say – trolls aren’t welcome. I’ve been around the internet too long to understand the whole troll thing and nope, no time for that.

Lent Journey

I most likely will not stay on topic but alas, I guess we will see in 40 days. Here’s to a wonderful Lent experiment – reconnecting with God, sharing my journey and embracing what doing something outside of my norm can bring.


Here are some good resources to learn about this holy 40 day period:

ellen beck

Thursday 7th of March 2019

I look forward to reading , and to see how you do . Hubby is also Catholic and we observe Lent. Not a 'big deal' thing but you know the little stuff.

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