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Christianese – 25 Church Words Every Christian Should Know

Christianese and Church Words – religious terminology that churches use.

Day 8 Lent – We are continuing our Lent Experiment with talking about Christian lingo today. From words used by the modern church and some funny christian cuss word alternatives, let’s look at the Christianese culture.

My family has been actively attending church for the last 20 years. I was raised Catholic, took several years off from the “church scene” and then started attending various non-denominational churches.

Even though it’s been 20 years – you guys, I’ll never forget trying to understand Christianese!


Christianese is the language that the church speaks. This video by Tripp and Tyler sums it all up. 

  1. How’s Your Heart
  2. I’m Blessed
  3. Testimony
  4. Secular
  5. Saved
  6. Unspokens
  7. Relevant
  8. In the World Not of It
  9. Small Group
  10. He Brought It
  11. Purpose Driven
  12. Seeker Service
  13. Teaching the Word
  14. Non-Denom
  15. Fellowshipping
  16. Elevate
  17. Witness
  18. Wrestling With It
  19. Intentional
  20. Pursuing
  21. Holding Accountable
  22. Believer
  23. Echo
  24. Being Released from It
  25. Watered Down

And even more funny things that Christian Say. Christianese! This parody is from Watermark Church. I do appreciate that this church can laugh itself about the Christian culture. 

How to Talk Like a Christian

And another… how to talk like a Christian. This video is from Blimey Cow: 

How to sound like a sold out Christian. 

Christian Cuss Words

Tim Hawkins talk Christian Cuss Words.

Here are 50 Christian cuss word alternatives for your amusement. 

i love jesus but i cuss a little
  1. Crappola
  2. Holy Moly
  3. Holy Stinking Moly
  4. Turd
  5. Fiddle Faddle
  6. Horse Patooey
  7. Shut the Front Door
  8. Cripes
  9. Good Gravy
  10. Great Googly Googly
  11. H E Double Hockey Sticks
  12. Son of a Bacon Bit
  13. Son of a Motherless Goat
  14. For Heaven Sake
  15. For Crying Out Loud
  16. For Pete’s Sake
  17. Heavens to Betsy
  18. Fart Knocker
  19. Jeepers
  20. Jeez Louise
  21. Pat Sajack
  22. Bob Saget
  23. What the Bob Barker
  24. Booty
  25. Shut Your Pie Hole
  26. Kiss My Grits
  27. Gosh
  28. What the What
  29. Darn
  30. What the Devil
  31. Wing Nugget
  32. Dad-gummit
  33. Dog Gone It
  34. Suck Eggs
  35. Shucks
  36. Gadzooks
  37. Holy Guacamole
  38. Horse Feathers
  39. Good Grief
  40. Great Ceasars Ghost
  41. BLEEP
  42. Son of Biscuit Eater
  43. CRUD 
  44. Crud Muffin
  45. Gee Wilkers
  46. Mylanta
  47. Bull Snot
  48. Booger Snot
  49. Mother Francis
  50. Judas Priest

Day 8 of Lent

Happy PI day! We are on day 8 of Lent and of course, we are celebrating with PIE! (Make sure to check out our post on Pi Day Memes!)

pie for pi day

One of our favorite local pie shops is Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop. To celebrate pi day, *you did see our pi day memes – right?* we picked up an assortment of pies for dessert.

collection of pies to celebrate pi day

410 Pie (pecan/chocolate chip), buttermilk pie, peanut butter pie, apple pie and chocolate pie minis –  you really just can’t go wrong!

See you tomorrow on day 9 of Lent.

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Be blessed, give grace and be kind.