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Finding Your Faith and Owning It

Lent – Day 14, let’s talk about finding your faith and owning it.

Something that became blatantly obvious when in my early 20’s when I decided to follow Christ is that not everyone shares your views. The world of Christianity is wide and vast. We aren’t lemmings. While God has given us a map, the bible – finding your faith with that map looks different for every person. 

The Christian Umbrella

While it feels like there is this massive Christian umbrella that “christians” fall under – I’ve learned that isn’t the case. Every christian carries their own faith – or umbrella per say.

Some Christians follow the practice of a certain religion and those religious rules. Then there are the Jesus followers who claim no church but follow Christ – the non-denominational folk, drifters, misfits and many types of Christian in-between. 

unique umbrellas

But regardless of how we follow Christianity – it is personal, unique and something that is changes and grows. 

Christ Made Us Unique

Christ made each of us different – so of course, our relationship with him is unique. That exact fact is what made finding my faith hard for me.

All of a sudden, when I decided that I am a Christian and this is the life I want to live, I start realizing there are certain things that just don’t make sense to me. It’s been a 20 year experience, of evolving faith and beliefs. 

Finding Your Faith

Finding your faith can be hard. For me, I wanted the bible to just lay it all out in black and white. Being raised Catholic with so many rituals and this officialness to the religion – when I stepped out of that bubble, I was left scratching my head. Where do I go from here? I

know that I don’t want to be Catholic, but I also know that I believe in Christ and know that His word is true.

I don’t want over complicate the subjects of finding your faith and owning it but I do feel like people who are lost or are searching like I was, need to know their feelings are normal.

This is just from my personal experience with faith and do hope that these thoughts help put into perspective that faith is a lifelong journey. 

lord teach me what i cannot see job 34:32

Personal Faith

Since that Catholic departure (read more about The Ex-Catholic) in my late teen years, my faith journey has had me experiencing different religions, churches and a lot of soul searching to find my personal sense of faith.

Personal faith – this is a concept that I’ve only grasped in the last few years.

Your Relationship with Christ

When I was first introduced to the idea of a relationship with Christ – I have to admit – I was at a loss. God isn’t my actual father? How am I supposed to have a relationship with God as my father. It was so confusing to me.

Over the years, and especially now that I am a parent – it makes sense. That said, it makes me wonder how many people are like me and just can’t grasp that idea. It definitely is something I could see turning someone away from Christianity – even though it’s one of those basic core beliefs.

Relationships are Weird

Relationships are weird y’all. As much as we want it to just work – its just weird. 

relationships are weird
This post was getting way too serious to not throw in something to throw you off. You are welcome.

So what if we think about our relationship with Christ like any relationship. Think to when you met your best friend. Yes, some people instantly click but most people’s relationships require a process.

There is that weird getting to no you period, the awkward exchanges, the misunderstandings, miscommunications and so on. On the flip side there is this relationship that develops out of the good and bad.

Good Relationships Take Time

Just like a relationship with a friend or spouse, don’t expect an instant relationship with Christ and your faith. It is a process that evolves and like a good friend or good marriage – the longer you are committed to each other the better the relationship becomes.

Each relationship in your life – including the one with Christ is unique. Those relationships each requires time, grace, patience, and commitment to growing. 

Owning Your Faith

The topic of friends that aren’t Christians will be a topic at some point in this Lent Experiment – so I won’t go too much into it here. One thing about finding your faith and creating a personal faith that is personal to you – is that one of the musts is you must own your faith. 

What does owning your faith look like? It’s not wavering when the questionable arrises. It’s understanding, accepting and giving grace. Owning your faith is standing up for what you believe and not shying away from those beliefs when encountering friends, family and others that don’t believe the same as you. 

Thank God for Grace

Owning your faith, like finding your faith is a process. Yes, you will most likely fail at times – but thank God for grace, right? 

Day 14 of Lent

It’s been a week. The transition from spring break to returning to school has been, well – wild.

We have a lot going on right now with schedules – both personal and business. On top of that, we have grumpy attitudes (myself included) to taxes (self employed taxes are no joke,) then deciding to start back on the Keto diet (no sugar, y’all!) – all of this has created a whirlwind of chaos. 

don't be so hard on yourself the mom in et had an alien living in her closet for days and didn't notice
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This morning I decided to change my pace. I broke out of my morning work routine and prayed for clarity, calm, grace and change. Rather than writing what I had planned, the subject of finding your faith hit me and writing this is exactly what I needed today so thanks for reading along. 

See you tomorrow, on day 15! 

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Be blessed, give grace and be kind.