Can Alexa Read the Bible?

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Let’s chat about Alexa reading the bible. I tried y’all… but still think bible studies are boring. In my last attempt to do a women’s bible study – there was a TON of homework. I have a slight ADHD problem over here when it came to reading all of the bible verses. 

The bible study had numerous scriptures, and guys it was just too much. I jokingly searched the web to see if Alexa could just read me the bible. So if you were wondering can Alexa read the bible? Yes, she he it or however Alexa identifies – totally can. 

how to have alexa read you the bible
Can Alexa read the bible to me?

By Alexa, I mean any Amazon Echo device that uses the Alexa software. In our house we have several Amazon Echo Dots and 2 Amazon Echo devices. 

Alexa Read the Bible to Me

That’s right – you can look up bible verses with Alexa – but how. Before you can get her to read, you will need to enable an Alexa skill.

How to Enable Bible Alexa Skill

First, you need to decide which Alexa skill is right for you. I personally use the Alexa skill for YouVersion Bible since that is the bible app I have on my phone. 

Don’t worry – installing an Alexa skill is super easy. 

All you have to do is say “Alexa, enable YouVersion Bible”

Thats it! I told you it was easy peasy!

YouVersion Alexa Bible Skill

Here are the command you can as of the YouVersion Bible Skill: 

  • Alexa, open YouVersion Bible
  • Alexa, ask YouVersion Bible to read Psalms
  • Alexa ask YouVersion Bible to read John 3:16 
  • Alexa, tell YouVersion Bible to read my plan
  • Alexa, tell YouVersion Bible to read the verse of the day

How to Change the Translation of the YouVersion Bible App on Alexa

Just give Alexa the following command:  Alexa, ask the bible app to change the version to the New Living Translation.

Day 16 of Lent

Last night, some of our favorite family friends came over and brought What Do You Meme. We had a great night laughing, enjoying some wine and just being present. We stole 2 of their kids for the night and headed to Minefaire today. 

what do you meme game

I was reminded how blessed we are to have such great friends in our circle. These particular friends have been in our lives for 13 years. I’m so thankful for having them in our lives. They have been there thru it all. Everyone needs a JOMEL in their lives!

Be blessed, give grace and be kind.