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Best Lent Memes – 40 Days Y’all – Might As Well Laugh a Little!

Day 29 Lent – Best Lent Memes

We are well into the Lent season, you guys – we are on day 29. It’s crazy to think that Easter is just 2 weeks away. I committed to making these 40 days count by being intentional in a few ways in my life that I am not always intentional with. I can already see and recognize how God is helping me grow. 

lent memes

With it being Lent and all – anyone who is a regular here – knows that I like a good LOL. That good lol is usually in the form of funny memes.

Funny Lent Memes

With 40 days of Lent, we need to make the best of it – and today, I bring you LOL and the best Lent memes to LOL at! 

st patricks day meme lent

Hey Girl – It’s Lent 

I always wonder what Ryan Gosslin thinks of his Hey Girl memes. 

ryan gosslin lent meme - see you at the stations this sunday

Work Lent Memes

Funny lent memes about work during the Lenten season. 

coworkers lent meme


my job lent

Not Giving Up During Lent

Rick is not giving up on you. 

lent rick roll

What to Give Up for Lent Memes

What to give up for Lent is always a decision. Make sure to check our list of Lent ideas of things to give up!

Giving Up for Lent

What are you giving up for lent? Or are you just giving up? 

giving up lent meme

Spiderman is over it. 

giving up

Drink up (limitations, people.)

lent sobriety

Sorry Catholics, as an ex-Catholic – this made me chuckle.

catholicism lent meme

More Funny Memes About Lent

This sign is hilarious! Did you seen our post of Best Funny Church Sign Sayings?

ash in church

Holy Week

holy week lent meme

Quit Facebook for Lent

Well, hopefully your Facebook friends aren’t praying for you to give up Facebook for Lent. BUT, if they are – these Facebook lent memes crack me up!

give up facebook lent meme

YOLO Jesus Meme

Back by popular demand. Jesus doesn’t YOLO, y’all.

jesus lent meme

Spiritual Life

How is your spiritual life going?

spiritual life meme

Fasting and Abstinence During Lent

Dieting and no sex – that’s one way to spend lent.

bill murray lent meme

No joke – I grew up in the Catholic church. Our JYM (junior youth ministry) was discussing Lent and what we were giving up.

A kid raised his hand and asked if he could give up his virginity. Oh kid. 25 years later, I still LOL about this each Lent season.

No More Lent Memes

Sorry Jesus, I am not giving up funny memes for lent!

give up memes for ment

Friday During Lent Memes


get a fish sandwich oprah meme


no meat for you lent meme

Ash Wednesday Meme

I can just hear Sean Connory saying this!

sean connory ash wednesday lent meme

Church on Easter

Wanna see people at church that you know? Easter Sunday is always a good Sunday to attend church. 

church easter lent meme

We hope you enjoyed these funny Lent Memes! Don’t miss our hilarious Jesus memes and Fat Tuesday Memes!

Feel free to share any of these funny Lent memes! When you mouse over a meme, there are several options on sharing. We just ask wherever you share – that you give back the love by either tagging us @digitalmomblog on social or by linking back to – thanks for LOLing with us!

If you are needing a little inspiration, check out our Inspirational Bible Verses.

See you tomorrow on day 30 of Lent.

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