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20 Best Good Friday Memes and Images For Easter Weekend


It’s a great day for Good Friday memes and images!

We are continuing on with our Easter Memes series as we celebrate this holy season. Good Friday marks the crucixion on Jesus and His death at Calvary. This Christian holiday is also known as Holy Friday, Great Friday and Great and Holy Friday.

Best Good Friday Memes

For Christians, the Friday before Easter is an important day of the year as it celebrates the start to the holy weekend and most momentous days in the history of the world.

good friday memes images
good friday memes images

Christians proclaim the cross and resurrection of Jesus is the decisive turning point for all creation. Jesus Christ died on the cross, allowing eternal life for those who believe. (see John 3:16)

Whether you are a believer or not, hopefully you have the day off allowing you a nice 3-day weekend. Kick it off with these Good Friday memes – both funny and tasteful for whatever you believe.

on good friday jesus saved us from all the sins
good friday meme

Good Friday is the day marked as when God sent Jesus to die for our sins. No Bart, His last words were not “TGIF.”

bart simpson writing jesus last words were not tgif on good friday
funny good friday meme bart simpson

Good Friday Work Memes

Hopefully you have Good Friday off as a paid holiday. Share these with a coworker (or send them one of our funny work memes!)

psst remember why you have the day off of work
good friday jesus meme

Unfortunately, since Good Friday is not a federal holiday only 21% of companies (estimated) will have today as a paid holiday. (source: zenefits.com)

oh you are off of work because good friday is a paid holiday please tell me again which church service you will be at is on easter sunday
good friday work meme funny

So don’t be too mad at your atheist company for not giving you the day paid off. You aren’t alone. That’s what PTO is for, I guess.

good friday annnnddd just kidding i work for an atheist company so have to work
good friday work meme

We have plenty of funny coworker memes to razz your peers with as well.

good friday it is why you have the day off you know not
good friday funny meme

Enjoy our long weekend memes if you do have off. A nice 3-day weekend, thank you Jesus!

i'd like to thank jesus for a 3 day weekend
3 day weekend meme good friday

Good Friday Jesus Memes

If you are looking for Good Friday religious memes, enjoy. Jesus gives us eternal life and in return we rejoice with decorating eggs and the Easter Bunny. Yeah, about that.

blessed jesus you have returned in what meaningful way could we possibly ever honor your suffering death and resurrection a bunny and eggs
religious good friday meme

Friday is always good, make it a great Friday. See our Friday memes.

good friday friday is always good make it a great friday
great friday meme

Praise Jesus for Good Friday and you know, dying on the cross for our sins.

praise jesus for good friday
jesus good friday meme

No meat Friday? A Catholic meme about not eating meat on Friday. Just one more week of the McDonald’s fish sandwich until it returns to us next Lent.

just one more meatless friday
meatless friday meme no meat

Enjoy more Jesus memes here.

after i tell someone to have a good friday on good friday
have a good friday meme

Good Friday Images

Not into the funny Good Friday memes, no worries. Enjoy and share our Good Friday images. Good Friday 2024 is on April 7.

good friday 2024 image
good friday 2024 image

When you hear about Jesus dying for you – the image of good isn’t the first. Ever wonder why Christians refer to Good Friday is good? “..God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners..” -Romans 5:8

why good friday is referred to as good God commendeth his love toward us in that while we were yet sinners Romans 58
good friday image

Post a Good Friday blessing to a friend.

good friday blessings image
good friday blessings image

He is Risen, the perfect sentiment for the holy season.

he is risen image
he is risen image

Share the Memes and Images About Good Friday

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have a great friday meme on good friday
have a great friday meme

Good Friday Memes and Images to Kick Off Easter Weekend are part of the Digital Mom Blog series of Funny Memes

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