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10 Funny Christmas Pictures That Will Make You LOL

These funny Christmas pictures are classics.

Get ready to LOL at some vintage and modern funny xmas pics. Remember when people use to take photos with cameras and have them developed, then put them into albums? Here are a few of our favorite funny Christmas photos we had to share.

Hilariously Funny Christmas Pictures

Nothing says HAPPY HOLIDAYS and MERRY CHRISTMAS like a collection of funny Christmas photos that you are glad you are not in.

funny christmas pictures
funny christmas pictures

1. Kid Smoke a Pipe in Front of Christmas Tree

We have all heard the “back in my day” stories. I have yet to hear a “back in my day we were kids smoking pipes next to the vintage Christmas tree.” 

vintage Christmas tree kid smoking pipe

2. Creepy Santa Photo 

No Santa, I do not want to sit on your lap!

creepy santa  screaming children  funny christmas video

If this photo makes you LOL, wait until you see our entire collection of Scary Santa photos!

3. Family Get Along Christmas Sweater

Years ago we posted the get along shirt – well you guys, check this out. Next in our funny Christmas pictures we have a FAMILY get along Christmas sweater.You guys, this family Christmas sweater fits 4 bodies. Get in close, we will all be warm and weird in our family sweater.

family christmas get along sweater
family christmas sweater

The Get Along Shirt is for kids to get along. So the Family Get Along Sweater – yeah, perfect for the family that is fighting during the holidays! Don’t miss our favorite Ugly Christmas sweaters!

4. Santa Bring Birth Control

As a mom to 4 kids, I know the struggle of trying to capture a family photo for the Christmas card is real. 

santa bring birth control xanax booze in that order  funny christmas picture

This mom dressed the husband up, wrote on a box top and picked up the screaming children. I’m going to assume the Xanax is for her. 

5. Cat Christmas Tree

Next on our list of funny Christmas photos, we have a Christmas tree for cats.

christmas tree for cats

This angry looking cat is sitting at the bottom of a shaved Christmas tree, looking pretty bah humbug. Cat lovers, we got you. Enjoy our Christmas cat memes.

6. Family Christmas Turkey Photo

Hey kids, gather around mom and dad and let’s take a Family Christmas Turkey Photo.


I really am hoping this is a vintage ad for Butterball, because this is just really weird. 

7. Christmas Dress Next to the Vintage Christmas Tree Photo

I absolutely love this vintage Christmas tree photo featuring a lovely lady in her darling Christmas dress – cocktail in hand! 


View more vintage photos next to the tree. I actually love this Christmas tradition so much, I’m adding it to our list of things to do. Yes, I will have a cocktail or wine glass in hand!

8. Vintage Family Christmas Pajamas

While family Christmas pajamas maybe a trend now, these people were ahead of their time! This vintage photo of a family in matching plaid Christmas pajamas, next to their Lazy-boys is well awesome. 


Look carefully and you can see their vintage Christmas tree on the coffee table in the background. 

9. Ditto Christmas Lights

I’m over keeping up with the Jones’ – so this DITTO Christmas light display is just amazing to me.


Let the neighbors go all out with the crazy expensive electric bill. You can just simply light up the word “DITTO” and draw an arrow and be done. Don’t miss these Christmas Lights memes.

10. Christmas Hair Dos

This vintage funny Christmas picture is everything. How hilarious is this? I fell in love with Christmas Tree Hair trend, so much so I did a whole post and tutorial on this.

christmas tree hair funny Christmas photo

It’s like a beehive hair style gone Christmas wild! Take that hair and let’s make it into a Christmas tree. This reminds me of the current trend of beard ornaments but for women.

If you are wanting to draw attention at this year’s Christmas party – this Christmas Tree hair style is for you. Please send photos, I need more info on this because this vintage holiday trend just cracked me up!

I hope you enjoyed these funny Christmas pictures as much as I did. Enjoy your holiday season. If you want some more holiday LOLs, make sure to check out our Funny and Clean Christmas Memes.

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