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15 Peloton Memes for the Cycling Obsessed


Peloton memes because we all have that one friend who won’t shut up about their Peloton!

A few years ago, a Peloton ad dropped and people thought surely this would be the end of this company. Then we hit a the crazy 2020 and everyone and their brother bought a Peloton bike.

Funny Peloton Memes

This fitness trend is something we couldn’t let slide by without memeing. So for whether you are one of the obsessed or know someone who is, these funny Peloton memes are for you.

peloton memes
funny peloton memes

About the girl in the Peloton commercial where her husband bought her a bike for Christmas. She was a prophet. We had no idea what was to come in 2020!

peloton meme funny

(source: Emily Murnane)

Does it feel like your friends can’t do a Peloton workout and not tell you. Originally the company just had the bike. Now they are a full out at home fitness company with bikes, treadmills and an app loaded with various workouts.

peloton workout meme

But some of us, just can’t hang. 5 minutes into spin class and I be like.

mistake spin class meme

A week after spin class on the Peloton with my friends and we be like. Yes, the sore butt Peloton issue is a thing.

friends hurt butt peloton meme

So I can only imagine what that 100th ride, or the century ride has you feeling like.

peloton century ride meme

Spin Class Memes

Spin class can be safer than IRL riding. While some people might like to mock the indoor bike riding – there are some advantages. This spin class meme demonstrates.

spin class safer meme

Sorry I can’t make it to work today because I broke my V while trying to do a Peloton class. Don’t miss all of our work memes.

spin class meme

More Peloton Memes

There are more! While the company has gotten better at connecting their marketing message to consumers, we can’t forget when they would try to sell us the bike while in a glass enclosed home gym. We ain’t that rich, while we be financing our bikes…

peloton luxury meme

This funny Peloton meme of the Kardashians is just too much.

my peloton bike meme
funny peloton meme

The future of Peloton, maybe? Star Wars memes for those who know.

peloton vr meme

If you love Peloton instructor Cody Rigsby, you will love this Cody meme. Are you following him on TikTok? Do it.

peloton cody meme

Here is how to make a DIY Peloton.

diy peloton bike meme

Peloton Mr Big Memes

If you know you know. Sex and the City fans, or should I say – And Just Like That fans…. who collectively had a heart attack with Mr Big after he had a heart attack on the Peloton?

mr big peloton meme

Too soon, Peloton.

and just like that peloton meme

When you accidentally go to the Peloton website and put a bike in your cart and then purchase it.

peloton bike meme

You’ve heard of Elf on the Shelf, now get ready for… skeleton on a Peloton! (See our elf on the shelf memes)

skeleton on a peloton meme

Peloton Stock

Fast forward to 2021 and the rumor mill is swirling about a potential Peloton acquisition by Apple, Amazon or Nike. These rumors have Peloton stocks on the up and up as of February 7th.

i like coffee peloton

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We hope you enjoyed these funny Peloton memes. Many moons ago, we started with Fitbit memes and it’s been a non-stop meme love parade ever since.

coffee peloton wine repeat

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