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Best Dak Prescott Memes – The Good, Bad and Ugly About #4

Celebrating our favorite Dallas Cowboys quarterback with Dak Prescott Memes! The Dallas Cowboys season always tends to have us with more wins than losses. Our man Dak is back, let’s go Boys!

feel the power of the dak side

Let’s get to the Dak Prescott memes. Share these on game day, after the wins and losses.

Dak Prescrott Memes

Who is the guy behind the jersey? Let’s look at some info about our Dallas Cowboys quarterback.

feel the power of the dak side
cowboys dak meme

Let’s kick off this Dak Prescott meme party with some humor. Dak seeing the Dallas Cowboys wins without him.


When those balls just keep slippin’ Did someone say butterfingers?

Who Dak?

Dak Prescott was born on July 29, 1993. He is currently 31 years old. Prescott was raised in Haughton, Louisiana.  Dak lives in North Dallas.

who dak!
who dak meme

He is the son of Nathaniel and Peggy Prescott.

yes, dak prescott chronic choking is covered by obamacare
dak prescott funny meme

Dak has two older brothers, Tad and Jace, an older sister, Natalie Prescott-Smith, and an older half-brother, Elliott Prescott, from his father’s previous marriage.

dak prescott seeing the dallas cowboys wins without him

Dak and Ezekiel Elliot

Prescott attended Haughton High School where he played football for the Buccaneers.

dak prescott ezekiel elliot meme
dak prescott ezekiel elliot meme

In college, Dak played for the Mississippi State Bulldogs, where he twice received first-team All-SEC honors. During his time at Mississippi State, Prescott earned a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree.

Dak Humor

He earned a bachelor’s degree in educational psychology and went on to earn a master’s degree in workforce leadership.

chuck norris checks under his bed each night for dak prescott
chuck norris dak prescott meme

Rayne Dakota Prescott

While we know Dallas Cowboys #4 as Dak Prescott, do you know what his real name is? Dak’s real name is Rayne Dakota Prescott.

dallas cowboys quarterback's name sounds like a star wars character
dallas cowboys quarterback meme

Dak Loss

In the 2016 draft, Prescott was the eighth quarterback selected. The Dallas Cowboys recruited Prescott as a fourth-round pick. (Don’t miss our Dallas Cowboys memes!)

we've only lost this many

Dak replaced long-time Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo.

dak meme funny
dak meme funny

NFL Contract

In 2021, Dak and The Cowboys signed a four year contract extension worth $160 million. While that is a ton of money, he ranks #8 in the top NFL paid football players.

dak prescott demands $40 million per year for new contract
dak prescott contract meme

Aaron Rogers, quarterback of the Green Bay Packers ranks #1 paid NFL player at $50.272 million a year.

zeke please take dak to his new seat on the sidelines
dak prescott sucks meme

Dak Injury

Let’s get through this Cowboys season wihtout an injury, Dak.

injury dak prescott meme
injury dak prescott meme

Dak suffered a thumb injury, but is back at it after a medical clear for the Detroit Lions game.

The $40 million thumb
dak prescott injury meme

Dak Prescott’s foundation is called The Faith, Fight, Finish Foundation.

dak prescott at home watching cooper rush
cooper rush meme

The Faith Fight Finish Foundation by Dak Prescott invests in a better future by empowering individuals, families and communities to find strength through adversity. 

The foundation focuses on three main initiatives: cancer research, mental health & suicide prevention, and bridging the gap between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

Faith Fight Finish was established as a tribute to Dak’s Mom, Peggy, who lost her battle with colon cancer in 2013; and its work honors Dak’s brother, Jace, who was lost to suicide in 2020.

Let’s go Dak! We are rooting for you and Them Boys!

are you ready for some football

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