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25 Pawsitively Purrfect Christmas Cat Memes: Feline Festive Fun

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As the holiday season approaches, people across the globe are getting into the festive spirit. One popular way to celebrate the season is by sharing and enjoying Christmas memes, and there’s no shortage of hilarious and adorable cat memes to choose from.

Funny Christmas Cat Memes

From grumpy cats dressed in Santa hats to cats lounging in Christmas trees, we are here for the laughs.

christmas cat memes
christmas cat memes

These memes are also a great way to spread some holiday cheer and connect with others on social media, so share away!

here comes santa paws
christmas cat meme

We are sharing a ton of funny Christmas cat memes that are sure to bring a smile to your face and get you in the holiday mood.

it's the most terrible time of the year
festive christmas cat meme

Cat Christmas Tree Meme

We couldn’t do Christmas cat memes without talking about the feline destruction of Christmas trees.

it's so shiny and pretty therefore i must destroy it
meme cat christmas

So many ornaments, so little time.

so many ornaments such little time
holiday cat meme

As this cat Christmas tree meme states, it’s always the dogs fault.

wreck the tree and blame the doggy falalalalalala
meme christmas cat

Maybe it’s not so much that they think it’s destruction. Perhaps cats just think it’s a large scratching post.

christmas tree? you mean new scratching post
funny christmas cat meme

Guilty as charged, kitty boy. When your cat gets busted knocking over the Christmas tree.

i knocked over the christmas tree christmas cat meme
cat meme christmas

I don’t usually climb trees unless it’s a Christmas tree.

i don't usually climb trees but when i do it will be a christmas tree
cat and christmas tree meme

The very last thing a Christmas ornament sees before being knocked off the tree.

the very last thing a Christmas ornament sees
cat christmas ornament meme

It’s not just the Christmas tree cats are after! Those beautifully wrapped Christmas presents are also up for being torn to shreds. Love the grinch? See our related Grinch memes.

my cat after running around the house for an hour ripping the christmas gifts and destroying the christmas tree
cat christmas tree meme funny

When you become what you destroy.

when you become what you destroy
cat christmas tree meme

O’ Christmas tree, your ornaments are history. Just a note to any cat owner, please strongly consider purchasing plastic Christmas ornaments! You don’t want glass ornaments on a Christmas tree in a house with cats!

o christmas tree o christmas tree, your ornaments are history
cat destroying christmas tree meme

That several hundred dollar cat scratch post that you bought, yeah – just get the cat a Christmas tree. He will like that better. Again, don’t forget the indestructible ornaments!

cat in christmas tree meme
cat in christmas tree meme

When you are a cat owner, this is what your Christmas tree looks like.

what christmas looks like when you have a cat
christmas tree for cat owners meme

What better angel than your kitty for the top of the tree. This funny cat Christmas tree meme is just another reason I’m just thinking maybe a cat isn’t best for our house. Though after these rat memes, it might be worth getting a new feline friend.

your christmas tree needed an angel
funny cat christmas tree meme

Cat Proof Christmas Tree Meme

This cat proof Christmas tree meme shows you how to keep your kitty from ruining your gorgeous tree.

cat proof christmas tree
cat proof christmas tree meme

Don’t miss all of our Christmas tree memes with more LOLs about cats and trees.

Best Cat Christmas Gift

Buy your cat a Christmas tree scratching pole.

cat christmas gift
cat christmas gift

The ultimate best cat Christmas gift and under $30 on Amazon.

Cat Christmas Meme

All the cat wants for Christmas is catnip, or should I say Cat Crack.

i'm dreaming of a catnip christmas
christmas cat meme funny

This cat looks totally happy.

this is why cats attack
cat merry christmas meme

Merry Christmas Cat Meme

We have a huge collection of Merry Christmas memes, but these are for our cat lovers.

meowy christmas
cat christmas meme

I hope your Christmas is purrfect. Nothing like a funny Christmas cat pun!

merry christmas i hope that it's purrfect
merry christmas meme cat

Yeah, cats are great for a lot of things but to them that pretty tree you just decorated is a giant cat toy.

look a new toy
cat christmas tree meme

Christmas Fat Cat Meme

We all tend to gain a little weight around the holidays, so kitties don’t be offended at this Christmas fat cat meme.

what did you get for christmas fat i got fat
cat christmas meme

This fat cat is just fluffy, for the holidays.

i'm not fat i'm just fluffy for the holidays
fat cat meme christmas

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Have a Meowy Christmas!

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