Home Alone in 2018 – Google Assistant and the Smart Home


What if Kevin was Home Alone in 2018? Google answers this in a viral video featuring the infamous Home Alone movie but the home is now a smart home. Watch Google’s Home Alone Again and learn what products Kevin uses in his smart home.

Classic Christmas Movie

The hit movie, Home Alone was originally released in 1990. In the movie Macaulay Culkin portrays a boy named Kevin who was left home alone as his parents accidentally forget them as they travel with the family to Paris. It shot Macaulay Culkin to fame and has been a Christmas classic movie ever since.

In the original Home Alone movie, Kevin enjoys being a kid at home alone for the first. He jumps on the bed, shaves and makes his own food. And when a couple of bad guys try to rob the house he comes up with some crazy scheme to scare them away.

Home Alone 2018 Video

Well leave it to Google to bring Home Alone 2018 style. What if Kevin was left Home Alone in 2018? Google’s video shows you what would happen:


Talking to Google Assistant via Google Home – Kevin uses this technology to manage life, home alone. Kevin changes the temperature, sets reminders, talks to the pizza guy. They even find a way for Kevin to recreate his epic scene where he makes the house look like it is occupied.

Google nailed it. Google brought back Macaulay Culkin to replay Kevin McClallister and created an instant viral sensation.

Create a Smart Home with Google Home Products in Video

If you want to create a smart home with automated lighting, robot vacuum, automatic locking doors, a voice activated thermostat and more – we have your Google products.

Here are the smart home products that are used in the Home Alone 2018 video so that you can make your house a smart home.

Google Hub Smart Display

This is what Kevin uses in the opening scene of the Home Alone Again video asking what is on the calendar.

google home hub smart displayGoogle Hub smart display is a 7″ touchscreen display that allows you to do all the things you typically do with Google Home but now with a display. You can tell Google you want to watch a movie, or video. Or, you can see the weather and even connect Google Hub to a doorbell (keep reading!)

Google Assistant App on the Android

Of course Kevin using an Android phone and uses Google Assistant to ask add aftershave to his shopping list.

Google Home Mini

Kevin asks Google Home mini to remind him to change the sheets later.

google home mini red

Google Home Mini is the smaller version of Google Home. It offers all of the same technology, but the speaker and device is smaller. Google Home Minis are perfect for locations like a bedroom or bathroom.

Nest Doorbell with Google Hub

When the pizza guy comes to the door, Kevin checks the Google Hub to see who used the Nest Doorbell to see and talk to who was at the door.

Nest Doorbell Google Home

Nest Thermostat

While not shown in the video, the Nest Thermostat can work with Google Home to change your temperature with your voice. nest thermostat google home connected

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Operation Kevin

Operation Kevin is what Kevin uses to scare the bad guys away by making them think everyone is home. Here are the Google products used for Operation Kevin:

Google Home Mini – this is what Kevin talks to in order to start Operation Kevin.

August Smart Lock

The August smart lock is the automated smart door lock that will lock and unlock with Google Assistant and Google Home (also works with Alexa and Apple HomeKit.)

August smart lockCheck Pricing on Amazon

iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum Google Assistant

Wondering what vacuum was in the Home Alone again video? There wasn’t a specific label but here is a robot vacuum that works with Google Home!

Looking to vacuum your home with your voice? Tell Google that you need to vacuum when you have an iRobot Roomba 690 vacuum.

irobot 690 google home google assistant

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The iRobot 690 robot vacuum will run for 90 minutes before auto docking itself to charge.

  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Edge-sweeping brush
  • Auto-adjust cleaning head
  • Works on carpets and hard floors

Philips Hue Light Kit

With the Philips Hue Light Kit and Google Assistant – you can connect your lighting setup to turn your home lights on and off with your voice.

philips hue lighting kit

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Home Alone Google Home Easter Eggs

Say these Easter eggs to Google for a special Home Alone treat.

  • Hey Google, how much do I owe you?
  • Hey Google, did I forget something?
  • Hey Google, the Wet Bandits are here.
  • Hey Google, it’s me Snakes. I got the stuff.
  • Hey Google, I’m the man of the house.

Ready to make your home a smart home with Google?

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