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Finding Your People – The Awesome Power of Friendship and Connection

Finding Your People – it ain’t easy, but it’s so worth it.

This week I was reminded how important connection is. I also was reminded of a time where I didn’t feel like I had that. So, that’s what we are talking today. Finding your people – connecting with others like minded and not. 


This human connection quote gave me all the feels. Especially after the worse year ever, I think we all have a new level of appreciation for human connection.

human connection quote - In a world  full of algorithms, hashtags & followers - know the true importance of human connection.

In a world of algorithms, hashtags and followers, know the true importance of human connection.

Now a days it’s so easy to feel connected with Facebook, Instagram and so on – but are those true connections? We need human connection, not just that friend we haven’t seen or talked to in 15 years – in real life – BUT we see her everyday on Facebook. Sorry people, that doesn’t count.

Just because you know what someone did that day because of an Instagram story does not mean they are apart of your life. 

Listen, I am guilty as the next person of living on Instagram. It’s weird to me when those around me already know something because I blindly shared it on my Insta-stories. That said, finding time to create real connection with those around you is essential. 

Your Tribe

Finding your people is critical to building your tribe.

My people or my tribe is a eclectic bunch and I wouldn’t want it any other way. It’s full of believers and non-believers.

It’s full of Enneagram 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9s. I love each of these people for who they are and what they give me and for what I hope that I can give them. I don’t have too much to offer, but I can ALWAYS provide a good meme or gif for a moment. Even when it’s inappropriate (both the meme and the moment! It’s my special gift, I tell you!) 

love your people friendship quote finding your people

These people have come from various parts of life. Some I have known for years and years. Others in my pack, I’ve only gotten to know as of recent. Each play a vital role in helping me find me, be me and fulfill that connection thing that we all need – but possibly don’t admit to needing. 

Being an Introvert Extrovert

Did I share that little detail about me being an introvert? Well, introvert extrovert – really. I NEED MY SPACE and too much peopling just is too much! Being an introvert is a weird thing. I’ve learned to embrace connection but also decompress after being around a crowd of people. 

Here is another great quote from Pinterest

introverted extrovert quote - I used to think I was introverted because I enjoyed being alone but it turns out I really liked being at peace with myself and my surroundings and I am extremely extroverted with people who bring me comfort and happiness
introvert extrovert quote

I used to think I was introverted because I enjoyed being alone but it turns out I really like being at peace with myself and my surroundings and I am extremely extroverted with people who bring me comfort and happiness.

Great quote on being an introvert extrovert! Don’t use the introvert excuse to not find connection!

Mix and Match – Make Sure You Have an Eclectic Group of Friends

It is so easy to do the clique thing. Where like minded people are all friends and it works – so you surround yourself with people who look, think, act, talk, give, vote, and so on and so on – just like you. Just stop it! 

Diversify Your People!

Here’s some more food for thought in regards to finding your people.

If you are a Democrat – find you some Republican friends, yes – even those that like Trump! Same with Republicans – find yourself some Democrat friends – yes, even those who voted for Beto, like Bernie Sanders and read Michelle Obama’s book. 

Quote About Diversity - Become friends with people who aren't your age. Hang out with people whose first language isn't the same as yours. Get to know someone who doesn't come from your social class. This is how you see the world. This is how you grow.  -unknown

Become friends with people who aren’t your age. Hang out with people whose first language isn’t the same as yours. Get to know someone who doesn’t come from your social class. This is how you see the world. This is how you grow.  -unknown

White people – you need black friends.

Black people – you need white friends. 

This is a red, yellow, black and white thing – God made way more colors of people than black and white. Find friends, acquaintances of all varieties that God made. 

Diversify Your Life - Diversity Quote for finding your people

Christians – for the LOVE OF GOD find you some people who are not Christians to be friends with.

EMBRACE DIVERSITY IN YOUR LIVES. Be open minded, learn, grow and accept that others do not live, breathe and think like you do! 

God Places People in Our Lives for a Reason

Are you a solo BFF person? I have never been that type of person who can say that I have just one BFF. Okay, now that I am married to my best friend for the last 20 years – I guess that sort of counts – but seriously. Here is something I learned the hard way. 

Friendship Quote from Maya Angelou - finding your people

Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.
-Maya Angelou (friendship quote)

You can’t expect someone to be there for everything. Everyone has a purpose and everyone has a life. God puts people in our lives for a reason. I honestly feel that some people are there just to make us laugh. Others for therapy sessions. Find friends for all of your needs, you can’t rely on one person to fill every need hole. Yes, that sounds really weird, but hopefully you get my point. 

Situation Realization

As much as I consider my husband my everything, sorry sweet cheeks – you suck at Girls Night Out. And while I have a certain friend who I can ALWAYS go to for business advice – and she the same for me – there is no way I would expect her to be my ear for a situation that I needed help with.

As soon as I came to this realization, it really put into perspective the role each of my people in my tribe has. It further clarified that God really did put these people in my life for a specific reason. 

I hope that you have people in your life that you can count on. Whether it’s someone you see once a year, or once a month – find these people, be of value to them and find people who can be of value to you.

Lent Day 9

On this 9th day of Lent, for some reason I felt weird about writing this today on finding your people. I don’t ever want to come off as a THIS IS WHAT I KNOW – SO LISTEN person. I really don’t like those people so if that’s how you read this, know that is not my intent. 

Some topics I am very passionate about – and as of this past year, this topic of connection and finding your people is more important to me than ever. We would not have held it together this past year if it wasn’t for our people.

Our people prayed, they bought up Uber Eats cards while in the hospital, they bought us PILLOWS WITH OUR FACE ON THEM so I could always sleep next to my husband’s face – wait, you need to see this. 

pillows with faces on it

They sent a bouquet of ARTICHOKES to our hotel when in time of need. The list goes on and on and I am so thankful for each one of those misfits in my life. 

Artichoke Bouquet

And because, YES – a BOUQUET of ARTICHOKES is what I said – I think you need a visual. How amazing is THIS!?!?!

artichoke bouquet

To my people, you know who you are – I love you. Thank you x a bazillion. I hope to be able to give to you as much as you give to me. And here is a stupid friend meme just for you because you know that memes are my love language.

friend meme

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Day 9 Lent – Here we are on day 9 of Lent talking about finding your people. I’ve had a great week with no diet coke headaches. I’ve actually stuck to this Lent Experiment where I blog about faith and life each day so far of Lent. Also, I’ve been mindful and intentional with prayer. Each of these are things I’ve set out to do to help my faith and self grow during these 40 days of Lent. 

See you tomorrow on day 10 of Lent.

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Be blessed, give grace and be kind.