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Best Girl Scout Cookie Memes 2024 To Sell Cookies With


Selling Cookies

For the first few months of the year, something happens. You start the year trying to do your best eating, exercising and trying to stay on a certain diet.

So while we are sharing our favorite Girl Scout cookie memes we have a special purpose for these this year.

girl scout cookie memes
Use these Girl Scout cookie memes to sell your cookie stock!

Girl Scout Leaders, we are talking to you! We all know the commitment made by these girls to sell the cookies. Here are a few Girl Scout cookie selling tips to help you move your supply by using our funny cookie memes!

while you call it wasteful to buy 3 cases of girl scout cookies, i call it supporting young female entreprenuers

Share this post with your troops and have them use these funny cookie memes to help you sell your cookies.

selling girl scout cookies meme

Have parents post these Girl Scout cookie memes on their personal social media pages Another ideas is Using these memes to decorate your Girl Scout Cookie booth.

when you realize that its girl scout cookie season

A good laugh is a great way to sell a box of cookies (as if these delicious things don’t just sell themselves!)

gimme all the girl scout cookies

The question is, how many boxes of Girl Scout cookies will you be buying this year?

girl scout cookie dealer meme

Here are the 12 Girl Scout Cookie flavor options for 2024. Each year, while there are the annual traditional favorites like the Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs and Trefoils – new Girl Scout Cookie flavors are added. Here is what you can expect this cookie season.

dory girl scout cookie meme new years resolutions

Adventurefuls Girl Scout Cookies are brownie-inspired cookies that are topped with caramel flavored creme with a hint of sea salt.

life is too short to not eat the girl scout cookies

Carmel Chocolate Chip are gluten free Girl Scout cookies! These chewy chocolate chip cookies feature a rich caramel, semisweet chocolate chips and a hint of sea salt.

Caramel deLites / Samoas are a annual crispy cookie with caramel, coconut and chocolatey stripes.

diet girl scout cookie meme  On a diet, it can wait. These cookies don't last long!

Do-si-does / Peanut Butter Sandwich oatmeal cookie with a peanut butter filling.

Girl Scout S’mores are returning with a crunchy graham sandwiched with chocolate and marshmallow filling.

girl scout cookies box meme

Girl Scout Lemonades are a savory, refreshing shortbread cookie with a tangy lemon-flavored icing.

Lemon-Ups are a crispy lemon cookie that are baked with inspiring messages on each.

girl scout cookie addiction meme  Sadly, I can imagine the cookies singing this to me. "Don't you want me baby. Don't you want me ohhh.."

Peanut Butter Patties / Tagalongs are another long-time favorite Girl Scout Cookie. This Crispy cookie is layered with peanut butter and covered with a chocolatey coating.

Thin Mints are the best Girl Scout Cookie if you ask me. These crispy, chocolate cookies are dipped in a yummy mint chocolate coating and taste amazing when frozen.

Toast-Yay are toast-shaped cookies that are filled with a french toast flavor dipped in icing.

Toffee-tastic are another gluten free Girl Scout cookie. These cookies are sweet and feature toffee bits.

trefoil meme

Trefoils are the iconic shortbread cookie that is inspired by the original Girl Scout cookie recipe.

Raspberry Rally Girl Scout Cookies will NOT be returning for the 2024 cookie season.

Gluten Free Girl Scout Cookies

The gluten free Girl Scout cookies 2024 are Toffee-tastic and Caramel Chocolate Chip cookies.

gluten free girl scout cookies toffee tastic

Vegan Girl Scout Cookies

If you are looking for a vegan Girl Scout cookie, try Thin Mints, Peanut Butter Patties, Lemonades, and Toast-Yay! 

are girls scout cookies made out of girl scouts?

Are you a Girl Scout Cookie Dealer? If you are trying to sell your cookies, these Girl Scout cookie memes are for you!

me want you to order lots of boxes of girl scout cookies from me

This girl scout cookie meme is perfect for the mom or dad who helps pump up the cookie sales on Facebook and Instagram.

girl scout cookies inigo montoya meme

Yeah, I’m going to need you to buy some Girl Scout cookies today.

buy girl scout cookies meme  Yeah, I'm going to need you to buy some Girl Scout cookies today.

Pick your favorites from our Girl Scout Cookies memes and print them out for you Girl Scout cookies stand or share on social media and sell them cookie.

baby yoda girl scout cookie meme  buy girl scout cookies you must

Did you know that there is a 76% profit margin on Girl Scout cookies? Yes, that is a LARGE amount of profit, but the money goes towards good causes.

me an hour after buying a box of girl scout cookies and then immediately eating the entire box

Tell me again how you’re on a diet – while you fill out this Girl Scout cookie form.

tell me again how you are on a diet while filling out this girl scout cookie form

According to Girl Scouts River Valley, here are how the profits from GS cookies are distributed:

  • 22% of Girl Scout Cookie money goes toward troop proceeds and girl rewards
  • 24% goes toward the Girl Scout Cookie Program and maker costs
  • 54% of Girl Scout Cookie profits are invested in girls through programs, properties, volunteer support and training, financial assistance and council services.

Thin Mint Memes

These funny Thin Mint memes are to honor the best cookie ever made.

girl scout cookies baby yoda meme

This iconic cookie is just amazing and with 4 pregnancies, I can say that I’ve bought way too many Girl Scout cookie cases of these.

thin mints are back in season, me "you know the rules and so do i"

Thin Mints have 40 calories per cookie. 4 cookies are considered a serving, equaling 160 calories. Or if you eat a box of Thin Mints, 1280 calories.

girl scout cookies thin mints el arroyo meme

Are you keeping your Thin Mints in the freezer? Not only will they last all year long, a frozen Thin Mint cookie is just magic in your mouth.

leo dicaprio thin mints meme

How many Thin Mint cookies are in each box? There are 32 Thin Mint cookies in a box.

thin mints meme

What these cookies do to your belly, I won’t be held accountable for as shown in this thin mint meme.

ate 4 boxes of thin mints not feeling that thin

Samoas Memes

For the next on the list of favorite Girl Scout cookies we give you Samosa memes. These crisp cookies feature carmel, coconut and dark chocolate stripes.

girl scout cookie samoas meme

Did you know a Samoa cookie 75 calories? 2 cookies is considered a serving and has 150 calories. Resistance is futile. Budget your calories wisely.

samoas meme

Get the full Samoas nutritional data. Or not, we aren’t here to judge you and your Samoa addiction.

sad and lonely meme girl scout cookie

My stomach after consuming a case of Girl Scout cookies be like.

my stomach after consuming a case of girl scout cookies

Parents, help your kid drive those sales by posting a Girl Scout cookie meme on social and texting to friends and co-workers.

i'll be back to get your girl scout cookie order

Next time you are cleaning out your fridge and go to throw out that bag of brown salad you had every intention on making, remember this funny cookie meme. you know when you buy a bag of salad and it gets all brown and soggy? Cookies don’t do that.

you know when you buy a bag of salad and it gets all brown and soggy? Cookies don't do that.

Want a cookie, you do. Resist, you must not.

want a cookie you do resist you must not

Share the Girl Scout Memes

We hope you enjoyed these funny Girl Scout Cookies memes! Whether you are a consumer or a Girl Scout who sells cookies, we believe funny memes are meant to be shared!

say no to a girl scout selling cookies or draw 25

We just ask you tag us on social or share a link back to this page so that more people can enjoy these memes about Girl Scout cookies.

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