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60 Hilarious Friend Memes Will Make You Text Your BFF Right Now

Brighten the BFFs day with these hilarious friend memes! We all know that laughter is the glue that keeps friendships strong, and what better way to share a good laugh with your bestie than through hilarious friend memes? There isn’t!

If you’ve been around Digital Mom Blog before, you know that I may have a slight obsession with funny memes. Sending some humor via a meme to friends is a daily routine.

friend memes

We’ve created these friend memes as a way to help you send a laugh via an image to your friends. Drop it in a DM, text, post on social media (don’t forget to tag them, and us!) or just send them this link.

trying to coordinate schedules with my friends

Enjoy these funny friend memes and share them with those that you love or that can relate!

Funny Friend Memes

There is always that one friend meme. Ha, you know that friend who makes you shake your head and just ask why – but you love them regardless so send them this funny friend meme.

we all have that one friend that makes you ask why

Asking for a Friend

This is the perfect reply meme for whenever you see an “Asking for a friend” post in a Facebook group. Does anyone know someone who can take care of extremely bad smelling feet? Asking for a friend.

asking for a friend meme

Weird friends are the best. Collect them like you collect rocks.

real friend meme

Peanut butter needs jelly. Find a friend that is the yin to your yang. Opposites do attract, you just need enough common ground. Don’t miss our friendsgiving memes for those who celebrate with friends over family during the holidays.

friend meme

There are those of us who would prefer to sit at home, and send funny family memes to your friends all night. Then there are those of you who go out with friends.

going out with friends meme

Thank God for good friends! May you have them, and may you be one.

good friends meme

There comes a time when your friends grow up before you. It’s a hard transition from going out life to responsible adulting.

funny friends meme

When anyone tries to talk smack about my friends. I’m with David on this one, not going to happen around me.

when anyone talks smack about my friends

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New Friend

For anyone who acts weird meeting new people, here’s a new friend meme to know you aren’t alone.

new friend meme

When your old friends just aren’t sure about your new friends.

new friends meme

Old Friend Meme

What’s the girl scout song? Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver and the other is gold.

old friend meme

Yes, we even have girl scout cookie memes.

Toxic Friend Memes

The red flags are there, know which friends are toxic. For those friendships, we bring you the toxic friend memes.

toxic friend meme funny

Ain’t nobody got time for a toxic friend meme.

toxic friends aint nobody got time for that

True Friend

I pity the fool who doesn’t have a true friend. Having a true friendship is non-toxic.

true friend meme

This funny friendship meme is for anyone who has a buddy who is dating someone bad or hanging out with the wrong people!

funny friend meme

For those who have those sketchy friends, see our fake people quotes.

Best Friend Memes

The funny best friend memes to send to your BFF. Send him or her a bestie meme and one of these BFF necklaces.

best friend necklace meme

Oh, the drama bestie can give. If your bff is posted they have no one – send them one of these funny best friend memes to remind them just who they aren’t appreciating in their life.

when your best friend posts i have no one

If you and your group get together at Thanksgiving, we have the friendsgiving memes you need.

Bestie Meme

Just try talking bad about my bestie. It ain’t gonna be pretty.

funny bestie meme

See all of our Spongebob memes. Every Patrick needs a Spongebob!

bff meme funny

BFF Meme

Sometimes people just know too much and then you are stuck with them forever and ever.

best friends meme funny

For your best friend forever.

bff meme

Besties Meme

That moment when you see your bestie walk into the room. Lucy Ball’s expressions never fail.

when i see my bestie

When you meet a new person and instantly know you guys are going to be bffs!

new best friend meme
new best friend meme

Friendship Memes

Over the years – the relationship between friends is the friendship that is developed. As this friendship quote meme states, friendship is finding the one person you can be completely weird with and never feel judged.

friendship is finding that one person you can completely be weird with and never feel judged.

So, get ready to dive into this laughter-filled journey that celebrates the beautiful bond of friendship memes.

yoda friend you are loyal you must be

Here are the funny friendship memes about the good and bad of the friend relationship.

friendships meme

There is something special about finding the perfect meme that perfectly captures your inside jokes, shared experiences, and the quirks of your friendship.

good friend will bail you out of jail but a true friend will be sitting next to you saying dang that was fun

A friendship is like a bank account. You can’t expect to withdraw if you don’t deposit. Interest is earned!

friendship is like a bank account. you can't expect to withdraw if you dont make deposits

Here are more friend memes featuring all aspects of friendships.

say hello to my little friend meme
say hello to my little friend meme

From our Barbie memes, you gotta love when a newbie shows up to the friend group.

friend group meme

I think that all of us, my tweens included that have been thru the process of losing a friend. It’s no fun. Here’s some advice if you are going thru a friendship breakup.

losing friend meme

We have curated an awesome collection of friend memes that are sure to have you and your bestie rolling on the floor laughing.

Friend Gossip Memes

With friend groups and circles comes tea, aka gossip. Here are the gossip memes for every side of the story.

gossip meme

Friend drama is never fun.

friend drama meme
friend drama meme

When you already know the tea but are pretending to hear the gossip for the first time.

gossips meme
gossips meme

Thank You For Being a Friend Meme

Golden Girls, how I love them! If you are a GG fan, then you will adore this thank you for being a friend meme.

thank you for being a friend meme golden girls

See our thank you memes.

Introvert Friend

Every introvert needs an extrovert friend. See our introvert memes for more funny for us less outgoing personality types!

when an introvert is friends and with an extrovet

When your friend is the Woody to your Buzz Lightyear.

youve got a friend in me meme

Prayer memes are perfect for sending to friends that need some extra support.

praying for friend meme

Crazy Friend

You might just be the crazy in your friend group. Ask the group, let me know what they say.

crazy friend meme
crazy friend meme

Work Bestie

We have a huge collection of coworker memes that are perfect for sending to your work friends.

work friend meme

Happy Birthday Friend Memes

When it’s you bud’s birthday you have to show up, at least with a meme! We have a huge collection of birthday memes for you to choose from.

happy birthday friend meme just wait until you see
how we're celebrating!

Here are a few of our favorite funny birthday friend memes.

birthday friend meme

Buying a round of your friends birthday dranks? Don’t miss these drinking memes!

birthday friends meme funny

The results are in, you are old.

funny happy birthday friend meme

For the birthday friend who fibs out his or her age. Love your bday? Don’t miss our its my birthday memes.

funny birthday friend meme

Friend Zone

This friend zone meme is for anyone who has tried to take a relationship to another level but it just didn’t happen as planned. Looks like you are keeping that relationship at platonic.

friend zone meme

Bad Friends Meme

There are the good friends and then there are the bad friends. The definition of this bad friend meme plays on the bad influence aspect.

funny bad friends meme

Ever feel the gates of hell opening when you hang out with a certain friend group? If yes, this bad friend meme is for you.

how i feel when i hang with my bad friends

Sometimes it’s not necessarily the friend group that is bad. Perhaps you are just a bad friend.

bad friend meme funny

When the bad friend from a former life crosses over to the reformed you. Yeah, tread lightly and don’t accept the friend request.

when you cross paths with a bad friend from your past

There are certain people and things you shouldn’t be friends with.

can we be friends meme

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Mom Friend

All the mamas checking out these friendship memes will get this mom friend meme. See our mom memes.

just a mom trying to make mom friends meme
mom friends meme

Friendship Day 2024

Did you know there is a day dedicated specifically to friends? National Friendship day is celebrated on the 1st Sunday in August. Friendship Day is celebrated all over the world, not just America!

friendship day meme

In the United States, National Friendship Day 2024 is on August 4, 2024. Share one of a funny friend meme and tell your BFF how much their friendship means to them on this day to honor this relationship.

happy friendship day meme
happy friendship day meme

International Friendship Day is celebrated on July 30 each year. In 1998, the United Nations named Winnie the Pooh as the world’s Ambassador of Friendship. In 2011, the U.N. designated July 30th as International Friendship Day! (source: wikipedia)

Share These Friend Memes

You better be sending one of these funny friend memes to your BFF.

good morning friend meme

Celebrate and laugh, memes are meant for sharing! We just ask that you tag us on social and link back to this post so more people can enjoy the funny.

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